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Tim - Come Home (Cardinal Pell)

I do hope you enjoy my new song.

Proceeds from its sale will go into this fund: GoFundMe – Send Ballarat Survivors To Rome

You can buy it worldwide now from iTunes or Google Play and you can stream it on Apple Music or Spotify.

It will soon be up on various other digital music outlets.

It might be rather confusing for non-Australians. I’ll put some info below for yez.


Cardinal George Pell is the most powerful dude in the Catholic Church of Australia. He’s currently working at the Vatican, but The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has demanded his presence in Australia.

But George has sent a doctor’s note saying he’s too unwell to fly.

The whole thing stinks to high hell, and many people in Australia are very, very angry…not least of all, the survivors in Ballarat, where abuse was sickeningly rife.

Pell was born and educated in Ballarat, and at one point actually lived with Gerry Ridsdale, one of the most prolific (and allegedly protected) paedophiles in Australian history. He has been accused of covering up the actions of others, and of sexually abusing a kid himself.

The church in Australia (like elsewhere in the world) knew of the actions of many of their priests, and rather than going to the police, shuffled them from diocese to diocese, facilitating their abuse rather than arresting.

The idea that Pell was unaware of the behaviour of Ridsdale (and others) is laughable to me.

Below are some links to more on this story. It’s all a bit nauseating.

Child abuse royal commission: Cardinal George Pell told priest that Gerald Ridsdale was ‘rooting boys again’, inquiry told (ABC News)

Push to fly victims to Rome grows (The Courier)

60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown digs deep into George Pell’s Melbourne Response (news.com.au)

Sharon Knight MP slams Cardinal George Pell in parliament (The Courier)

UPDATE: There’s a follow up statement here.

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Jane on 27th of January 2020

Congratulations on your AM award. I’m glad for Australia that you got it! It will help us to remember that we need to say with some larrikan humour. I’ve spent 20 years studying, writing, publishing on sex matters in the Church, including child sexual abuse, and it was never taken seriously. The bishops still won’t take your Come Home song seriously, but the reality is that Pell is in prison and the Church is f….d! May we get a bit of your spirit for the desert journey ahead and into being environmental citizens ready to say what it is with humour to carry the day.

Clara Connolly on 19th of February 2018

Great song! And partly thanks to you the bastard came home, and is facing a trial next month- for what he may have done, not just what he knew.

Well done, Tim!!

Lone Holst on 30th of June 2017

Thank you for the brilliant song on the tragic subject.
Your song was played this morning in danish radio news programme.
I tried to share on FB – unsuccessfully.
Big fan of yours

N_R_BAKER on 29th of June 2017

Congratulations, sir, for your courage and honesty, and the strength of your convictions. We in Canada, have had similar child abuse issues from the Catholic Church. I salute thee, profoundly, Mr. Minchin.

Benobi on 29th of June 2017

PELL FINALLY CHARGED – your theme tune really should be playing across Australia radio channels right now.


Luka Fox on 30th of August 2016

This is an amazing song Tim like all of your work, and as a New Zealander that explanation was really helpful.
Thanks Again
Luka Fox

Jon on 19th of May 2016

Nice one Tim – I’m a big fan and absolutely loved the song. Great work.

Greg Martin on 12th of May 2016

Wish I could put it all over my FB wall. Brilliant. Sadly we have our own share of dog collared kiddy fiddlers over here to. Should all be publicly tried.

Jess on 8th of May 2016

Love this song. You put into words what so many think. Pell and the rest are cowards and scum. I bought this song when it was released in feb and can’t stop listening and playing it for anyone who hasn’t heard it. Love the pope song too! Thank you for using your fame and the platform you have to bring much needed attention to truly disgusting cover ups. You’re a musical genius and I’m really proud you’re an Aussie. BTW congrats on your Logie win tonight, that’s what bought me to your site to have a look around and I couldn’t leave without listening to this song. I think it gets better every time I hear it.

Susan Barnett on 7th of April 2016

Wild, supportive fist pump in the air from the States, Tim. Thanks!

Robyn in nz on 18th of March 2016

Good on you tim, well done.
I played your video for a 18yrld victim of childhood sexual abuse. She was completely blown away by the song. Made her feel heaps better. Rx

Rowen Matthews on 15th of March 2016

Thank you Tim!

