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UPDATE: For those watching the ABC2 broadcast, the audio problem in the first half was caused by the delayed ABC transmission. The second half is being broadcast live and there’ll be no problems. Linzy x

This is starting off as a reminder for you lucky Australians. Tim will be on your televisions tomorrow night at 8:30pm, with the Sydney Symphony, performing his latest show live from the Sydney Opera House! Mind you, he will only be on your television if you’re tuned into ABC2 so make sure that you are! And in case you missed it, we did a post about this, with a few more details in, here.

And as if you Aussies weren’t lucky enough, afterwards, ABC2 will be showing Rhian Skirving’s doco, Rock n Roll Nerd, about Tim’s rise from obscurity. Should be interesting to compare and contrast the two!

Oh, and Tim would really appreciate it if you could refrain from uploading clips from the live broadcast to YouTube etc as it goes against the spirit of watching this unique event, and also, you may have seen Tim recently tweet, “comedy = surprise,” so clips up whilst he is still touring the show can ruin that factor for those yet to see it.

Besides which, the double CD that was recorded in Manchester, with all the songs from the show on it, will be unleashed in a few days, both here and on iTunes. Oh, and there should be a DVD due by the end of the year too.

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Lynda on 12th of April 2011

Fantastic Sydney show!

nic green on 3rd of April 2011

can’t wait for the DVD…. Tim is awesome…

Mel on 29th of March 2011

What is it about Tim that makes him so freakin’ attractive. The intelligence, witty comments, down to earth…….love you Tim!

Chick on 28th of March 2011

Just checked my program guide via the TV and ABC2 have scheduled a repeat showing for this Sunday 3 April at 8.30pm! Yay!

SammySatine on 28th of March 2011


Glad the ABC got their act together to broadcast it as it should have been to us in Perth, apart from the missing song ‘The Fence’. Still, no need to apologize Tim, not your fault. I have many words to describe how annoyed I am about the whole broadcasting problem but I cannot use them here.

Take care and be back with us sooner rather than later. Much love and hugs.



Neil Hutchison (ginger) on 28th of March 2011

dissappointed the show is not on iview as we were sitting behind Tim and wanted to watch the show from the front when we got home.

davidetal on 28th of March 2011

Never would I be tempted to steal from a comic musical philosophical genius, nor ruin my experience of him via youtube previews. Hope and trust the rest of the world feels the same.

WKG on 28th of March 2011

Please consider a concert date in Portland, Oregon.

We have many wonderful venues available, fine aged Tillamook cheddar, and Johnny Marr.

Anthony on 28th of March 2011

Never heard of Tim before the broadcast, due to living under a rock for six years, and I only discovered him after wrestling the remote off the sleeping wife, and caught the last 40 mins of the Sydney concert,

Love to see the first part. Nice work

Looking forward to the DVD, so get it together for mainstream.

Louise on 28th of March 2011

Hi – can Tim’s managment work with ABC2 to arrange another screening of the concert. Please????

julia on 28th of March 2011

Never Mind Tim. Once the ABC2 gremlins pissed off it was GREAT! Shame we couldnt hear you in the first bit…. thanks For “white wine in the Sun” ……..ALWAYS MY FAVE….
continued success, buddy.

Michelle from Ballarat on 28th of March 2011

The broadcast last night was absolutely brilliant! Everything I saw and heard was rivetting. You’re one fantastic entertainer Tim. Your song about Mother Fuckers was gutsy, awesome and oh so true!
Keep up the fantastic work,

jewels on 28th of March 2011

Absolutely Amazing show last night – and I came across it by accident! the audio turned me off during the 1st half … ABC2 hopefully we’ll get a re-play? Tim the show you put on was so entertaining, fun, original and witty, you’re truly talented … as well as relaying some great messages for our times!!!
looking forward to the DVD! : ) xx

William Cross on 28th of March 2011

I am truly upset.

Fantastic performer ruined by a shit ABC2 broadcast. I have no other words but to say that I am completely devostated by this.

