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I’m on my couch. This year has involved very little time on couches for me, due to activities requiring a more upright posture than that which couches encourage. But the work year is over and the inevitable post-tour flu has arrived so the couch is suddenly ideal.

Sofa. The English call it a sofa. Sofa. So good.

I’d love to write a witty Christmas blog, but I think I’ve said all I could possibly hope to say already this year, in various forms, about various things, and I’m too snotty and shivery to think anyway. If you want to read the sort of thing I might write if I were feeling less knackered, here’s a column I wrote some years ago about Christmas.

But what I really want to do is acknowledge debt. I feel ridiculously grateful for the cool opportunities I’ve had this year and the support I’ve received in trying not to bugger them up. I have met and worked with dozens of people who have taught me so much and with whom I’ve had large measures of fun. It would be absurd to name everyone, but the entire companies of both “Matilda” and the Heritage Orchestra Tour are the objects of a great deal of my particular brand of love.

The only names I do want to name are those of Linzy and Shell, who run my online life. Linz started up Angry (Feet).com a few years ago, and has gone on to run my Facebook page and my Myspace page (RIP) and a lot of the content on this site. And Shell appeared in my life a couple of years ago and started doing incredible work to keep on top of it all too. They are incredibly good to me.

And thank you to you too. (< – cool sentence). If you are reading this, you are probably one of the insane, lovely people who keep tabs on what I get up to and do crazy shit like watch my shows and buy my DVDs and generally be enthusiastic and nice so that I can keep making stuff I want to make. I’m sorry that I haven’t got to meet so many of you this year, but I never take for granted how lucky I am to have such cool, thoughtful supporters.

That’s all I guess. My daughter has the flu too – I’d better go stick some drugs in her face.

If you’re interested in an overview of the status of the various things I’ve been beavering away at, read below.

Otherwise. Thank you thank you thank you. Merry Christmas. Peace be with you.


End of year notes:

The RSC production of “Matilda – a Musical” has got lots of nice reviews and seems to have a pretty good chance of getting to London. And if it gets to London and people like it, who knows, it could get other places too. That’d be amazing, huh? Thank you everyone who has been to see it and has made lovely comments about it and sent me letters and messages. It’s been the most joyous of processes.

My UK tour with the Heritage Orchestra came and went in a massive whirlwind. That’s a metaphor, although there was a snowstorm in Cardiff. It was incredibly good fun to perform, and people seemed to like it. Thanks to all who came. I’ll be performing the same show with the state symphony orchestras of Australia in February-March 2011, and then in Scotland in April, with them Heritage bastards again.

My new DVD, “Ready For This?” seems to have sold a few copies ahead of Christmas, which is nice. I have a heart-warming vision of hundreds of British families sitting down to watch me sing “I Love Jesus” instead of the Queen’s speech.

The animated version of “Storm“, my ranting beat-poem, is pretty much finished. The 10 minute long film, created by artist-animator DC Turner and producer Tracy King, grew from a small project to a huge mission and has now been long-listed for a BAFTA nomination! So we’re holding its release back (again) until next year, when we will upload it so that people can watch it for free.

Oo, and Shaun Tan’s animated short film, “The Lost Thing“, which I had the honour of voicing, has been shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination. Incredibly exciting and thoroughly deserved. Shaun is brilliant.

Just in case you missed it, my seasonally relevant, mildly irreverent love song to my kid, “White Wine in the Sun”, is available on itunes (as ever) and all proceeds until the end of the year will go to the National Autistic Society. The NAS are a good bunch. And it’s a nice little song, I think. Sentimental, I know.

And whilst on the subject of the ways in which I temporarily alleviate my middle-class guilt, we (you) raised over £3,000 pounds for the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts when I ran a thing in October. Thank you so much for your support.

I’m off to the US in January for a few days. I’ll be taping one or two as-yet-unconfirmed late night shows and doing a couple of dates in LA. And I’ll be back to tour properly in June.

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Sarah Edwards on 7th of January 2011

Happy New Year. Your performances and talent never cease to amaze. Adored Matilda and can’t stop listening to New CD, especially “Cheese”, “Beauty” and “The Fence”. Hope this year is as good for you as the last. x

Amelia on 7th of January 2011

On the 12th day of Christmas a music man gave to me:
12 Angry feet
11 Fucking popes
10 Dancing bears
9 Gingers ginger-ing
8 Annoying storms
7 Canvas bags
6 Rock & Roll nerds
5 poofs and two pianos
4 google vans
3 darksides
2 falling brains
and a tony the fish on dry land
Merry Christmas and happy new year (yeah I know its late)

Becki F on 6th of January 2011

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the late comment (I had flu over Christmas too, along with most of my family!!) . My husband and I went to see the show at The O2 and just wanted to say it was absolutely amazing!!! We were sat about 14 rows from the front and I couldn’t help but watch your hands on the piano, you are extremely talented! I got my sister-in-law your DVDs for Christmas and she can’t wait to watch ‘Ready for this’

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, despite the flu, and that we get to see you again soon!

Bex and Dan x

Vicky Nicholas on 2nd of January 2011

My boyfriend introduced me to you( so to speak) last year and I’ve not looked back since! At long last someone original, scarily funny, clever and great to look at. What a package (so to speak).
Was lucky enough to see you live in Birmingham in December. Although a big old venue, songs like “cheese” and that good old Popey song kept us on the edge of our seats. Forced you on my brother and Japanese girlfriend over Christmas-3 nights in a row of your dvds! They loved you, so I’m sure you’ll be taken back to Tokyo in some form or another. Sadly though we were flogging a dead horse with my sister. She likes blinkin Mackintire, grrrrr. All the same, I did lend her a dvd. A true fool.
All the best for the year ahead, Vicky Nicholas from lovely Cornwall- if you ever fancy doing a show down here, we’d put you up for a couple of nights!!?

sean tyson on 2nd of January 2011

tim i love your work its sooooo amazing your extremely funny and i reckon you are a brilliant piano player and an excellent singer i hope you carry on doing some more stuff and if your reading this my friend georgie loves you to ^_^

Phill on 31st of December 2010

Mr Minchin, we all hope you had a glorious christmas and a wonderful new year, from all your hull based fans (yes we exist!)

cazz on 31st of December 2010

get well soon ! x

Brendan on 30th of December 2010

A second to Lydia’s sentiment – your irreverent wit and delightful music were only introduced to me this year, and they’ve been a highlight. I have a tendency to listen to “Not Perfect” whenever I need a bit of a pick-me-up. And as to “White Wine in the Sun”… sentimental? My wife leaves the room when I play it, ‘coz it makes her cry (in a good way, obviously).