Katie Foster on 11th of March 2016

I SO support you, Tim!
It’s about fucking time this issue got some public attention. It goes on in schools, church groups, community groups – everywhere. Personally it’s totally screwed me over. I love your song!!

Brian on 8th of March 2016

This song, the award winning movie, Spotlight, global news reports of the Royal Commission and the massive interest from the public in many countries, is no coincidence Cardinal Pell, we all want to know what you knew. Tell the truth and take what’s coming to you.

Aeterno on 4th of March 2016

Very well done

Angela on 3rd of March 2016

Thank you Tim from another Northern Irish voice! Looks like every country in the world could take your song and substitute Cardinal Pell with the cardinal of their area
. As has been mentioned Cardinal Brady was ours!!
A mention and Thank You to Spotlight team on Boston Globe. Powerful film that everyone raised Catholic should go see .

Irish Calvin on 3rd of March 2016

Hello From Ireland! Lots of us here have been following developments with interest! Love the song and just wanted to thank you Tim! What you have done is amazing! We have had many inquires and investigations in recent years and will have many more! You could say the evil first surfaced here.
We had our own Pell, Cardinal Sean Brady! He spent his career protecting pedofiles, in particular, the vile rampant abuser Fr Brendan Smyth. Smyth abused hundreds of children during his time as a Priest! The Vatican rewarded Brady by promoting him to head honcho in Ireland!
A brave courageous Priest, Bruno Mulvilhill tried to blow the whistle on Smyth. Reporting him to the Papal Nuncio, the Norbitine Order and the Vatican from 1968. He wasn’t arrested until 1994! Fr Bruno was punished and ostracized! He died when his car run off the road in suspicious circumstances
The Catholic mafia cleared out his apartment immediately, taking all his documents on the sexual abuse of children by clerics!
The enablers, Pell, Brady, Law, Mahoney, Ratzinger and Bishop Robert Cunningham of Syracuse, who in court depositions accused a young boy of being Culpable and an Accomplice to his own abuse (2011 WTF) get cushy pensions and live in Palaces!
While whistle blowers like Fr Tom Doyle are sidelined or much worse!

Arnie Kaff on 28th of February 2016

Tim, I wrote to you here a little while ago about how the wonderful Come Home song affected my relationship with my mother, oh so brilliantly for the better. Just an update! I care for my mother four days a week. As mentioned, she’s razor sharp but a little frail at 87. I walked in to her house this week to find her setting the table and singing, “Come home Cardinal Pell, we know you’re not very well …”. Ah, it lifted my spirit no end. Sad, in a way, that she’s had such trouble over the years listening to my tales of abuse (two of the three situations only divulged since the RC commenced) and – even though I have five siblings – not one of them put their hand up to accompany me to the RC. Once it was over, no one asked about it. That will always hurt. So, I blabbed anyway. “Who went with you??” My mother asked. I was then berated for taking my dear buddy, an aethiest, with me who gave me two hours of unbelievable support. “Oh, Arnie! What must she think of the Catholic Church?” Well, that horse – for most of our THINKING population – had bolted yonks ago. It is truly a thing of beauty that I am soooooo much closer to my mother, and she with me. Who knew a gifted composer, singer and comedian would fix us for good? But, Tim, I’m am not enamoured with my mother’s new taste for bad language! She’s now copying me (such a lousy influence!) and is quite at home ditching the undeserved titular niceties, swapping them for my preferred reference “effing Pell”. When do we get to vote for Australian of the Year, coz you’re it! Xx

Mathew on 27th of February 2016

Up your Steve Price.

Mathew on 27th of February 2016

You have really shone a light within the issues with the biggest spotlight than anyone else who “tried”.
You have used your medium (of music) to show the issues held within society now a days and to back up my opinion of religion corrupting society.
On behalf of Australia thank you for all your spotlighting to the world on this issue.

