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Fancy spending a portion of your weekend with Tim? Well if you’re in the UK or Australia, then you can!

Tonight, 16th December, in the UK, Tim will be appearing on The Jo Whiley Music Show on Sky Arts at 10pm, alongside Annie Lennox and Aloe Blacc, with The Kills providing the music. It’ll be repeated on Saturday, 17th December at 10am and 6pm, and then again on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so the only excuse you’ve got for not tuning in is not subscribing to Sky Arts.

Tomorrow, 17th December, in Australia, at 9:10pm, ABC 1 will be broadcasting the glitch-free version of Tim Minchin vs SSO that was aired earlier in the year. This recording of the show won’t be coming out on DVD, so if you want a copy of this, make sure you’ve got a recording device handy (but please don’t upload it to YouTube, etc.) so you can watch it again and again.

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Matt on 30th of December 2011

Bugger, I want a copy!

Cassie on 25th of December 2011

I am very disappointed this is not coming out on DVD – in fact I was searching for it ….
I was at the show the night before the recording, watched the glitchy show, then recently watched the glitch-free show a week later, and on the 17th Dec re-loved it all over again!!
Plllllllllllllllleassssssssssssssssse put this one out on DVD!!

Casey B on 22nd of December 2011

Yeah, saw this version, and it was great, but after a while I really missed the bit where it starts playing over itself after twenty minutes. When’s the glitchy version coming out? Why must people remaster everything when the original version is always best?

Len Bauer on 20th of December 2011

Following the end of the show it was announced it was available on DVD from ABC shops and agencies. A check by Dymocks of the ABC Shop failed to find it listed. What is the go – need it desperately. Only came across the TV show by accident and only got 25 minutes recorded. Best 25 minutes ever.

carole on 19th of December 2011

boohoo no DVD!

Allan on 18th of December 2011

I loved the show on ABC1 last night…you MUST arrange for it to be released on DVD…please

Donna Girling on 18th of December 2011

We’re from the UK & saw the SSo performance whilst staying in Cairns last night, having just flown in from Sydney & seen the Opera House, would have loved to have been at the concert. Brilliant Tim! We also saw you last December in Birmingham (UK).

PierOz on 17th of December 2011

oh f*k…I didn’t record it…but the voice said afterwards ‘you can find this show on dvd at ABC shop blah blah…grrr too bad. Loved the show though well done Tim.

Heather, Denmark WA on 17th of December 2011

Just watched you and the SSO . . . brilliant! Thank you so much for your talent.

Rachel on 17th of December 2011

Is there really no DVD? At the end of the program, they announced Tim Minchin vs SSO was available on DVD at ABC shops!

peter on 17th of December 2011

Loved it. Thanks Tim :)

June Godfree on 17th of December 2011

My God you are fucking fantastic! just lovin’ the show ‘Tim Minchin vs SSO’. I’m watching it right now… luv ya! too bloody clever… yea

Jane on 17th of December 2011

Watching Tim and SSO on ABC and loving the show. Laughed myself stupid with Sam from Dandednong. When are you coming back to Melbourne?

Laura! on 16th of December 2011

:D Yaaaaaaaaaay watching right now.. just in time what brilliant timing! delighted! :D <3 <3

Ola L on 16th of December 2011

I’m not from UK and Australia but i must watch it! what can do?

Linda on 16th of December 2011

I’m in the Uk but don’t have Sky. YouTube would be a great alternative!

T J Williams on 16th of December 2011

Tim fans are surely obsessive enough to follow the Louis CK method for distribution of at least extra content (he has a one hour show DLable for $5 via PayPal). I wonder if Tim can clear the rights with the other organisations and make a more global opportunity for the fans (pleasepleaseplease)?

Richard on 16th of December 2011

I saw Tim perform this show live at the Sydney Opera House. It is a stunning show, not to be missed.

So fill your refrigerator with beer and frozen pizza, and take the phone off the hook (do young people understand that expression any more?) for the best television you will ever watch.

Zilia Pritchard on 16th of December 2011

I don’t have Sky Arts, excuse me please :{

Rhys Lloyd on 16th of December 2011

I do hope it will be on ABC iView as I have important commitments to attend tomorrow!

Jennifer Hartrick on 16th of December 2011

Woo Hoo!!!!!!! Can’t wait……………..::)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.