Have a marvelous New Year, and I sincerely hope that you see even more success in the coming year. And not just because I hold out hope that you’ll be playing a gig in my home town one of these days. :)


Lydia on 30th of December 2010

You are definitely one the best people that I found out about this year. That probably sounds a bit odd, but I didn’t know how else to put it. Thanks for everything that you do. Watching your DVDs always makes me feel better about everything.

I thought that Matilda was incredible. I want to see it again so badly.

I hope that you had a good Christmas and feel better xxxx

Peter veitch on 30th of December 2010

I think you Tim, may have created our new Xmas tradition. used to be all that god stuff, then it was south park, ( I know tacky but still and advance over Santa and sky fairy Jesus ..) actually did by the two aussie release DVD today, ready for this ( for next year ) and the so live DVD saving it for new years eve .. tomorrow – yippee ! thanks again ..

Geraldo Geronimo on 30th of December 2010

Minchin ya ole bugga (in a gud waie mind) … Juz dun ya ‘ Reddie 4 this ?’ from Hammersmith Apollo (DVD) wif a few beerz … Ya daft shit! Marvellous indeed …. :-)

Berglind Inga on 29th of December 2010

The english word “sofa” actually means “(to) sleep” in Icelandic. So lot of us “sofa” in the sofa. Merry christmas from Iceland! :)

Carrie on 29th of December 2010

I have a cold, not as bad as flu but i feel like crap and am pregnant so can’t stick any drugs anywhere lol Cheered me up though lol xx

Suzanne Dennehy on 29th of December 2010

It would be great to have you perform at my daughters 18th. Your her favorite performer. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing the show in Melbourne in February. Hope your visits to Melbourne to perform are a regular occurance. Have a great New Year. Good luck with your touring.

m_gol on 29th of December 2010

Tim, not only British do love you. I’m from Poland and I know a couple of friends who really appreciate your work. Keep it on!

P.S. Your new DVD is so much fun, much greater than watching your sketches separately! (which I had to do using YouTube since it’s too far for me to England to see you live).

Madeleine Millar on 28th of December 2010

I hope you get better soon and thank youu for giving me an incredible christmas with cardiff and matilda! matilda was unbelievable good and well written…. my faverave part = MISS TRUNCHBULL!!!! he was incredible and so talented!! :DD

denise barlow on 28th of December 2010

Just watched your latest DVD with my teenage kids…..What a bloody legend!

Thank you, thank you, thank you x

helen2912 on 28th of December 2010

Merry christmas Tim, Hope the flu is easing up. Me, who’s hurtling towards thirty, and my 12 year old sister came to see you at Newcastle which was pretty fucking awesome. I really should be a better guardian but seeing as she uses your big non swear words too i figure its kinda educational! Although we figured she best not to take the bag to school that we purchased from the merch stand! The show was a highlight to an otherwise thoroughly shit year. Thank you. X

Cindy Brooke on 27th of December 2010

Loved your show in Manchester, my daughter is inspired by you, her christmas video is wacky and I think dedicated to you. If you get time whilst you are ill (which by the way I hope you and your daughter recover very soon) check it out on youtube, type in (innitbozza) the song is called Tribal Christmas.


Have a great New Year!

Ken Loukinen on 27th of December 2010

Hi Tim,
I’ve become a big fan as of recent. While I want you to have more US dates, more importantly, I want you to enjoy your family time and continue to have success writing such witty songs and beautiful music.
Thanks so much.

Rebecca on 27th of December 2010

hello tim! :) hope you had a nice christmas. i actually recieved a DVD of one of your performances for christmas haha which we did indead sit down and watch on christmas day which is alittle morbid considering its content, however, it didnt worry me :) i enjoyed it alot! :)

i was reading through all these posts and comments but i began to wonder if you actaully get time to read them :) on the off chance that you do i hope you had a great christmas.

i’m looking to get tickets to your show at the sydney opera house in march :) i hope to see you there! :D

Dian on 27th of December 2010

I got tickets to your 2nd night in Edinburgh for Christmas…2nd row!! Thank you for being so very entertaining, Tim. You’ve rebooted my sense of humour and allowed me to find humour in places I least expected. You’re a treasure. See you in April.

Merry Christmas. Hope you and your little one feel better soon.


Bill on 27th of December 2010

Hi Tim
My sister just sent me a link to “White wine in the sun”, a very moving and truthful piece. Your name sounded familiar , the I realized we stumbled into Stratford on a very cold evening in late November. As our daughter is a bit into Shakespear, we hoped to take her to a production. Unfortunately, nothing was on BUT…. (drum roll) we stumbled on “Matilda .the musical”. What an absolute delight. This production, music and atmosphere warmed the hearts of all present. It was a highlight of our trip to Europe. Thanks from a thawing Aussie family

Robin Rinzler on 26th of December 2010

We have tickets to your performance in Los Angeles and can’t wait to see you!!! We’ll be driving for about 6 hours round trip, but you are so worth it, and we are so excited!!
Hope you feel better soon!!
Paul & Robin

peter Veitch on 26th of December 2010

saw your ready for this show on abc tv, v good, played it again ( recorder on foxtel ) d/l white wine in the sun.. hauntingly beautiful .. resonates deeply..
looks like the atheists have grown up ( i am new to non belief )
quite moving show really

Elaine (elainepixie) on 26th of December 2010

Hi Tim! Thanks for your Christmas blog post!

And many thanks for all your hard work this year. We’ve had so much fun at Matilda and the arena show plus warm-up gigs and Storm viewings. It’s certainly been a Minchin-rich year and all the better for that.

So sorry that you and your little girl are ill. Hope you recover quickly. No running until that virus is out of your system!

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and best wishes for everything you do in the coming year. We in turn look forward to more stalking. ;-)

Elaine (elainepixie) x

P.S. I concur with another commenter: it’s a settee in our house too. ;-)

Julie Schofield on 26th of December 2010

Thank you Tim for the joy and happiness you have brought to my life during the past year. Your mind is so very sexy! You make me feel less alone and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Spid on 26th of December 2010

Will you be recording the orchestra tour for DVD at all? I haven’t been able to make it to a show but I’d love to see it.

Merry Christmas and a speedy recovery to all.

alex econ on 26th of December 2010

tim, you make some of us simply happy to be alive.

Brad Wyatt on 26th of December 2010

I utterly love you Tim. Don’t stop what you’re doing as it brings so many of us laughter, entertainment and makes people think about things such as religion and the universe through the medium of (awesome) music.

It was amazing seeing you on the 17th at the MEN, I was delirious several times it was so intense!