Alana on 27th of February 2016

As an appreciator of your mental acuity, muscianship and creativity, I thank you for your generosity in support of all who have suffered so much for so long at the hands (and other bodily parts, minds, etc.) of those who they were taught should be trusted. Regardless (dare I suggest failure in a conviction for so many who have preyed on the innocent children) of the outcome, your words have resonated with and expressed the thoughts of many people. Most importantly, you have given the victims of the atrocities a sense of support and comfort. Thank you Tim..

Harriet Warlow-Shill on 25th of February 2016

Hi Tim, have you heard of Malka Leifer? I think she deserves a song also

Renee on 25th of February 2016

Don’t know if you fully realize it but America hears your songs too.

Your other song about this topic made me turn in my former best friend who I didn’t want to believe might be capable of this type of horribleness.

Don’t know if anything ever came of it but at least it’s possible to sleep at night.

Stephen Fry once said that telling the truth is probably one of the biggest ‘sins’ out there these days.

You’ve committed a bit of a radical act: Looking directly at the faces of these victims and saying ‘I see you. I hear you. We all hurt for you’. And you made it catchy. The musical Jon Stewart.

We need your voice, now more than ever.
Thank you for your giant heart and great big brain.

Kerry Lovell on 25th of February 2016

Letter-writing Catholics, that is

Kerry Lovell on 25th of February 2016

I’m sure God would forgive you Tim (pity He doesn’t exist). Perhaps you could write a song about the hypocrisy of Catholics whose God preached forgiveness. Lucky they haven’t heard “Thank You God”…

Amanda on 25th of February 2016

Tim, it’s not hard to see why you are a hero to so many. You certainly are held in the highest regard in this household for always standing up for what you believe in and for championing those who need your help. The current situation with Cardinal Pell and his obfuscation to date is just appalling. We are totally disgusted by it.
No one wants the man to die en route to Australia, but his credibility could be restored if an INDEPENDENT medical practitioner, appointed by the Commission, deemed his health too fragile to fly. Of course this is never going to happen. They protect their own and don’t give a toss about all the harm that has been done and continues to be done to the members of their ‘flock’.
Thank you so much for speaking up for the silent majority and for using your talents to highlight this thoroughly appalling situation. Cardinal Pell sits smug in his gilded cage. Too bad about the survivors and those who took their own lives because of the shocking treatment they received at the hands of the Catholic Church. Quite obviously Pell still doesn’t understand the enormity of what has happened – and probably never will. (He thinks God is on his side – it obviously hasn’t sunk in yet that God is actually Tim Minchin in a Santa Clause beard!).

Irene on 24th of February 2016

Hi Tim, you did a great thing, supporting the victims of abuse by the Catholic Curch. That is all that counts , no matter what some people say. You are a wonderful guy!

Jenny on 24th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.

ROGER EVANS on 24th of February 2016

Brilliant voice and theatre.

Loved the beard.

Scott J on 23rd of February 2016

As some who grew up in Ballarat and went to the schools in question, how the hell could Pell not know when 90% of the boys at the school heard the stories. Wake up George, if it was me I would want to come home even I’d I was on deaths door. I am sure Corrections Victoria have good medical staff in prison

Melissa on 22nd of February 2016

Hey Tim

Thankyou for your support for the victims.

This is why I do not believe in God when evil people like George claim to represent one

Meredith (Ballaratarian) on 22nd of February 2016

Good on you Tim! Your words cut deep to what has been needed to be heard loud and clear. By the way, I am sure there are many of us who would be very happy to crowdfund any law suit that you may occur. Right behind you and all survivors.

Skye (not the one who already commented) on 22nd of February 2016

Hey Tim. I’ve wished I could talk to you ever since I heard the Pope song. It’s an angry, sharp song, and it’s great, but this new one has a different feel.

I keep tweeting to you, hoping to catch your attention, just because I feel like I have to say things *and* *be* *heard* so the mental storm will quieten down. This song is so, so, so angry. It’s not as polished as the Pope song, it hasn’t gone through the same intellectual filter… it’s startlingly raw. So it seems to me.

The feeling of catharsis that brings is powerful. For you to stand up and spit out rage and be PISSED at the ones who let it happen… that’s like a salve on longstanding wounds. Can you imagine what that feels like? When emotionally it always feels like “it was my fault,” no matter what my head says, it’s massively comforting for someone else to take on the rage that I’m not strong enough to feel.

