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Tim’s four London Solo Gigs sold out super quickly so he’s decided to dart around the country and pop over to Ireland in June and July to perform some more shows further afield! Some will go on sale June 1st and the rest on June 8th. It’s a 90 minute show with no interval.

An Unfunny* Evening With Tim Minchin And His Piano

Warning: This is not a comedy gig. Attendance is not compulsory.

The Olivier Award-winning, Grammy and Tony Award nominated polytalent plays a handful of intimate, informal, solo dates in the UK this summer.

Tim will perform songs drawn from his 2020 studio album, Apart Together, from his musicals, Matilda and Groundhog Day, from his TV and film writing, and perhaps even some from his early songwriting days in the late 20th century.

The set list will be fluid, the chat unplanned, and the vibe informal. He may well get the audience to vote on some of the song choices.

This a rare chance for Minchin fans!

*the promoter can’t guarantee the artist will not inadvertently amuse. 

Tickets will be available from the venues
Links will be added below as we receive them

CARDIFF New Theatre Tue 6th June
GUILDFORD G Live Wed 7th June
BRIGHTON Theatre Royal Wed 14th June SOLD OUT
NOTTINGHAM Playhouse Thur 15th June SOLD OUT
YORK Grand Opera House Tue 20th June SOLD OUT
CANTERBURY Marlowe Theatre Wed 21st June SOLD OUT
WYCOMBE Swan Theatre Thur 22nd June SOLD OUT
DUBLIN Vicar Street Wed 19th July SOLD OUT
DUBLIN Vicar Street   Thur 20th July SOLD OUT
BIRMINGHAM Alexandra Theatre Mon 24th July SOLD OUT
GLASGOW Theatre Royal Wed 26th July SOLD OUT
EDINBURGH Queen’s Hall Thur 27th July SOLD OUT
EDINBURGH Queen’s Hall Fri 28th July SOLD OUT


Some tickets may also be available from Ticketmaster here.
(The dates with tickets will be added gradually to that page)

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Kat on 3rd of November 2023

So wish I could see you! But your so so far away! I don’t suppose you ever make it to Kentucky? Lol 🥰 Your Great, love Kat

John Sheehy on 17th of July 2023

I have two tickets for your Dublin show on Thursday evening and I’m so very, very excited.
The problem is Tim that at this late stage, I don’t know who to bring.


Katharina on 7th of July 2023

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is supposed to be an amazing location, especially around August 13th :-)
(unfortunately some Austrian weirdos are visiting at this time)
Ok, that might sound a bit pushy … sorry … still I keep refreshing this page :-)

Kian Doherty on 3rd of July 2023

Hey Tim wanted to say i love your work and despite me not getting tickets in time i’m so excited your back and hope you keep touring so i can finally see you live just keep rocking it man

Twizzle on 30th of June 2023

Please come to Plymouth. If you don’t love us you can always go surfing. It’ll be fun. Missing you already.

Susanna on 22nd of June 2023

Please come to cornwall next time. We’d love to have you

I was so excited about you coming this year but haven’t been able to.
Keep being you.

Wendy on 17th of June 2023

Please release some dates for Manchester or North West it’s on the way back down the road from from Glasgow

Emma Lawton on 17th of June 2023

Please come to Bristol or Bath or Swindon. Thank you. Emma.

Joanne Shaw on 17th of June 2023

Please can you come a bit further North. Durham would be marvellous but please let me know first 🤭xx

Mike on 17th of June 2023

Just wow. My wife had never heard of you and now she can’t wait to see you again. Both feel privileged to have had the chance to see you play in Nottingham. I’ve only waited over 15 years! Worth the wait. And the tribute at the end bought tears to everyone’s eyes. Hope I get the chance to see you again soon.

Diane O brien on 15th of June 2023

Please do another date in Brighton, I had a ticket for last night and am absolutely gutted to have missed it PLEASE!!!

Liz Goodwin on 15th of June 2023

My husband and I saw the show in Brighton last night. Absolutely amazing. The brilliance and stamina was stunning. Thank you so much.
We’ve got tickets for Groundhog Day next week. I’ve been wanting to see it for ages, especially as Groundhog Day is my birthday!

Rebecca on 12th of June 2023

Would love the opportunity to see you somewhere or closer to Norfolk

Danielle on 9th of June 2023

South east? Can’t travel too far on a weeknight due to work :(

Victoria on 8th of June 2023

Has anyone got two tickets for sale for Birmingham on 24th July?? It’s my sons 18th birthday and I was hoping to get tickets but missed out by minutes. 😩

Glenn on 8th of June 2023

Tim, I had the great privilege to come to your gig yesterday at Guildford. An amazing idea, just wonderful to have you riff off ideas as you wanted, it did feel spontaneous, which I think was what you were going for. Great to hear some early songs and how they relate to your family. Having just celebrated twenty years married last week your comment about marriage being the opportunity to watch the person you love the most decay was bitter sweet, made me laugh and almost cry as well! That’s the human condition for you. Loved the extemporisation, was grinning from ear to ear during that. I could see how hard you work on those keys! Keep doing what you do.

Nicola on 8th of June 2023

Please turn up to tittilate Carlisle with your talent. Or better still come to West Cumbria. Best sunsets in the world. I can’t speak for the carbuncles that are the locals but I love you & so does my crew of comedy coneauxsirs lol

Claire on 8th of June 2023

Pleeeeeeease come to Bristol it’s gert lush 👍

Chelle on 8th of June 2023

Awesome, can’t wait.

Marina on 8th of June 2023

Crossing my fingers that you might add a date in the North West! 🤞🏻

Naomi Bedford on 6th of June 2023

Hey guys, I just put two tickets up for sale on the Twickets app for Tim’s show in Guildford tomorrow night. I’m really gutted I can’t go anymore because of family illness. The tickets are in the stalls, hopefully someone else can enjoy them :)

Claire on 5th of June 2023

Please come down south! Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Southsea….

Kate on 4th of June 2023

Berwick-Upon-Tweed or Liverpool please!

Denise on 4th of June 2023

Sounds like it is back to the good old days. Can’t wait 😊

Harriet on 3rd of June 2023

Howway Tim come to Newcastle!

Lisa A-B x on 2nd of June 2023

L♡ve you and the musos Tim, but it looks like you’re disappointing your many friends in the North West, namely Manchester, if you must drop in on Leeds too that’s only fair on Claire and her crew .

Manchester misses you Mr G-enius👨‍🎓rock star😎! :) 😁.

Hopefully see you again soon fellas💌 (fellas is all encompassing & includes the talented lady musos & crew).

Rosie on 2nd of June 2023

I came to see your ‘back’ tour at the guildhall in Portsmouth.
Absolutely amazing show and after years of following you (not in a weird way obvs) it would be great to see you back down south….or even better if you travel past Rochester in Kent… pop in for a cuppa x

Anj on 1st of June 2023

Leeds…. Please…. I travelled to Sydney to see you Leeds would be soooo much more convenient? Failing that.. I’ll book York x

Keri on 1st of June 2023

Please come back to Portsmouth

Errol on 1st of June 2023

Ipswich was amazing! Please come back 😃🙏

Clare on 1st of June 2023

The north west misses you! Any chance of a Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool or Lancaster date please?

Gini on 1st of June 2023

Come to Leeds please! I can’t get to York, I don’t drive! 😭

Barrington Lee Hubble on 1st of June 2023

Liverpool please! We adore you. x

Ainsley on 1st of June 2023

Will I be able to get my BACK dvd signed?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.