Helen Simmons on 26th of December 2010

I have just spent a perfect Christmas evening with the family watching you sing “I love Jesus”, so your vision has at least partly come true! As for the Queen’s speech, we were busy munching on sprouts and the like so we’ll have to wait until next year…

Hope you recover quickly from the flu and enjoy the rest of the festive season! You were fantastic at the O2 arena and I can’t wait to see your next gig. Please come back to Cambridge – I missed the chance to get tickets for your warm-up gigs and really wanted to write a shining review for the student newspaper to spread the Minchin love!

Best wishes, Helen x

TC Taylor on 25th of December 2010

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmas’ & Happiest of New Year’s too! Plus, sincerest Get Well wishes.

There are those who play the fool and those who play the piano…and then there’s you who does both most exquisitely. Thank you for sharing your sublime gift of a particular madness. You make the world a brighter, more delightful place.

Darren palma on 25th of December 2010

A Muslim bloke(a friend I added and don’t know)commented on my profile picture on fb of buddy Christ (the alternative Jesus from dogma) thinking I was a Christian and told me to read the Qu’ran. My response is worth a look.(it’s not prejudice or anything.) love the show in the men. I’min a caaaaaaaiiiiiiigggeee!!

JoJo on 25th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim & family, hope the flu’s been replaced with Christmas spirit! Thanks for keeping us laughing throughout the year. Warm hugs from a snowy cold Norfolk, England. Jo, Russ &Georgia xx

HarveyKing on 25th of December 2010

Happy Birthday my personal jesus =] hehehe i got ‘Ready for this’ for christmas and im in love with it and plan to learn all the new songs you added since your first dvd.

get well soon

Morgan Owens on 25th of December 2010


Andrea on 25th of December 2010

Enjoy your sofa! And dont forget that the fans should see “storm” first. ;-)
If I would have 1 wish, that would be… that all the people turn their B-S metters on.

Peg on 25th of December 2010

Have so enjoyed spending Xmas with you (on a loop in my car cd player, and a few times on dvd) my kids are singing along with me or rolling their eyes, either way it’s all good :-)
Hope your ‘flu is brief, looking forward to seeing you again in Sydney, and bestest wishes for all going so well with Matilda that it comes down to visit us too!

Lynda, Exeter on 25th of December 2010

Just getting over the flu myself, I can recommend sitting on the couch under a duvet with a nice warm glass of mulled wine. Enjoy the rest, you deserve it. x

Sandra on 25th of December 2010

Get well soon, Tim.

It’s my birthday today so can I wish you Merry Sandrasmas instead of the usual seasonal greeting?!

Thanks for making me laugh (and cry), especially at the times I really needed to.

hayleyr on 25th of December 2010

Maybe I’ll get to meet you again too! Thanks for signing programme/ having photo taken by my small child at the Matilda press night. Jo still boasts of having told you to say cheese!!! Strange child. Don’t know where he gets it from. :S

Rosco on 25th of December 2010

I’m not feeling very creative this Christmas either. Oh who am I kidding? I’m never feeling very creative. But I do enjoy drinking white wine in the sun. Specially this time of year. And specially with family & friends. Have a great holidy mate, hope you & V get over the flu quickly, and I look forward to seeing you sing in Melbourne in Feb.

hayleyr on 25th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim from sunny Perth! (Here visiting for Xmas) Congrats on a fantastic year. Matilda is a beautiful production and I loved the orchestra tour too. Looking forward to next year- more Matilda and another show to look forward to in January! Hope you and little one feel better soon. X

Steph on 25th of December 2010

Hi Tim,

I first saw you the very first night you ever played the Edinburgh Festival (it was a preview night so it only cost £5), think it was August 2006? I loved it so much I came back 2 nights later even though it was double the cost, and I brought friends! I bought your CD (Sit – Timmy the Dog), which I believe is now a rarity and would make me a lot of money on eBay one day, if I could bear to be parted from it (which I can’t). I also bought a canvas bag that night which you personally sold me (staff shortage or something I guess), and I have used for many years as a beach bag, and it’s still going strong! That was the year you won the Perrier (was it still the Perrier at that time or was it something else?), whatever, you won it and I can’t help thinking it was in no small part due to my being there on your first night! I have therefore seen it as my duty for the continued success of your career to be there, supporting you, so I travelled up and down the country going to your gigs, bringing along friends who now also love you (they just can’t see green cheese).

In a bizarre twist of fate you left your homeland of Australia to move to the UK, and in 2008 I left my hometown of Edinburgh to move to your hometown of Perth, WA! Who knew? Of course, when you toured Australia I saw it as my duty to be there, at the Perth Royal Concert Hall, where I met you and you signed my Timmy the Dog CD (and I’m certain increasing it’s value), but where the nasty man would not let me take a photo. What did he think – that I’m some sort of crazy stalker?!

Anyway, I’ve since moved to Brisbane, and as I sit here on Christmas Day with the aircon up full, watching the rain bouncing off the pavement, and struggling not to wilt in the humidity, I am listening to you singing White Wine in the Sun and I feel doubly sad – I’m missing my family who are all back in the UK, but there is no Sun to have white wine in!

In this long-winded roundabout way what I am trying to say is that I think you’re great. I really do, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and that you and your daughter Violet (yes I saw the doco – Luna, Leederville – loved it – especially the bit where your family sang their version of Canvas Bag!). And when you’re better, what would be really great is if you could do a reverse version of White Wine in the Sun – about missing family who are at home in the UK, turkey dinners, Liqueur chocolates (aka schemie liqueurs), and the Eastenders Christmas Special, especially for those of us who have moved to your beautiful country (most of the time) and are missing our friends and family on the other side of the world.

It’s an idea – think about it at least :-)

Lots of Love from Bris-Vegas
your first ever groupie xxxx

Phil on 25th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim.

For years I have told everyone that I hate christmas, but listening to White Wine In The Sun has reminded me why that isn’t really true. There are lots of things about christmas that I can’t stand, but I do always look forward to those family gatherings.

Thank you, you have restored my faith in humanity.

Andrew Scott on 25th of December 2010

since I first seen you at the Edinburgh fringe 2 years ago , it’s been amazing to watch your popularity grow. Long may it continue to bring tears of laughter to so many.

heather on 25th of December 2010

ooh look how public this comment is. i feel exposed. i am exposing myself.

linzy and shell are definitely good names to name, if you’re in the game of naming names. they’re ace. i am a fan of linzy and shell. to be honest, i’m sort of using you just so i can be friends with them.

i am going to spend my day watching preposterously sentimental christmas movies with the family and eating until i’m sick. i recommend this. have a lovely christmas, you lovely bastard.


p.s. it’s a settee.

sofa so good, settee.
(said he)
(where “he” is you. because you said it.)
(i should probably go to bed now.)

tammy trapped in middle america on 25th of December 2010

btw. In many southern states in the U.S. A couch (as we call it here in Indiana), is referred to as a Davenport. I have NO clue at all as to why, how, or what the heck it means. Of course, that could just be another odd thing that my Hill Folk family calls it.

tammy trapped in middle america on 25th of December 2010

Mr. Minchin,
May your cold bugs die off and your Holiday’s be whatever you wish them to be. I just want to tell you how much I and my 16 year old son enjoy your performances ( You had him at the mention of “Ginger” and well..boobies)
Thank you so much. We have our fingers crossed you will make your way to the Midwest of the States!!