That’s what I’ve been trying to say. I don’t know if you ever see my messages on twitter, and I didn’t want to say this publically, but the need to be heard is driving me crazy. Maybe you’ll see this. (btw I’m not Australian, this was someone else’s doing, so maybe I’m not who your song was meant for, but I’d like to imagine there’s room for me)

Darryll M on 21st of February 2016

Well done Tim,

I quite understand the rage you feel on behalf of the survivors and think that is a valid reaction.
I was listening to Background Briefing on the Stolen Wages, which was a structural device used by the WA govt to assist with disempowering aborigines. Amazing! Swindle their wages from them over decades and they can’t look after their kids. Then, take their kids as they have no money to look after them, and put them onto stations for labour. And, the parents won’t have any money or political clout to fight back. Now, wait it out until that generation passes away so the gov doesn’t have to pay the Stolen Wages back.
I couldn’t help wishing that they had someone like you to help sing up a storm of angst for them!

Anne on 21st of February 2016

Good that you do this tim. And good to hear new music from you. Bought it from the play store

Bernard Van Harskamp on 21st of February 2016

I love the satire and the message with the song. Unfortunately this is not the only person or group to look at. However the Church and or religions need to come clean to practice what they truly preach. To follow a belief I need more than just an affliction of Christ but continued truth of facts rather than a diary of events.

Claire on 21st of February 2016

Thanks. Needed to be said

kat on 21st of February 2016

Come home and talk to us George

Steven on 20th of February 2016

Bob, was Muhammad part of a religion that was infiltrated by paedophiles and then did everything to ignore them or cover them up to protect their assets too?

Bob on 20th of February 2016

The commission has not “demanded his presence in Australia”. That is a lie. You forget that Pell has fronted the commission twice already.

Do a song about Muhammad tough guy – and now who is the coward?

Micky Hynes on 20th of February 2016

Well done Tim. I will be nominating you for Australian of the year 2017!! You deserve it. Thank you

hiMe on 20th of February 2016

I like your song so much! I just keep singing! You are so talented!

Mark on 20th of February 2016

This is fantastic! Musically brilliant! Thank you for putting yourself on the line legally to stand up for what is right.

Peter Keelback on 20th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.

I find it far to fortuitous that Cardinal Pell was made the inaugural and current Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy and that with his poor health, he cannot now return to answers questions about his role to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Peter Keelback of South Perth Western Australia

Lisa on 20th of February 2016

Hi Tim

Thank you so much for your ‘pell’ song. I’m a clinical psychologist and work with clients who have experienced sexual abuse. The line in your song re survivors shame and fear, is so true and I get teary each time I hear it. I hope your song gets more people talking and more action for survivors.

On a different note, thanks for coming to Perth last week. The concert was fabulous!

Denise Steele on 19th of February 2016

Thanks Tim. I love the fact that he would have listened to your song and if he does sue you we’ve got you covered. (unintentional pun). Well done.

JudithGaddy on 19th of February 2016

cosider ? collectively resigning your membership from the Holy Roman Catholic Church yes enmasse fillout and file the necessary paperwork how strong a message from Ballarat ? like the stars in your flag shine on purpose started in Ireland by sister soldier why not indeed

Esmee on 19th of February 2016

Tim is one of the most intelligent dudes out here. Love this new song!

Esther Levi on 19th of February 2016

Well this rallying of hate is unfortunate.

It’s much easier to tear down than it is to build bridges.

Judools on 19th of February 2016

I am a Christian and I love the song. Thanks for writing it and putting words to the frustration felt by so many.
Oh I also wanted to say that I really like your Pope song as well. I love the fact that you are outraged at the injustice that has happened and infuriated about the way it has been handled. Again thank you for putting a voice to the frustrations of so many. Including myself. It is truly a justified and needed reaction towards those who are now choosing to cover up the abuse. Thanks and God bless!

John on 19th of February 2016

Thanks. The bastard deserves it.

Peter Thorburn on 19th of February 2016

I struggled for ten minutes before realising all that was needed to be said was ‘Thanks’. Great work, Tim.