Fiona Williams on 27th of March 2011

Is the ABC going to rebroadcast after that fuck up last night? I hope so – I really wanted to see AND HEAR it as I played violin in the Brisbane show last week!! (Hi Tim, “nice frames”!)

matthew on 27th of March 2011

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaate…..that was extraordinary!
Duckin brilliant!
And a hell of a lot of fun.!
Thank You

Chris Cassidy on 27th of March 2011

I had never heard of Tim Minchin until last nightand what drew me to watch the program was the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, however, I was totally blown away with the whole show and thought the obscure Mr Minchin extremely clever, outrageous and a fantastic showman. B

Samantha B on 27th of March 2011

I was waiting for that DVD announcement. Thank you website fairies & thank you Tim (of course.) :]

Helen Sumner on 27th of March 2011

Tim, great show.. ABC2 have a lot to answer for, but over here in Perth it was all fine..Except the one missing song, which happened to be my favorite :(… But all over, truly awesome and you should be very proud.. Take a break soon, we need to see you back here fresh in the not to distant future.. xxx

Corey on 27th of March 2011

Well done mate. Just watched the show on abc2. You are a credit to Australia and humankind.

Gib on 27th of March 2011

There were no problems with audio on the perth broadcast, but they jumped straight from Tim introducing “The Fence”, to him walking back on stage to perform “Prejudice”. They didn’t show him singing “The Fence” and didn’t stop for the intermission.

What happened to “The Fence” ??? Did they show that over East ?

DaveB on 27th of March 2011

There was talk of the upcoming Albert Hall shows being videod for release – anyone know if this is true? If so what a venue for a live DVD

Gabbi on 27th of March 2011

I LOVE YOU TIM! I saw your Saturday show in Sydney and it was A-MA-ZING! U truly are f***ing rock and your Beauty song brought me to tears :’) keep on writing your effing awesome music…
(oh and by the way, abc2? NOT COOL! >.<)

Anita on 27th of March 2011

Although the first half of tonight’s show was a tad challenging (GO ABC 2….), Tim we still think you are amazing, it was too long between Adelaide shows, look forward to seeing you again soon.

Phyllis Foundis on 27th of March 2011

You don’t think ‘beauty’ visits your art much??! I beg to differ lovely Tim. Beauty can’t get enough of you – and neither can we. Fabulous, gorgeous, uber-talented!!! Congratulations. Px

nvjustice on 27th of March 2011

OK – I won’t call you “Ginger” if I don’t get called “Aussie”. But really brilliant show…no, really f#%ÔéČing brilliant show!

Tim on 27th of March 2011

Love it!! Well done Tim, Sydney Symphony plus Linzy and all Tim’s Team. You Rock, Cheers Tim and All the Musicoz Team

julia on 27th of March 2011

such musicianship and original wit. rare tv.

Alex on 27th of March 2011

I love the drummer lol.

callum on 27th of March 2011

Shameful ABC… How did no one notice? Having a nap at work???

tarl on 27th of March 2011

How can TV station ‘professionals’ mess up audio this badly in 2011? Come on ABC the budget cuts can’t be that bad?!

bill E on 27th of March 2011

boo to abc2! the first half goes for what like 1.25 hrs? I demand a replay next weekend! Or when its satisfactory to me. PS. Saw you in Brisbane Tim. You were great. Sorry the ABC trolls obviously need to go the school…. or drink less

Scott on 27th of March 2011

Can it be like the afl grand final and do it all again next week. Abc stuffed it. Should of been sbs. Or at least abc1. Kind of glad o missed it now . Second half seems great but lost it during first half so only flipping back to see how it’s going. Definayely not “winning”

Phil on 27th of March 2011

After losing the first hour the feed has finally been fixed.

julia on 27th of March 2011

wot a fuckin disaster . tech problems unresolved for so long even the most hardcore fans could not endure! is this due to ABC or Operahouse? i dont recall any such fuckups at kerry packers funeral.

Alex on 27th of March 2011

Wow that was so frustrating. Way to ruin my life ABC.. lol jk. A ship huh?

Chick on 27th of March 2011

No chance of anyone uploading clips. The ABC who are usually so great with simulcasts have absolutely stuffed this up. Glaring interference almost blowing the TV speakers out, then double audio – one being the audio we’re meant to hear, and one being a 30 minute delayed repeat of what we’ve just heard. 45 mins in and the ABC have finally given up taken the broadcast off the air. They’re now playing the Australian Ready for This? dvd. I feel so sorry for Tim. A wonderful showcast opportunity squandered by “Aunty”. Of all the special broadcasts they could have ruined, why did it have to be Tim’s?

louise on 27th of March 2011

Such a shame abc stuffed up. Melbourne show was amazing as ever, now its what I already have on DVD ‘r u ready 4 this?’ Hope the new show
dvd is out soon!!!