Gabrielle on 25th of December 2010

Hi Tim,
I first discovered your particular brand of genius when I saw you perform “If I didn’t have you” at a charity gig in London a few years ago. I was immediately hooked and went home to find anything I could by you on YouTube. You have been on my iPod ever since and still make me laugh out loud on my regular commutes to work, (the line “with some lace between my buns” carries a personal reasonance….). I have been diligently spreading the word about you and last year brought my eighty year old mother to see you in Hammersmith. White Wine made her cry, but in a good way and I will always be grateful to you for the laughs we had together that night. This year it was Brighton and what a fabulous show, thank you for all the joy and happiness you provide, you make the world a better place. I hope you and your blue eyed girl make a speedy recovery.

A very Merry Christmas to your family

Lots of love and hugs Gaby
PS When I chastised the programme seller in Brighton for putting it in a plastic bag and not canvas, he looked at me as if I was mad. You just can’t help some people….

PPS Saw clips of you in “Two fists, one heart”
You rock as an actor too…!!

Ryan on 25th of December 2010

We love you Tim! You better make your way to Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A.
….or at least Chicago. Keep up all the good work!

Jim on 25th of December 2010

Happy Life Day bud.

Nick on 25th of December 2010

May God Bless You.

Just kidding.

April Jo on 25th of December 2010

hope to see u in Kentucky (USA) next summer! *hint hint* Merry Christmas! :-)

Helen Sumner on 25th of December 2010

Hey Tim,
Wishing you, Sarah, and kiddies have a great Christmas mate, and hope you and Violet get better real soon.. Kick up your feet, and have a bloody well deserved rest..
See you in Australia soon,

Love , love, love…..xxoo :)

Tim on 25th of December 2010

Just found a DVD from you under the Christmas tree :-)

Merry Christmas from Germany!

Nina on 25th of December 2010

Dear Tim, you really deserve some days on your couch!
After this incredible year (and yes, I am one of those crazy stalking people who follows you on things like twitter and all those great online opportunities to stalk somebody) I just want to say: thank you for all the smiles you brought on peoples faces and thoughts you brought in their minds.

Now have a nice and silent Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Take care (especially of your flu-daughter ;o), poor littler girl…and poor little Tim too of course), enjoy your great success of this year and just put your feet up on the couch!

Get well soon and be proud of yourself, you’re great!

Tom on 24th of December 2010

Hi there Tim.
Fist off I’d like to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a happy new year.
I introduced my fiancée to your comedy almost a year ago and she quickly became addicted to your work (and to you – she’s the “Rambling fan” that sent you a message a few days ago.
Thanks to her newfound obsession with you and subsequently becoming a feeter, I’ve learned just how much more there is than meets the eye with you. Hearing how kids living (or suffering) in religious families reach out to you and vice-versa was really inspiring for me.
We were lucky enough to attend your show in Cardiff recently and I’d like to say to you that it was the best show I’ve ever seen. I laughed my ass off (Figuratively speaking, you’ll be glad to know) at points as expected, but it was your speech about the “abundance of idiots” that really hit home for me. Your approach to rational secularism is refreshing when we’re invariably faced with “Religion iz dumb hur-hur” during religious debates.
On a personal note (yes, another), I’d like to say that you’ve been a big inspiration to me. As another starving artist, (writing in my case) I became so disheartened by rejection and lack of progress that I considered giving up and losing my mind in a job I hate. Thanks to you however, my work has had a new lease of life and I’m starting to make progress again.
I’ll not keep you any longer. I look forward to seeing you in January where hopefully we’ll have chance to speak, even if it’s only to say hi.
Kindest regards,
Tom in Birmingham.

Nick Wadlow on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Mr Minchin. Saw you in Nottingham last week. Seven shades of awesome. Keep up the good work.


Joanne on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim Have a Gudden! Hope you and the lil kiddie are all better soon! Thanks for being fab! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Annette Reynolds on 24th of December 2010

We came to your show on the 17th December in Manchester. Unfortunately, we didn’t get home until 5am due to the combination of snow and stupid BMW drivers, who caused a huge accident on the M61.

I have to say, you were totally worth it. It made the wait to get home somehow funnier and not disastrous at all. Especially getting out of the car and wading through knee deep snow with my sister, trying to find a bit of foliage to shield ourselves behind while we had a pee. We laughed that much that we kept falling over into the snow, and emerged back onto the motorway looking like abominable snowmen.

Luckily, the lovely mountain rescue people came out and cleared the road for us so we could get home at some point on Saturday.

A well deserved thank you to you and the Heritage Orchestra, you were both superb. I hope you and your family have a great Yuletide.

sarah on 24th of December 2010

merry christmas tim. hope u have a good day with your family. came to see u in nottingham on the 18th and u were amazing. i will never forget it. hope your flu goes soon and u can enjoy the rest of the christmas season. have an awesome 2011. xxxxxx

Roxanne on 24th of December 2010

“Come back when you’ve got cancer!” ;)
Seriously, hope you both feel better soon, and the rest of your family stay well, and that you can then enjoy a well deserved break!

I was one of the lucky ones who did get to meet you this year (at Storm) AND seen you 3 more times (100 club + Brighton & O2) as well. Haven’t seen Matilda yet but have a ticket for January – can’t wait! – and hope it not only moves to London, but is also still running in a few years’ time when my nephew will be old enough to see it.

Enjoy your socks, jocks and chocolates (and anything else you get!)! Merry Christmas and a happy 2011. xxx

John on 24th of December 2010

Tim — enjoyed your History of christMAS column, though, sadly, I cannot think of any mainstream publications here in the good ol’ god fearing U.S. that would publish it. Sad.

