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All you lucky Americans are probably already watching Tim’s TV acting debut, as the flamboyant and hilarious rock star Atticus Fetch, in Season 6 of Californication on Showtime. (You can check out the details here if you missed that particularly exciting announcement – they’ve only just aired episode two and Tim’s in ten of them, so plenty of time to catch up).

Showtime clearly want to showcase Tim’s real life rockstar-iness too and so they’ll be screening the spectacular Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra Live At The Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 19th February at 11:00pm ET/PT.

Here’s the Showtime trailer all about Tim…I mean Atticus… I mean Tim…I mean… Here’s a trailer:

The show has had to be edited quite heavily for the slot BUT plans are already afoot to release the DVD of the full show in the USA and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available.

This link will take anyone who fancies it to a blog from way back in November 2011, where Tim, his band members and the producer of the Heritage Orchestra talk about the orchestra show.

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André on 22nd of October 2013

Please please please!
Bitte, s’il te plait, please
do a full cover of shining light! I m getting tired of seeeing the whole speech in the beginning on youtube to hear your awesome interpreation!

A. on 21st of February 2013

I think you should make full cover of Shine a light. I’m a great fan of Rolling Stones, but I have also a feeling that your cover could be so much better. Great work!

Remco on 11th of February 2013

Ohh please bring a cover of Shine a Light!!
What a perfect song for you! I loving it!

Frenchy guy on 5th of February 2013

Full version of your cover “Shine à light” ! Please ! Just Watch the episode 3, you just stunned me !

Hockeymumm on 4th of February 2013

Great job you have to record shine a light…release it on itunes. It was so good.

Emma Dingle on 3rd of February 2013

Just seen a couple of clips online, this bypasses MAS and goes straight to LMFAO.

Congrats to that man.

Dude on 31st of January 2013

please sing full version cover of Rolling Stones – Shine a light

Fan on 29th of January 2013

please sing full version cover of Rolling Stones “shine a light” U did awesome job !

mark on 26th of January 2013

Just saw you in season 6. Great performance. I’ve been a fan ever since I saw you at the Reason Rally.

Simon McGrath on 23rd of January 2013

They will be mesmerized by his wit and brilliance.
He’s a comic genius. Some what of a rarity in the USA.

StephanieV on 23rd of January 2013

Slightly slutty role….LMAO. Love this trailer but why the censorship?

StephanieV on 23rd of January 2013

That is freaking awesome! Go Tim! Grab America by the balls. Don’t worry, we love it. So glad my hubby and I flew up to see you in NY at the Gramercy Theater. I knew it would be the best possible time to meet you as you had not yet hit big over here. You exceeded my expectation by hanging out and talking to every individual person who waited to meet you. That was amazingly cool. I have never cared to meet a “celebrity” before and I was quite surprised by getting all starstruck like I did. (I was the almost 40 year old fool in the front row with the ridiculous chipmunk cheek smile you commented on in the Tony the Fish shirt, if that rings a bell) Since I acted like a 12 year old meeting Justin Beiber and didn’t get to say any of the things I wanted to, I just want to tell you that you are a truly beautiful person. You are so talented in so many ways. And you are making the world a better place by being in it. Comedy is a great way to seed doubt in the minds of those who are content to be sheep. It’s a sneaky way around the defense system of denial that people use to keep their fairy tales real. That is a commendable thing to do and a real contribution to humanity. George Carlin opened my eyes wide to the doubts and suspicions about religion I had for as far back as I can remember in childhood . Once one sees reality it can not be unseen. When you really break out in America you will have the entire world as your stage and you have some very important things to say. Thank you for making me laugh and cry and see that I am not alone in a world that so often seems dominated by ignorance. You are a gift.

Lori on 22nd of January 2013

Tim was absolutely brilliant in the season opener! I also loved the 2 minute Showtime Podcast all about Tim’s character!! Now I can’t wait for the February screening of Royal Albert Hall concert. Woohoo!

Liz in Oz on 22nd of January 2013

We had the same show in Sydney, broadcast live from the Sydney Opera House. Both our own recording of that show and the DVD of the Heritage Orchestra, are absolute favourites in our house (along with ALL of Tim’s other DVD’s, including JC Superstar). I have read that the American broadcast will be chopped and censored. WHY, WHY, WHY??? If my conservative mother in her 80’s can thoroughly enjoy this performance, why chop it up and spoil it for Americans. Are their sensibilities really so delicate?! I just hope the DVD in its beautiful entirety becomes available for them.

Charlotte on 22nd of January 2013

“Erica Sowter on 22nd of January 2013
Tim Minchin + David Duchovny..
Fangirl mind = blown”

Erica, you’re so right!

So excited for Tim but hope he does more UK stuff soon! I got the blu-ray of Jesus Christ Superstar for Christmas and love love LOVE his Judas – I think I watched it three times in a week… xx

Gus DeLaCruz on 22nd of January 2013

I’m so glad to see Tim finally getting more recognition in the states. I was lucky enough to see him in a small theater a few years back in Dallas. I think maybe 500 people. I told my wife, enjoy this because we’re never going to see him in such a small venue again.

Brit on 22nd of January 2013

Congratulations :) I have never had a desire to watch that show, but that looks pretty cool. And last, but not least:
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Erica Sowter on 22nd of January 2013

Tim Minchin + David Duchovny..

Fangirl mind = blown

Helena on 22nd of January 2013

What an excellent, superb Trailer!!!

Lisa on 22nd of January 2013

If you have not got a little of The Minchin in your life….You’re depriving your self of a comedy musical…or is it a musical comedy(?) genious!! I have introduced Tim to nearly every one I know and their lives are better for it!!!

baby cat on 22nd of January 2013


Theresa Yowell on 22nd of January 2013

Never seen so much talent rolled up into one red hairball! LOL!
No, seriously……….enjoy and respect all Tim has to offer.
Keep it comin’. ; )

Rebecca Blair on 22nd of January 2013

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of the loyal fans here in the U.S. have been waiting for so long

Matthew Stokes on 21st of January 2013

So proud of Tim doing the do in the US! Not totally sure on the angle they take with this advert, but its all good! GO TEAM TIM!

Bernie Glynn on 21st of January 2013

You are a superstar Mr. Minchin. Congratulations!

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