Trav from frankston 3199 on 19th of February 2016

I hope, anyone here that has made the effort to support pell or put down this song, has made more effort to be outraged at sexual crimes against kids.
P.S- Come at me bro.
P.S- get fucked.

Kate on 19th of February 2016

Song and message wonderful! Thank you Tim. We all need to do what we can to stamp out this scourge. It’s so good that you, with your profile and entertainment skills, have contributed so the message has such a wide reach.

Arnie Kaff on 19th of February 2016

Tim, of course, I seem to have always known your name, but … Now I know rather more about you. I’m a survivor of Catholic clergy. Twice over. Thrice, if you add a twisted, sadistic nun who bullied, pilloried and taunted me right through high school – yeah, the best days. So, you are my new bestie.

My mother was a nun for a little while, and my dad seriously considered the priesthood (oh-so obviously before the six of us came along …). So, to say I come from dyed-in-the-wool left-footer stock would be mild. Very.

I’ve had a few serious words with my mum and late dad since the day the RC kicked-off. HurrayI A bloody miracle if ever there was one! I jumped in before the parents sprang to the default church defence with: “I’m telling my stories soon. Just waiting for a time with a commissioner.”

I got a long, excruciating silence, then – in response to my stares: “Did your hear that, love? She’s going to the royal commission.” “Uggghhh!”. So it’s been slow and steady over the years. I probably sound selfish, but my parents are highly intelligent people and it pains me to see them so badly and callously duped. It’s not been fun pulling the blinkers off my mother’s eyes. Oh, and I am 55. Yes, I am. So the change has been a lifetime coming for both of us; and strangely intensified since Dad died before Christmas. Mum’s 87 and razor sharp. Telling her about what happened to me was no picnic. I met with a barrage of dogma and lectures and overweening disappointment (ouch) for a long, long time. And I have shocked her to the core with the occasional excerpt from the new book by an Italian journo (blank …) who had access to boxes of leaked, highly confidential, Vatican financial information, plus, plus, plus. The book is called Merchants in the Temple, and it’s a riveting read. Laid bare in detail are the despicable, criminal and money-grabbing behaviours among the highest echelons of the Vatican; well Dan Brown could never hold a candle to this stuff. The whole POINT of the vignette being: Ma giggled like a little kid – unprovoked! – when she heard The Pope Song and demanded it on repeat. Tim, moments earlier I was slapped and generally shunned and grumbled about for referring to His Eminence as ‘effing Pell” (who knew she was seated behind the effing door?) You achieved cut through with the dear old duck in minutes, where I’d failed over a little bit longer. Did Jesus – not these imposters – drive you to single out my mother? Are you like Kim Russo? Thank you. It’ll never be enough.

Anyway, raving now – because, once you’ve found your voice (thank you, Julia Gilliard, the RC Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and my new BFF), you just can’t seem to shut up. Sending a messy hug. X

Sharon on 19th of February 2016

well done … Well done. I love your song for Cardinal Pell….but do you think you could right a song to stop the Australian government from selling out farms to China cause then we won’t have any food? You are a strong voice…..a very strong voice…you are like the bob Dylan than can actually sing……can you and Dick Smith and I donno Jacqui Lambe or someone like that get together to save our souls from the Chinese invasion of our land and our future food source…..no pressure….xxx

Sharon on 19th of February 2016

You are amazingly witty, incredibly smart, and more than that your an absolute joy to listen to, thank you for all the work that you do on many different subjects but I thank you on behalf of the victims of the Catholic Church of Australia for standing up for them. I read some of the comments from those of the Catholic belief against you and others that believe in what you are trying to say…,apparently according to Catholic belief. we are only alive for a short time and God will get us backing the after.ife for being pissed off at him………sounds great…no wonder I do t prescribe to their values of fire and damnation…fuck that ! apparently life is too short….if only those Catholic soles could see the double standards of themselves….thank you so much for helping the victims…and you are right Georgie is a grub….you know what they should do…look at the priests that left the faith in the last 5-10 years and go ask them why they left….if they can’t get Georgie to talk maybe one of them will…I know at least 2 that left in their 50s with no money or prospects..they said they left because they did not want to die alone without love….how does that work with god as the omnipotent saviour and true love..these guys know something.
..they had to have had a reasonto leave one of them actually worked under Georgie but not in Ballarat….Georgie is scum….thank you for standing up for those without a voice…and well done … Well done….there are many evils in this life of humans..we can be fundamentally evil but there is no worse evil than to take away pride or hope from a child by sexual, physical or mental abuse…PS I also feel the same way about the abuse of animals just so I dont mistakenly talk myself up….thank you Mr Minchin… Well done