Here’s hoping that you find your way across the pond to shed some…enlightenment, yeah, enlightenment to us Yanks. Though, stay away from Alaska — crazy people there.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry JoshuaMAS

Cathy on 24th of December 2010

Get well soon Tim, I kind of got the impression a few weeks ago from some of the stuff I read that you were fighting the bugs, like you say as soon as the mayhem stops the germs take over. Please take the opportunity of resting properly, it’s your body’s way of saying “stop!!!” I have rambled on here before so I won’t go on, just to say my husband and myself are huge fans, you’ve made a couple of oldies very happy! Happy Christmas and hope you are recovered in time for the New Year … roll on 2011, there’s no stopping you now :o)

Beth Pitt on 24th of December 2010

Sorry to hear you’re ill Tim, hope you feel better soon. Your gig in Nottingham was beyond brilliant! I really wanted to catch Matilda aswell as that’s my favorite childhood film, and you are amazing, but I haven’t managed it.
I would go on to say how brilliant you are, but you’re married so I’ve lost my chance already :P Hope you have a fantastic christmas xox

Ros on 24th of December 2010

Thanks for the seasonal message Tim. Sorry to hear that you and Vi have the ‘flu; hope you’re both feeling better soon. Saw the show at the MEN with my 2 teenage daughters and their friends. We all loved it and it kept us going during the snowy and precarious journey home. You have been an inspriation this year and I hope 2011 will be good for you. We’re going to see Matilda in Jan. Looking forward to it and to finally getting to say hi to you one of these days. Love to all the family, Ros x

Jennilee on 24th of December 2010

Hope you feel better soon tim, your tour was absolutely amazing,
went to see it in manchester, the drive home in the snow afterwards was
well worth it. Merry xmas to you and your family, hope to see you touring again soon.

Anne on 24th of December 2010

Happy christmas Tim eat drink and be merry! Opening night of your tour in Birmingham was amazing, going to see Matilda on the 6th Jan with half a school of children, looks fantastic can’t wait x

Polly on 24th of December 2010

You’ve been one of my favourite people of 2010.

Hope you and you daughter feel better soon.
Really looking forward to Matilda in Jan.
Keep spreading the love in 2011.

Mandie on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim! Hope you and the kid are feeling better soon .. thanks for the laughs in 2010 .. may there be thousands more in 2011!!

Angie Hibbitt on 24th of December 2010

Hope you feel better soon Tim (now I know where I caught my cold from ! – As if!). My prediction for 2011 is even greater things for you – you’re going to be huuuuge! You deserve it…….enjoy, but don’t forget us little guys who love and support you already. Nottingham was awesome, made my festive season. Just hope I can get tickets next time round – when you’re selling out at the O2 10 nights in a row! Hope you and yours recover quickly, and that Santa is kind – whether you’re expecting big pressies or not!

G.jefffs on 24th of December 2010

Genius, thats what you are.
Thankyou for working so hard to share your talent with the world.
Merry x-mas , to all

Clairetweet on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim, to you and your family. We were there for your last night in Nottingham, It was amazing. You brighten our world.

I have had too many champagne cocktails to say any more ‘cos it is my birthday so I bid you a Happy New Year.

Clairetweet x

Alison (Truly3) on 24th of December 2010

Aaawwwaaaa, hope you both feel better soon.

Matilda is amazing. 100 Club was amazing. Buzzcocks was amazing. Orchestra Tour (both Birmingham and Cardiff), um, amazing. Hay… oh I’m sure you get the idea, I’m a big fan of your work.

Georgia, my little girl who accompanied me to Hay and TAM, also wishes you a Merry Christmas. Thanks to you I now have a 10 year old who questions EVERYTHING. Only a good thing if you have the answers (so thanks for that – grrrr).

Hope next year is as successful for you (only less stressful).

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Alison (Truly3)

Hayley on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas to you too :]… i hope Mr. C. Cringle bring you and your fimily everything you wished for :]


all my love xxx

Christine on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim and to your family. Hope you all feel better soon. Glad to hear that you’re coming Down Under next year. I’m looking forward to seeing you here in Adelaide. Take care mate and have a great New Year.

xo from Oz.

Emmy Taylor on 24th of December 2010

get well soon tim and violet. sorry you are feeling poo. have had some fab nights with you this year at your gigs- the o2 blew me away. my best mate is emigrating back to Oz and it was our final hurrah together. hope you have a lovely time with your family this christmas and that Oz receive you with as much fervour and cheese as we did. have some booze for me-am 6months preggers and feeling left out. Love Em xxxxx

Tom Beasley on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim! :D

Congratulations on all of your successes over the course of 2010 and I hope that 2011 proves to be an equally successful year for you.

Simone on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas to you Tim, I’m sorry you’re feeling lousy, but I hope all these nice comments make you feel a little better! My hubs and I had the best time seeing you at the o2 a couple of weeks ago – you rocked! Had you have been there the following night we would have got more tickets and gone and watched it all over again. :-)
Have just got your DVD for Christmas……am looking forward to getting it onto the ole box with a glass of vino tomorrow. Ha ha!
Here’s to a great 2011, I look forward to seeing your next show and wish you and you daughter a speedy recovery.
Love Simone x x x

Paula Valentine on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim – hope you feel better soon. Hope to see you if you are ever able to make your way to the Toronto area. All the best for 2011

Tina on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim to you and your family. Hope you feel better soon! Christmas is a rubbish time to be ill.
Thank you for all of your genius that you have shared with us, and for the most amazing tour ever. I shall be one of those watching you sing about Jesus instead of watching the Queen’s speech – there is no other show I would rather be watching!
Here’s to the New Year and to many more successes for you, seems like you will be conquering the world soo, which would be no bad thing.
Merry Christmas!

Carla on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas, hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Hope you feel better soon. I came to see you show in Brighton and it was the best, great new songs etc… and now really looking forward to next year.

Pixie Kitten on 24th of December 2010

Some friendsa and I met up earlier this week to have a picnic in the snow and exchange gifts.. needless tosay we soon moved it inside!! My best friend bought me ‘Ready For This’… I so wasn’t ready for that!!! I also got a plushie bunny, so in honour of the surprise tim thurst upon me, I named him minchin! =D

Hope you and your family have a great christmas, you’ve earned it!

John on 24th of December 2010

Thank you for taking the time to come to Nottingham. The show was amazing. I have been listening to the show again all day today (after buying it off your website) whilst lying in bed also with the FLU.

It’s that magical moment when you stop working your body gets revenge for the punishment you have put it through.

Merry (insert commercialised, semi religious holiday here)

Katie-Marie on 24th of December 2010

Merry christmas tim hope next year will bring even more amazingness for you.I so can’t wait to see matilda next year and your gig at nia brum was just wows . Get well soon and thanks for making me decide that i do in fact wanna become a piano god like you :)

Catherine on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim. Loved seeing youthis year, your out of this world! Really hope yourself and your daughter get well soon in time for christmas. All the best for 2011 Look forward to seeing you again soon :)

Victoria Walker on 24th of December 2010

I hope you and all your family are well for christmas, you deserve the best year! I just want to thank you for giving it your all at the Manchester gig, you were absolutely amazing, you outdid yourself, I saw you at Stoke the year before and I thought you were phenomenal then!

