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Tim and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra reunited for a haunting performance of Neil Finn’s classic hit, Don’t Dream It’s Over for MND Australia. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s The Fading Symphony:

Please donate $5/£5/€5 at thefadingsymphony.com/donate and watch Tim and the orchestra heal and play on to a stunning hope filled crescendo! (Following donation, you’ll be able to watch both parts over and over, if you wish – on the same device and browser).

Thank you! if you’ve donated and/or shared the video or this website: thefadingsymphony.com already. You’ve helped to raise awareness and funds: for research into finding a cure, to support people living with MND and for global projects fighting ALS/MND. Please continue, if you can. There will be a full update in the new year.

There are more details about the campaign and behind the scenes footage and interviews here and at thefadingsymphony.com.

Tim: “I love playing with the SSO, I have aways loved this song, and I loved this idea the minute it was presented to me. Music has the capacity to make us emotionally connect to stories like nothing else. Except, perhaps, silence.”

© Copyright Shirley Cai 2015

Photo © Copyright Shirley Cai 2015

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Stuart on 17th of February 2016

This country and world is run by evil bastards…..they need to be outed and well done Tim for starting the outing. Why should we be expected to genuflect to these defects, the clergy, judges, top ranking police, politicians, and others at the top of the food chain are in control of pedophile rings and satanic sects which get their jollies on killing children. What fucking depraved bottom dwelling scum sucking filth they are. Pathetic cowards yes they are, but words can not describe people that are willing to sacrifice babies and small children to their perverse desires. We must out them and bring this charade to an end. Please view the testimony of Fiona Barnett.

glenn on 17th of February 2016

good form .be brave

Dave Grant on 17th of February 2016

Tim, this is very funny and highly entertaining but the lyrics are cutting and, for anyone who is religious (well Catholics anyway), probably highly insulting. I am not religious and I can only applaud you in the highest terms.
When you think of the suffering these victims have endured and are still enduring, I commend your efforts to do something for the cause and I am going to ‘do myself a favour’ and go to iTunes and buy a copy.
You are sincerely a talented man to be able to make something funny, serious, vicious, cutting and with a serious message at the same time.
All the best to you.

George Pell on 17th of February 2016

Loved the song Timmy -you are awesome

Andy Lovett on 11th of February 2016

Tim Minchin..
U are an amazing guy.. From the hockey field with modernians a few years back.. to now !! Wow !! what an inspiration you are.. Always a great guy.. So many people could learn from your compassion, willingness to listen, & just the way you are.. Keep up the awesome work.. Cheers Andy Lovett.

Anshuman on 16th of January 2016

Listened to this on new years eve.
Tim Minchin dude,you made my day

Christine on 15th of January 2016

So poignant and powerful. Thank you Tim and the orchestra for providing a glimpse into the devastation of the impact of this horrendous disease. Still so very sad about the loss of my father in July last year following diagnosis of MND only about 8 months prior.

claudia on 13th of January 2016

hi tim
big fan in china!!!!!
looking forward your show in china!!!
please come!!!!


Ros on 6th of January 2016

Listened to this again on New Year’s Eve and made small donation. I had a warm feel good feeling listening to Tim and knowing that money will be raised to help find a cure for MND.

Andrea Bishop on 30th of December 2015

Dammit, Tim. *sobs* *finds credit card*

Jill on 29th of December 2015

My mother died of motor neurone disease.. It was painful to watch her body fade away and yet her mind was so sharpe. When I watched this video I cried
It epitomised what it was like to see someone you loved die of such a hideous disease.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.