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Tim’s critically acclaimed, record breaking, sell-out show BACK is available to watch at home, just in time for Christmas viewing and gifting!

Filmed live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, with Tim’s 8-piece band, BACK is a comedic and musical extravaganza.

You can now download or rent BACK from a wide variety of platforms in the UK, Éire and Australia, so check your favourite digital retailer. It’ll be released in the US on the 3rd January and in New Zealand on the 1st February.

Rent or download here: TimMinchinBACK
Platforms are listed below the trailer.

BACK is available on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK only. You can order on Amazon here or HMV here.

The Times

“Roof-raising return”
The Sunday Telegraph

UK digital platforms:
Sky UK

Australian digital platforms:
Apple TV

US digital platforms:
To be added as soon as they are confirmed.
UPDATE: 2nd Jan ’23 – Unfortunately we are still waiting for this information. The link above should be updated for those in the US but in the meantime please check your usual digital platforms.

New Zealand digital platforms:
Google Ireland Limited

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Christine on 10th of February 2024

Hi Tim,
Will there be a DVD released in Australia?
I’d much prefer to have a hard copy please.

Jenny on 10th of September 2023

I just recently discovered you and I am enjoying your old and new songs.
I have a funny story that relates to your song, “Prejudice”.
I taught elementary school for 30 years in America in a diverse school. Usually no racial problems.
But one day I had a Black boy go home and tell his mom that a girl in my class had called him the “N” word.
Mom was very upset and stormed into school. Then she discovered that the girl was Black. She totally changed her tune and started laughing!
Keep on keeping on!

Christel on 17th of July 2023

I would love to download your show but in Belgium there’s just no way. Just had an half hour chat with an Amazon assistant who tried her best but no cigar.
Please don’t forget us Europeans, we are desperate for some genius!

Sara on 14th of June 2023

Will it be available for people from the rest of Europe? I’m from Sweden and I’d love to watch it.

Voldemar on 23rd of March 2023

I mean, ok, but we europeans like to buy it as well. Please, release it for europe as well. Take my money, please. :)

Kathryn on 6th of January 2023

Saw this in Melbourne pre-covid (with guest-star Missy Higgins!) and can’t wait to relive it at home! When can us Aussies expect a DVD version?

Jonas on 5th of January 2023

I would like to retract my previous statement (that this was not available in Europe) and I am very sorry if I have misled other people. I was not aware that amazon UK delivered to my country (in Europe) and I have ordered my copy of Tim Minching:Back from amazon. I will be seeing it legally, and I’m very grateful for all the work you have done through your career. I am and will be an avid fan of your work. (My original comment can be found further down in the comments “Jonas 30th of December 2022”)

Julie ‘Rogue’ Gauthier on 2nd of January 2023

‘Back’ will be available in the United States on Apple TV in just a few hours!


Kim Williamson on 1st of January 2023

Your website says that the platforms offering BACK in the US on January 3rd will be listed once confirmed. It is so close to the 3rd and no update. I am so excited to see this, where can I watch it? Forever a Tim fan, KiWi

Jonas on 30th of December 2022

I would love to see your show legally (been a fan since you started out), but since I am in Europe, I get second or third viewership rights. When your show isn’t distributed to our countries, we have to get illegal copies, even when we would love to pay for it. There is no way of stopping pirate copying and most sources come from the US (high quality dvd/stream rips). Give me an account number and I’ll be sure to throw you a few bucks, when I’ve seen your show.
Very disappointed in the “old world” distribution style.

Lance on 28th of December 2022

It’s 2022!
I want to give you money and watch my Tim!
It’ll “be released” a month later…
Respectfully – WTF??!!

Syb on 27th of December 2022

Dear Tim, please don’t make the entirety of Europe into pirates. I already flew to the UK to see the show live, and I’d be happy to pay for the privilege of owning the video. Or just publish your Venmo so I can pay for the illegal download lol.

Also: Thanks for putting the image of all of Europe as pirates in my head. Our nautical kerfuffles will be Legendary!

Falk on 25th of December 2022

Yup, would have paid for this. You have fans in Europe too, you know?

Botond on 23rd of December 2022

I would really love to watch this legally from Europe.

Rafau on 22nd of December 2022

I would very much like to see the show, and I’m more than happy to pay for it, but I am afraid that I cannot do so, as I live in Poland and the same is not available in my country. Actually, it seems that it is not available outside of the UK, which is simply outrageous. Please, take my money and allow me to watch the show.

Meg on 21st of December 2022

I’m so excited your BACK. how can I order this special in the US? Are you touring here soon?

Co on 20th of December 2022

I would much prefer buying a direct download. That way the money is yours and the content is mine. The fat cats have been fed enough ;)

Andy on 19th of December 2022

Absolutely banging show in Manchester – excellent value too even for the front row ‘donation’ seats. Will be downloading from Sky.

Wojtek on 19th of December 2022

Any chance for EU fans to download the show?

Martin Hanns on 18th of December 2022

I‘m ohne more European hoping for the possibility to buy the show online…

Nathalie on 17th of December 2022

HI! when will it be available in Canada? I live in Montreal, in Quebec Canada. I can’t wait to see it! Is there a tour in Canada, soon? Please, come in Montreal soon!

Ian Whitworth on 17th of December 2022

Long time fan, nearly 20 years!! Lucky enough to see Tim in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Bloody great show (I was the one who sang camembert). I even understood the Taylor Swift reference after waiting to get in with the young lady.
Anyway, when will “Back” DVD be released in Australia. I’m watching it on Prime now and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Shell on 16th of December 2022

Hi Jan,
Yes, both versions are the same in terms of content – no extras are included. However the Blu-ray is better quality (HD sound and picture etc).

Jan on 16th of December 2022

What are the differences between the bluray and the dvd? Are there extras on either of them? Are they the same with just better resolution?

Martin on 15th of December 2022

I reckon you should come
to Europe as well,
I’m sure the tickets will sell,
We’d love to download your show
(Legally, that is, you know)

Erin on 15th of December 2022

I’m refreshing my browsers & crossing my fingers I can get this BACK download to work! So excited. Just need a sprinkle of Tech Assist

Robert Williams on 13th of December 2022

Thanks! We came and saw you in Adelaide and it was wonderful. Bought the soundtrack when you released it and will be buying the digital video on Thursday.
Thanks for a great performance and the experience.
Come back to Adelaide when you can so we can come and watch your (new?) show.
Cheers, Rob W

jochen schienle on 12th of December 2022

Please please make this available in europe as well.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.