Have a fantastic christmas, keep up the good work. I remain a loyal supported of your work and all that you do! Keep up the crazy blogging!

Claire on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas, Tim and family hope everyone feels better soon

Can’t wait till Xcottish shows in April ;)


Phil Stones on 24th of December 2010

I never leave comments on these things normally but for you squire, I feel obliged. Absolutely fantastic job on the Newcastle gig – we all thought it was phenominal, start to finish. I’ve posted a review to that effect on ticketmaster’s website ;)
Anyway, thank you for the smiles your material always brings me and my peeps and excellent work in supporting the NAS & Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. All the best to you and yours for Christmas and the future. Hope to be seeing you again soon…

Helen on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas. thanks for the awesome show in Nottingham last week

good luck for 2011 everyone


Kerry on 24th of December 2010

Sucky to hear you have the flu dude, hope you and your daughter feel better soon! Devastated to say I didn’t get to see your show this year but your stuff has done a lot to cheer me up, I’ve watched it so many times, know what’s coming but I STILL end up laughing till my face hurts! Will def track down one of your shows in 2011, although I still have a lot of catching up to do in the world of Timmy! (sorry already had some Baileys). Take it easy though, have a wicked Christmas and New Year and enjoy US :)
Season’s Greetings.
Kez xx

Martin Grantham on 24th of December 2010

Warmest christmas wishes to you and your family, and a huge thank you for all the laughs and the occassional ‘He just said what !!’ I just celebrated my 50th watching Ready For This with my nearest and dearest .. was a great night though my 90 year-old Granma did raise an eyebrow or two when her hearing aid kicked in :)

Sean and Bry on 24th of December 2010

Merry Xmas, Tim. Feel better soon mate – hope the family are all well soon. I will also be inserting drugs into my face this weekend to clear out the flu. White Wine In The… Living Room would also be good.


Amy on 24th of December 2010

Hope you and the little lass feel better soon! Have a brilliant Christmas. Thanks for the giggles you talented git :-)

Tina on 24th of December 2010

Was so happy to get your CD this morning. Have listened to it all day and it’s put a huge smile on my face…I’m feeling crappy too!!! Saw you in Brighton a few weeks ago and can’t wait for next time. You’ve cheered me up no end since discovering you!!! Fab Christmas wishes to you and your family xxx

Ashwing XD on 24th of December 2010

D’aawww Tim get better soon!
And I really enjoyed all the Tim themed activities this year (Matilda and Orchestra show were epic!) and I can’t wait to (hopefully) rip open my Ready For This DVD tomorrow morning!!!
Have a very merry Christmas and a cheery new year!

Hayley on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim Hope that Flu goes away soon Can’t wait to see you again in Edinburgh in April Best wishes to you and your family have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year <3

Hayley in Scotland x

Lolly Polly on 24th of December 2010

Merry crimbo Timbo!

Hope you and your darling girl feel tons better very soon.

Thank you for cheering me up regularly during a pretty horrible year. You really are an incredibly talented, lovely man.

Here’s to further, much deserved, success for you next year!

Cheers! *clink*

Lolly x

starleigh on 24th of December 2010

Hi Tim, I’m a fan in the US who has been hoping for the announcement of some US dates, so I was thrilled to find out about the LA show! I don’t live near LA, but I will be flying down to see the show. It’s a no-brainer…fly a couple of hours to see Tim live? YES! So anyway…did you say you’re doing “a couple of dates”? I know the one on the 12th at Largo is sold out, so maybe you’re adding more due to demand? Hmmm…

Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely and gracious Christmas message above, and I’m so looking forward to seeing you in LA. Merry Christmas to you and your family (and feel better soon!) xoxo

Warwickshire Shithouse on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas to Tim, Sarah and the kids! I hope the flu doesn’t ruin it for you all.
Thank you thank you thank you for being such a fucking great hoot and consistently cheering me up! I thought Christmas had come early when my Orchestra CD arrived this morning!
Thank you for the fantastic trip out with my niece and nephew yesterday to Stratford and Matilda – I hope it gets to London as it is brilliant and you deserve every praise you get for it. I have to thank the weather for the awesome snowball fight we had on the way back to the car though.
I hope your Christmas has as much happiness, laughter, love and cheese as mine does!

Paula and Joel Milburn on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim (and family)… hope you get over the flu (and little one too) soonest and you are back to your funny, witty, lovely self soon. I have to say you are my favourite Aussie, you’ve usurped poor Rolf Harris in favourite spot (but when you can play the wobble board and draw Rolferoo’s too I’ll be majorly impressed… mind you, he can’t play the piano or sing like you! *grins*).

Just for you, me and my darling hubby of 3 months (wow, is it that long already… oh by the way, we played ‘Nothing can stop us now … etc’ at the reception, half the guests thought it hillarious, the other half just didn’t get it… *sigh* inbreds!!) we will play ‘We love Jesus’ at 3pm sharp!!

Merry Christmas dear Tim, we love ya!

PS the new DVD is great! Get yourself back to Newcastle next year when I *have* some money for tickets!!

annemarie on 24th of December 2010

have a lovely xmas with ur family u deserve it after u have worked so hard this year :) i came to see u in cardiff last week and to say it was amazing was an understatement! im coming to see u again nezt year in edinburgh with my hubby and im soo excited :) x will be waiting to see ur dvd under my xmas tree 2moz xxxxx have a fab xmas and happy new year xxxxxxxxx

Felicity Armstrong on 24th of December 2010

Thanks for all the laughter Tim, come back to Newcastle soon please, we had a great night. Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year ginge.

Moley on 24th of December 2010

Sheesh. I’m going to bed.

Moley on 24th of December 2010

Better! I have no idea what beeter is (maybe austrailain slang?)
Curse this rubbish fingers/eyes combo.

Moley on 24th of December 2010

Hope you feel beeter soon and can enjoy a spot of relaxation. The Cardiff gig was brilliant although I’m sorry to report that despite you waving the conductors baton at me in a potter stylee, my sperm remains normal. As far as I can tell :)
Top gig, top chap. Keep it up sir and all the best to you and yours and as always, many thanks for the laughs you make us have.

Rosie on 24th of December 2010

Loved the Newcastle show this year. You were absolutely brilliant and even managed to bring a smile to my boyfriend’s face who was sure he would hate every minute of it (he even stood up before me for the standing ovations). Do come back soon!