gcat on 19th of February 2016

Margaret dear- I in turn recommend you see the movie Spotlight from a Boston girl who knows how corrupt the church is worldwide

gcat on 19th of February 2016

I for one, am proud of you. Pell’s allies are coming out of the woodwork to give articles of their own. As best stated in your pope song, if people find the song more offensive than the possibility that the pope (*and others) protected priests when they were getting fiddly, then they are just as morally misguided as the bigot in the stupid effing hat.

Alli on 19th of February 2016

Is there more that I can donate somewhere else?
Tim – continue to be your courageous self on behalf of those who cannot get the words out

Rose on 19th of February 2016

Many thanks Tim. And to the survivors of the horrendous and cruel abuse perpetrated by the devious creeps, I deeply and sincerely hope you find at least some release from your suffering as these evil perps are finally exposed.

Bravo Tim. And love and support to the courageous survivors!

Margaret on 19th of February 2016

Disappointed Tim. Recommend you read Jack the Insider’s article in The Australian published today (19 Feb) online.

Ursula on 19th of February 2016

Hey. It would be good if the deaf and hearing impaired could participate in this discussion with some captions/subtitles available on the song, Please.

Louise on 19th of February 2016

I grew up as a Catholic kid in a diocese that had one of the most prolific serial child rapist priests in the country. Luckily my family had moved 10 blocks east by the time I came to school age and walking to the local primary school was much quicker and closer than walking to the local Catholic school (we didn’t have a car).

My friend’s family was not so lucky. Living closer to the church school, their kids went there. They didn’t find out until their son was nearly an adult that he had been sexually abused for years by this priest, putting his “bad behaviour” as a teenager, uncontrolled outbursts, and eventual drug use down to “character issues” in the meantime.

For him, and for all the other children who were abused and raped by “men of the cloth” all over the country, I have bought this song and will pass it on by every means at my disposal. If you think of the term, “sociopathic lack of empathy”, you will understand where I am coming from.

Thank you, Tim Minchin, I’m a long-time fan of your work and I agree with every word you say in both this and “The Pope Song”. Everyone who is complicit in covering up a crime is complicit in the crime itself. And all of these people should receive the appropriate jail terms for child sex offences.

On a different note, my mother left Catholicism and the parish she had belonged to for over 20 years when the priest refused the right to have a service and burial for my sister because of the manner of her death (suicide).

Child sexual abuse and rape happening in the parish hierarchy? Look the other way.

Suicide in the parish? We don’t allow that sort of thing to darken the door of OUR church.

Chris on 19th of February 2016

Love it so witty and cleverly written and sung! Love the music too, so good.
The coverups of child sexual abuse is rife in Australia and all over the world its time we woke up!
Your song is just the thing to do it
Well done you are a brave man.

Mark from Perth on 19th of February 2016

This song is aligned with the view of the “silent majority” who are not Catholic zealots or victims of abuse , just everyday people shocked by abhorrent acts perpetrated / systemically protected by people who should now be accountable. Whilst acknowledging the catholic church has done a lot of good things over the years they are “misreading the play” on this one.

As an aside I understand, but strongly disagree with the criticism levelled at the song but free speech is why we can hear the song in the first place. I’d prefer 50 comments hating the song (and the accompanying responses) to censorship.

Connor on 19th of February 2016

Well done Tim i think you have made us all happy and you have raised my awareness to the matter of Cardinal George Pell, I am an Austrailian citizen 16 years old and now i know of the matter in detail. I love all your work especially your performance named ‘Storm’, my friend named Tom is a Ginger and he loves all of your work especially prejudice.

Though i could not support your cause with my own money (sorry) i can most certainly raise awareness myself and play your song to my friends thankyou Tim you are a real hero.

brian on 19th of February 2016

Great 2 see brilliant but true as true can be.