CJC on 27th of March 2011

Dissapointing ABC totally stuffed up Audio. Hopefully they will telecast and get it right…

Mick on 27th of March 2011

It is a shame that the ABC can stuff the audio up so badly. It sounds like the live feed is coming over the top of a delayed video feed.
Saw the show last night, it was awsome

Emily on 27th of March 2011


mas528 on 26th of March 2011

If I had my way, every show would be recorded and be available for purchase.

First, fans want to savor (thanks for the word in the earlier comments) the show.

Second, unless Tim is an automaton, every show will be subtly different, and I love those differences.
I was saddened that the talk had been excised from the CD, but maybe not on the DVD?

Linzy on 26th of March 2011

For those in America who are only able to see Tim via YouTube, I wouldn’t worry about not being able to see stuff. As mentioned, there’ll be a DVD of this tour out, which will inevitably be put on YouTube in however many parts; it always is.

This is not what the concern is about; it’s more the idea that putting stuff up online before the tour over will spoil the live show for those who are fortunate enough to be able to see it, as explained, so essentially, this will only be a temporary thing, fear not.

a huge fan on 26th of March 2011

Can you either release another live DVD after the tour or schedule more dates and cities in the US?? Tim has tons of fans all over and many of us can’t get to or can’t afford to get to NYC or Boston. While we do understand not uploading to You Tube, did you ever consider the fact that is the only way many of us even get to see his performances at all???

Stiks on 26th of March 2011

Will be interesting to see if the show is screened on iView (ABC’s online viewing) for watching from the next day….

Doug Coplen on 26th of March 2011

Can I watch it on line here in the us??
You Aussies are so lucky!!
Can not wait for the dvd!

Val on 26th of March 2011

I feel a bit odd beeing a fan . I’m nearly 70 but I just can’t wait for the show tomorrow night. first saw him on Spicks And Specks and have loved him ever since.

Charlie on 26th of March 2011

Any way to see the Sydney show outside Australia? I’m in Canada at the moment and am disappointed to miss it!

louise on 26th of March 2011

DVD, excellent news, hope it has all the talky bits left in!

Helen Sumner on 26th of March 2011

DVD !!! yay, this makes for one happy Aussie… Your awesome Tim ..xx

Rachel on 26th of March 2011

I can’t wait for the Manchester cd to come out! That was the show we went to see and it was fab! Hope the DVD will be from Manchester too but it will probably be from the O2… Just wish I could relive Alcoholic Ginger and Manchester’s own lighting system ;)

Jenny on 26th of March 2011

The Cd’s brother ,the DVD. Yes?

Sue on 26th of March 2011

I hope the LOU on 26th march is not my daughter as her name is LOUISE!

Sue on 26th of March 2011

DVD….. Yippee will most certainly be going out to buy it. Will be watching you on ABC 2 on Sunday…….with a glass of white wine, but no sun, because it will be dark in Perth by then.

Adrian on 26th of March 2011

Saw Him (he’ll get it) last night and the show was brilliant. I ordered the CD from the UK a few months ago and therefore had some idea of what to expect. Although I had heard the new songs and the set from the CD recorded in the UK, it was still the best show I have ever seen. At the Sydney Opera House of all places and the Symphony Orchestra was beyond belief. Thanks you to Tim Obvoiusly, but to all the musicians…..a wonderful night that wont be forgotten.

Lou on 26th of March 2011

DVD you say? That makes me very happy :)

Darren Thomas on 26th of March 2011

Did i miss the bit about his brother

Pip on 26th of March 2011

His brother? -x-

Jen on 26th of March 2011

Can’t wait to relive it again – will be nice to savour it again now I’ve had the suprise of the live show (having kept myself ‘nice’ for that by avoiding spoilers) – I hope Tim plays White Wine… cos I’m pretty sure he’ll light up the switchboard of the ABC like a Xmas tree. :)

Casper on 26th of March 2011

already pre-ordered the CD, preview souds awesome

Emma on 26th of March 2011

DVD news = exciting. That is all.

Peter Veitch on 26th of March 2011

cool, just shared a YouTube link to storm , in fairness I told them i bought ( happily 2 DVD’s .. white wine in the sun does it for me and dark side is great also.. storm, simply brilliant.. and yes I did see the abc show last December in aussie but bought the DVD anyway for repeat performances..

Kelly alum on 26th of March 2011

Lucky Aussies !! Although I am very much looking forward to the DVD I have the o2 cd and have played it too death !! ;):)

Charlieeeeee on 26th of March 2011

Oooooooh! Where was the DVD recorded? In the UK? So excited if it was the O2… *pulls hopeful face* x

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