Eileen Allen on 24th of December 2010

I just want to wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year and to say thank you for making me laugh during 2010 x

emily on 24th of December 2010

I adored your show in Manchester. I was getting over a chest infection at the time, and surely pissed off the people next to me because you gave me coughing fits every time I laughed. But I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

White wine in the sun makes me laugh and cry every time I hear it. Penn jillette did a Pennpoint on you, have you seen it? I’m sure you guys would be the best of friends if you ever met! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkXxkfu8dGs&feature=channel

Sharon on 24th of December 2010

Hey tim.
Fantastic gig in notts last weekend! Cheese is now my fave and I can’t wait to buy it somewhere! I have illness and snot too but u cheer me up! Have a fab Christmas and hope u n ur little girl feel better soon.


Ella Griffiths on 24th of December 2010

Hi Tim, I am Ella and my lil sis Josie G is one of the Matildas who you have obviously worked with! Just wanted to say on behalf of her and my family thank you and that we have all really enjoyed the Matilda experience- we always have a fantastic time when we come to see her ( the music’s not bad either)

Also- myself and my mum Juliet ( who I think you met at the press night) saw your London 02 concert and we had the most amazing time ever!!! Definitely the best concert I have ever been to. DVD and CD ordered.

Might get to meet you at some point at Matilda, and if it moves to London ( fingers crossed!)

Have awesome Christmas, and get better soon

Alisha on 24th of December 2010

You were AMAZING in manchester i was sooo happy :D
I Love You !!!! <3

Suzie G on 24th of December 2010

Loving ‘Victor’s’ comment – as a female of the species I clearly see your (Tim, rather than Victor – who I do not know – although I do not know Tim either but have seen him in the screen flesh!) sexual allure, as a female would, however I am pleased that you have the ability to ‘turn’ men too!!!!!!
Tim, you have made my Christmas – saw you in Manchester – and thought ‘Cont’ was genius!
I love you wholly and completely!!!!! xxxx

Lauren on 24th of December 2010

The Cardiff show was amazing. Dispite the snow. That show boasted the best heckle I’ve ever heard at the end of White Wine in the Sun. :)
When I came to see you I had a flu like bug pissed everyone off by singing and coughing … see Im dedicated. Hope you and your spawn get well soon. Happy Crimbo.
Loadsa love!! x

Hayley McHugh on 24th of December 2010

Dear Tim…. my Christmas present this year was seeing you perform in Brighto. My husband and I are from Melbourne and your White wine in the sun song makes me cry. Despite my Tim induced homesickness we had the most wonderful night, so when we went to check into our hotel in Brighton and found that it had ceased trading we literally didn’t give a shit. Your show provided us with a lovely blanket of elation leaving us impervious to the shinnanagins of unscrupulous hoteliers.

suzanne on 24th of December 2010

Hey Tim.
I am grateful for your character and what you give in your performances. The deep dark place you go to in order to adeqately convey the depth of emotion you feel.
Am looking forward to the concert in perth in march – im going on my own just so i could get a front row seat – 1, because i have issues with vision 2, because i love orchestral music. Seeing you do your thing whether on TV or back row is always great –
I hope you have a Happy time this Christmas, despite the flu.
Kind Regards

Sue Flowers

Louise on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim! :D
Your show in Newcastle was absolutely wonderful, definitely best thing I’ve seen all year. The two encores reduced me to a weeping mess, and I had to walk through town with mascara all over my face (damn you, Minchin!). It was the third time in three years I’ve seen you live, and you somehow manage to be even more brilliant each time.
Hope that you and your daughter feel better soon, and that you have a superb 2011.
Hugs from a 16 year old nerd :) xxx

Abi on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas to you and your family Tim! I hope you feel better soon, thank you for releasing amazing DVDs and doing a fantastic tour- seeing you live again was the highlight of my year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all fellow Tim fans as well :D

Richie Lucas on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim and Sarah… and the man child and the woman child :)

Bubs on 24th of December 2010

Had tickets to Nottingham last weekend and sadly didn’t get there as was stuck in the snow trying to get there. Managed a mere 15 miles in 6 hours and you were finished before I arrived!
Still, it’s been a pleasure watching you on video and on the tele whenever I can. Pure genius!
Get well soon Tim – and am going to try and get to see you in Edinburgh, if I can.
Have a great Christmas

Lucie on 24th of December 2010

Hi Tim thanks for updating us on everything! We thoroughly enjoyed Matilda and the 2 orchestra shows we attended. You’re a m*****f****** genius :-*
Hope you get better soon, you were bound to get some illness to slow you down after the mammoth few months you’ve had!
Great to hear you’re planning a tour in June, we’ll be there with bells on!! Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!
Love and Best Wishes, Lucie & Rob xxxx

amber on 24th of December 2010

merry christmas i will be watchin you dvd tonight for the 1ooooooth time but it gets better everytime

from your biggest fan
amber :DD

Laura on 24th of December 2010

Happy holidays, Tim. I just recently discovered your work when I sent out a facebook link to Steve Martin’s Atheist carol, commenting that it was the first atheist holiday carol. Someone posted back with “White Wine in the Sun.” Since then I have watched everything you have on the net. Please, think about Atlanta when you tour, and please don’t be intimidated by the fact that Georgia sells more guns used in crimes than any state in the US. I know we’re the buckle of the bible belt, but I am promoting your work to all rational thinking people I know. The problem, of course, is that I work at a natural foods co-operative and a few might be put off by “Storm.” I am currently campaigning to have Storm played on a continuous loop in our lobby. It is just pure freakin’ genius.

Steve D on 24th of December 2010

Tim my good man, one of the highlights of my 2010 was being introduced to your genius work. Watched pretty much all of your songs on Youtube in the first few months of the year and saw you a couple of weeks ago in London which was indeed, as you put it, so f*cking rock!

Here’s hoping for an even bigger 2011. Wembley Stadium for the next London date? :P. I wish you every success for the future, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

kath on 24th of December 2010

Hi Tim! Have a great holiday with your family, saw you in birmingham and looking forward to seeing you again and I am going to see matilda as well :) kath x

Andrew on 24th of December 2010

I want you in my home more than a normal person should want another person in their home. I even want you in my friends’ homes (vis a vis gifts), possibly more. Seasons greetings to your family.

Victor on 24th of December 2010

you make me doubt my sexual preferences, i love you man have a great christmas!

JonD on 24th of December 2010

Tim, a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for adding a huge amount of humor to my year once again.

Tim is God!

