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Tim’s long-awaited debut album ‘Apart Together’, is out now!

Available to stream, download, on CD and on vinyl:

The gatefold vinyl features a 24-page booklet with illustrated lyrics, a poster, bespoke artwork and comes in two variants; translucent red and transparent ultra-clear with opaque red.

Tim: “I’m hugely pleased and relieved that people are connecting to this motley collection of songs. The reaction to the Livestream, especially, was incredible – testament to the brilliant work of a huge team of people who dedicated themselves to the mission of trying to make something different and gentle and fun and sparkly and special.”


“This crisply observed and tenderly considered pop album subverts expectations… From gorgeous love songs to self-deprecation, the comedian’s first non-comic record comes as a pleasant surprise”
-The Independent ****

“Apart Together is a masterpiece… A pure joy to listen to.
-The Irish News *****

“The album is a triumph”
-Musical Theatre Review ****

The eve of the record’s release, Tim marked the occasion by performing the album in its entirety for a one-off streamed concert filmed at the iconic Trackdown Studios, Sydney and viewed worldwide.
(Photo by Damian Bennett)

“He makes this remote event feel intimate and spectacular”
-The Times ****

“The multitalented maverick returns.
The Australian songwriter retained his lightness of touch while also indulging in knowingly overblown anthems”

-Daily Telegraph ****

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Na7 WhatsApp on 1st of March 2024

LOVING this new album from Tim Minchin! The lyrics are so thought-provoking and the music is catchy as hell. Can’t get enough of ‘Apart Together’ 😍

College Brawl app on 1st of March 2024

Fantastic! Tim Minchin’s new song ‘Apart Together’ is just what I needed to hear today. His music always has a way of capturing the complexity of human emotions and this one is no exception. I can’t wait to listen to it on repeat and let the lyrics sink in.

Neet and Angel on 9th of January 2024

Love it! Tim Minchin’s music always has a way of really speaking to me. Can’t wait to listen to this new release.

Justin on 28th of June 2022

Unfortunately I couldn’t get this LP new, but I just received the record used last night {clear vinyl with red smear in the center} and started listening to it this morning. So wonderful, and really amazing packaging.

Thank you for doing what you do Tim!

Teresa Rocksvold on 22nd of January 2021

I only recently heard and saw you on a morning show. I was blown away. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard you before. Your incredible in so many ways. I looked up all songs and a series called upright. I sent 24 hours listening and watching you. And only want more. I haven’t been so excited about any form of entertainment since I was in my teens and early 20’s. I used to listen to music all day everyday. I still like checking out a variety of new music, while listening to classics. However you top the cake, you have it all. I wanted to be just like you in many ways. I dabbled at many things but in the end couldn’t overcome many variables. I didn’t have training, mother was against it, and I didn’t have the confidence. Terrible things happened instead, which I won’t go into. However it never stopped me from enjoying and loving music etc. That are out there. Music is my life’s blood, mind, body and soul or heart.

Michele Provest on 11th of January 2021

Looked & listened carefully to every word, note, sentiment…..meaningful, moving, entertaining…loved it all and every moment ! Heartfelt Thankyou

Keith McKenzie on 6th of January 2021

How do I get the CD?

Érettségi tételek on 19th of December 2020


Jill Clarke on 25th of November 2020

I have loved your songs for a long time, found a copy of Timmy the Dog via AngryFeet and kept a copy of every non-comedy song I could get my hands (ears) on. The musicality of “You grew on me” and “If I didn’t have you” were the two that showed that you had the beautiful songs in you, and proved by “White Wine in the Sun”.
So I feel like I have been waiting for this album, Apart Together, patiently, since about 2005! Thank you – I love it, and definitely worth the wait. More please.

Rachel Jacobson on 22nd of November 2020

Me. Again. Just appreciating the title spacing. APART TOGET HER .
Beautiful .

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.