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After casting Tim as Judas in the UK arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, is launching the search for Tim’s nemesis, Jesus, with his new TV casting show, Superstar!

Auditions have taken place across the country in London, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff. Melanie C and Jason Donovan joined Andrew during the early stages of the talent search and assisted as contender numbers were whittled down to the final ten who will go through to the live shows for you, the public, to decide who will play the key role of Jesus.

If you want to tune in see who Tim might be betraying this autumn, here are the broadcast details for the first three shows:

Episode 1
Saturday, 7th July, 7:25pm

Episode 2
Sunday, 8th July, 8pm

Episode 3
Saturday, 14th July, 8pm

Also, if you fancy being in the audience at one of the live shows, you can apply for free tickets from Lost in TV.

Full details of the tour can be found on the gigs page.

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Monica on 16th of July 2012

I have always wanted to watch the movie.. I own the vinyl and great soundtrack I must say. I saw this post and it convinced me I had to watch it immediately. I’m 10 minutes in and it is amazing! I would so love to see Tim’s version as I’m sure it will be a million times even more amazing!

Jason on 7th of July 2012

Ask Sam and his Mum, they’ve already found Jesus.

doob on 6th of July 2012

In that search for Cheeses (or Jesus as you call him), would it be possible to make the time to find even one pair of notes that ALW has not nicked from elsewhere?

Egmont Ouerveture on 6th of July 2012

You can find him up on a pole, somewhere in the Middle East, AFAIK.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.