Susi on 24th of December 2010

Tim – all the kind words you had for your fans.. i’m one of them and so appreciative of what humor and fun you bring to me! thank you for lifting my day at times. keep doing what you are doing… you are brilliant! sadly, you are sooooo far away. me, living in kansas, usa, only gets a glimpse of your brilliance through videos. i’ve got it in my head to either a) live in australia (not JUST because of your… you’re the bonus!), so i will definitely get a chance to see you or b) figure a way to get your butt playing somewhere in the middle of the usa, making it considerably easier to get to than the east or west coast. glad that you are making it to the states, these people need to get to know you!

Sharon on 24th of December 2010

ah – the dreaded man-flu! I hope you recover soon and get to enjoy xmas without the snot rag lurking about!!
I was listening to the o2 gig today at work – brought me back to there (was amazing by the way) and reminded me how truly talented you are. Looking forward to getting the dvd when it comes out.
Touring in June! Hoping you stop by glastonbury festival (I can dream – its xmas)!!!
happy xmas

Andy on 24th of December 2010

All the best, Tim, and thanks for a truly wonderful year of entertainment and thought-provoking musicality. Great that you gave a well-deserved special mention to those lovely web fairies – Linzy and Shell. Hope many more accolades come your way in 2011… :-)

Helen Avery on 24th of December 2010

Happy Christmas to you and yours, Tim. Saw the Orchestra Tour in Birmingham and really loved it-loved Hay even more! Looking forward to Matilda in January. Enjoy your break-you deserve it!! xxx P.S. Orchestra Tour CD arrived this morning, so I can relive the NIA-joy!

Elaine Gwyther on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim and I hope you feel better soon. I was fortunate to see you twice this year and meet you briefly on both occasions – first time at the recording of Buzzcocks, secondly at the preview of Storm. Your DVD is on my Christmas wish list so fingers crossed for tomorrow :-)
You have a brilliant mind and I hope I get a chance to see/hear more of you and your work in 2011. Thanks for being so friendly and lovely when we met.
Take care, Love Elaine x

Alice on 24th of December 2010

Hey Tim,
just to let you know I loved your show up in Newcastle and had a pretty epic night out with some good laughs (both at your material, and at people storming out over your material) and hope you and your daughter are over flu soon……stick some drugs in your face too!

Have a happy, if slightly sentimental crimle day and enjoy whatever is to come! xxx

PSBro on 24th of December 2010

I didn’t even know who you were a few weeks ago, but thanks to reddit.com, you have gained another fan. Your music and humor has made the holidays easier to deal with. Thank you and I hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

kath on 24th of December 2010

hi tim, Wishing you and your family a very merry xmas! I only discovered you this year and I must say you have made my year very special. Get better from the flu soon and maybe get a flu jab next year, that helps, especially for busy people who don’t have time to bbe sick, have a great xmas and good luck with all in the new year , :) kath

Charlieeeee on 24th of December 2010

I’m proud to call myself one of the insane, lovely people who see’s you on tour and buys your DVD’s… but you’re incredibly brilliant and I don’t mind spending my minimal money to support you.

Merry Christmas to you and your family =] get well soon!

Lots of love from little me in Cambridge xx

Steve R on 24th of December 2010

You had to set a second date in Edinburgh because I singlehandedly bought up all the tickets for the first one! Looking forward to seeing you here!

Wishing you all a quick recovery and white wine in the snow.

Luise on 24th of December 2010

Ahh … I just “found” you approximately 10 days ago at youtube … and I’ve watched your stuff over and over again since then :D … so great (and addictive !!!!) ^^ … sadly it was too late for wishing a CD or DVD of yours for Christmas but I sure will get them all ^^

Merry Christmas and much love from Germany !!!

Tom Rhoads on 24th of December 2010

This was the year my wife and I got to see you live in Montreal when we drove up from Vermont. Thank you for being so nice and gracious when we got to meet you briefly in the lobby. The show was great (the pope song brought down the house) and we will be following closely again this year. Hope your little girl is up and around soon.

AndyW on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim, I hope 2011 will be the year I finally get to see you live as I booked tickets to see you in Melbourne in 2009 but missed you because my wife fell ill with a sperm related infection, and again in Birmingham in 2010 because we were in the middle of moving house!

Have a great Christmas and I’m looking forward to seeing what you cone up with in 2011!

Ceri on 24th of December 2010

You are a star… thanks for the fantastic show in Manchester. Have a brillaint christmas and hope you arerid of the flu by the new year. xx

Thinking Chimp on 24th of December 2010

Thank you, Mr Tim, for all that you create. It has been a pleasure to witness your god-like geniosity. Go ginge! (and, yes, I do have a tinge)

cian ring on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas Tim :D

Please Come To Ireland And Do A Show As A Present For All Your Irish Fans :D

Love From Ireland :D

Clare Cormican on 24th of December 2010

Happy Christmas Tim!

We caught your performance at the MEN last week which was AMAZING to say the least!!! Share the ginger love! : )

My husband and I have flu too, so we are also couch-bound, so we will be making the most of it and watching ‘So F**king Rock’ later to cheer ourselves up.

Keep doing those fantastic things that you do and enjoy the Christmas break.

Clare & Josh

P.S. Can you feel the Manchester love??? : )

Darren on 24th of December 2010


Just discovered you recently after being told about you by my Turkish girlfriend. The world is a weird place you know!

Anyway, I don’t think your special but you do fall in a special bell curve!


Darren (epat in Istanbul)

Kelly allum on 24th of December 2010

Boo to the flu :( I have it too stay on the sofa/ couch and feel relieved / very proud that Matilda and the tour really were fabulous and worth all the stress/ cheese/ wine , merry Christmas TIm see you next time you in the midlands :)?

Rhiannon on 24th of December 2010

Hope you have a nice, if flu-y, christmas and a well deserved break (you don’t have to be funny now, you’re on holiday!)

louise on 24th of December 2010

Very sweet Tim :-) . Saw your show at the O2 in London, was fantastic as usual. Sorry to hear you have flu but have a lovely christmas anyway . Lots of Love, Louise x

Vicki on 24th of December 2010

Happy crimbo Tim, hope you get well sooooon, thank you for all the hard work in 2010, much appreciated by me! Ta for the chuckles x

Tyrah on 24th of December 2010

i wrote you a letter when i saw you at the o2 a few weeks back but i think the mean man at the desk wouldnt have passed it to you. i like to think he did :) have a great xmas. love you! x

Ukulele Kris on 24th of December 2010

Reason’s Greetings, Tim! Have a good’un

Polly Clark on 24th of December 2010

I wanna see Matilda – have heard great things about it! Get well soon chap xx

bernie on 24th of December 2010

” My daughter has the flu too – I’d better go stick some drugs in her face.” EPIC.

J on 24th of December 2010

Merry Christmas :D

You are GENIUS!^^
Hugs from Norway<3

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