JR on 19th of February 2016


Nobody believes you were a Tim Minchin fan prior to this song being released. Nor does anyone believe you had any of his CD’s to throw out!

You’re just saying that in a silly attempt to make some sort of point.
Perhaps If you were really a fan, you’d have heard of “The Pope Song”, which is far more offensive!

Nicole on 19th of February 2016

Well said Tim – sharp, witty & to the point.
To those of you who ever suffered under the ‘hands of God’ please know you are not alone.
If he tries to sue he’ll have to come back to Australia – will happily help in your defence fund if it ever came to that.

Teresa Eyre on 18th of February 2016

Tim, thank you so much for this song. I’m a Former Forgotten Australian (1970’s)so l’m well aware of the various forms of abuse suffered by victims (sexual, physical & mental) as l have met them personally & heard their truths. Many in this country are still unaware of this part of history, it’s no use trying to answer the supporters of George Pell here. l’d suggest they get a copy of the Senate Committee Report into Forgotten Australians, August 2004 and read all 411 pages about Forgotten Australians & the Lost Innocents (Former Child Migrants).
I will be buying your song, glad you wrote it as you did because l think it’s getting more attention that way and more likely to get the attention of younger generations too.

Free speech on 18th of February 2016

yeah! any one critical of Tim here should just “shut the f … up” cause that’s how free speech works!

Free speech can’t work if you can’t have the right to silence dissenting voices, if you don’t agree with Tim then , you know , don’t argue just ‘ shut the f… up ” and say it real loud so Tim get his rights to abuse people, he has the right under free speech. Pathetic

Lisa on 18th of February 2016

I love your work Tim … You know how to express what the rest of us struggle to find the COURAGE to say. I’ll contribute to any legal defence fund too!

The THOUSANDS of children whose lives were DESTROYED, SMASHED, DECIMATED by the profound BETRAYAL of TRUST by those PATHETIC BROKEN DAMAGED SUB HUMAN ROCK DWELLERS IN A FROCK charged with their care deserve the right to be heard … You do that so eloquently for them. Go you!


We’ve seen what the likes of your PROTECTIONIST CLOSED RANKS propaganda brings …the Destruction of children’s lives! SHAME!

Take your moral high ground and shove it … In the meantime … Go Tim!

Steb Fisher on 18th of February 2016

Simply brilliant! I loved all the rhymes of Pell and well and citadel and tell and bell and nell and . . . I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Hell. Delayed gratification. :)

Some might make mistake this song’s motive as anger and resentment, but there is a deep truth in this public shaming – it opens the way for him to return and ask for genuine forgiveness.

Rachel on 18th of February 2016

Well done. You are a brilliant guy. ???? Thankyou. ??

Jenny on 18th of February 2016

Hi Tim
There was a great article by Corinne Grant on the Abc opinion page talking about free speech. I know you ar justifiably angry but you are so clever with words that you don’t have to call people names to get your point across. To have the privilege of free speech means using it in an adult way. Imagine how truely wonderful your song would be then. We don’t like Alan Jones because he publicly shames and name calls. You don’t have to do that too to be funny and get your point across. You are so much cleverer than that. Also, what would a song be that spoke to the victims about how it isn’t their fault, they didn’t deserve it, they are important people and we want to support them to heal and feel loved? Like your Christmas song? I admire your talent so much, but be careful to use it with care. Aren’t we all told to count to 10 before responding to anger.

Pamela Nash on 18th of February 2016

Thank you for your courage and honesty in SHOUTING out the truth, especially for those of us who cannot yet find their Voice. Survivors everywhere acknowledge and appreciate your wonderful talent and ability to nail the truth, just as you have done many times before. I have shared ‘Come Home’ on via YouTube. I can’t stop playing it, and the melody keeps on in my head. I will purchase my own copy today. Your generosity in donating the sales of your song is an added layer of support for Victims and Survivors.

Syd on 18th of February 2016

Hi Tim,
I’m in awe of your talent, charity, and compassion. What a fantastic thing for you to do by writing and performing this song to help raise money for this cause.
Your a hero and a legend!!

