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“Australian Story” this week addresses the topic about which I know the most but am least interested: me. It’s also about Sarah, so there’s redemption in that.

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Jim Brennan on 16th of October 2023

Hey Tim!

Wholly aware you are unlikely to read this but that’s okay. Listened to you on The Imperfects on the recommendation of my wonderful fiance who thought you and I quite alike. Loved the episode.

I also don’t believe in free will, mine courtesy of Sam Harris, and I think that further exploration of that concept can help you with your expressed problem of wanting to right wrongs/justice for people who have upset you or close friends.

I know you asked for a psychologist, disclaimer, I am not one but I am a doctor (sports medicine) who has an interest in deep topics and philosophy.

Anyway, free will. The people who have acted rudely/wrongly towards your friends or yourself also couldn’t help to have done that through no fault of their own. That was their path. It’s an expansion on not yelling at people in traffic but, obviously, is more personal because the suffering is seen more by you and thus maybe more difficult.

You very likely have already thought your way across this and if you have I apologize. But, this concept has really helped me be more forgiving. If I can’t take credit for my successes (just be grateful for my immense good luck) then they can’t take credit for their failures.

That’s all I’ve got for you. Much love from Melbourne.

Robert Rigby on 22nd of December 2022

I enjoyed immensely Rock and Roll Nerd and was so glad you got to realise your dream. So talented but grounded too. “Upright” is brilliant. I thought season 1 would be hard to beat but season 2 just nailed it. Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved. Best of luck in whatever comes next

Shieldsy on 24th of November 2022

Great insight into a very talented human ! No mention of Atticus Fetch ? – one of my favourite characters of Californication ! Loved Upright – 2nd season as great as the first. Keep up the great work Tim – it’s nice to see people remain human and humble in your line of work :-)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.