Nic on 18th of February 2016

Phillip, the fact that you still hold Pell in high esteem is of grave concern to me and to any children in your near vicinity; yes, the fact you want to defend him makes you guilty by association in my eyes. . You are no better than Steve Price that defended this single cell organism who also defended Pell on tv, though I suspect that was to finally get someone intelligent to ring his radio show for rating purposes.

Tim; thank you, for speaking out and giving a global voice to not only the victims in Ballarat but the victims all over. I’ve purchased the song and am doing my best to send it as far around the globe as possible. I can only hope this will give more people the courage to come forward and expose their abusers.

Annie on 18th of February 2016

Philip – we would all love to express the criticism to Cardinal Pell’s face…but we can’t, because he’s in Vatican City. Which is the point of the song…

philip owen on 18th of February 2016

I was raised as a Catholic but left the church some thirty years ago.
Despite this I did some work for Cardinal Pell from 2001 to 2004.
There are some areas in which I feel that I could criticise him, but unlike you, I would do so his face and without the need of support of the clones in the ABC ‘progressive’s’ echo chamber.
I was also abused as a child but have never attempted to parade my victimhood nor to accuse people like George Pell.
listening to your self indulgent trashy song, I can say that by any standard I can conceive of one George Pell is worth fifty Tim Minchins.

Tiny on 18th of February 2016

Brilliant, what other words can describe what you have achieved.
I was abused but by a sibling, so no recourse, but those abused by trusted members of the church & community need to be accountable.
I will be there to support you if the Church, Pell or anyone wants to sue over this.
Best wishes

Anon on 18th of February 2016

Brilliant song, with a very catchy tune Tim!!! George Pell must be squirming like the pathetic and corrupt coward that he is.

Tayla Curran on 18th of February 2016

Skye- my father was abused by these men and spoke directly to Pell on several occasions, where Pell continued to tell my father that he was lying and and needed to stop talking nonsense or else.. My father committed suicide 11 years ago because of these horrible ‘men’ who ruined his life, and in the end, ruin my families life as well.. It’s people like you that make my blood boil.. If you have no knowledge of the topic please keep your mouth shut, because he sure as hell didn’t try to help any of the victims and is still to this day neglecting their needs.

Sarah on 18th of February 2016

You are a very good human. Thank you.

Martina Friedl on 18th of February 2016

Hi Tim,
I really love your song. It is so powerful and soooo witty! Not sure whether you read this personally, but if so please know that as an older woman (Ok still feeling like Im in my 30s when already in my 50s:-)) I am a huge fan of yours Having seen you twice live in Sydney and been to Matilda Musical in Syd…I just think you a soo sooo phenomenal!
keep on going on that way; wishing you all the very best and your family hope all is well Big hug from a European woman living in Syd Oz since 18n years (loved the one way ticket to Oz trip I had) being very proud of someone like you making it big!!!!!! Great great work and hope to continue to see more! Best wishes to you and your family Cheers Martina

Sean on 18th of February 2016

Hey Tim, you’re an absolute LEGEND! Seen you perform twice and been following you for many many years. Thank you so much for releasing this song and for making the proceeds available to those who deserve it most. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering that survivors of religious ritual abuse carry with them all their lives, but I hope they feel believed and heard through the Royal Commission. The Catholic Church is the largest, most organised, most legally protected and longest running paedophile ring in human history. I’m so happy when I hear another one of your ‘tell it like it is’ songs. And thanks to your music, my mother’s Cataracts have been completely healed. It’s a miracle! lol

Anna on 18th of February 2016

Skye – have you personally witnessed the agony of people who have been sexually abused? Have you experienced the utter despair and deepest pain of losing a loved one to suicide because of sexual abuse? Because if you have, you will know that “clumsy” would be Cardinal Pell tripping over in his haste to get to his knees in the face of this, to choke on tears as he listens to the people who had their lives shattered, to collapse at the injustice. “Clumsy” isn’t fleeing Australia to escape consequences and retribution…that is called “cowardice”.

Andrew M on 18th of February 2016

Brilliant work, Tim. Musically and lyrically brilliant.

Chris Irvin on 18th of February 2016

Tim – that is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!

You have my unreserved, unbridled support!!

Thanks man!! Respect!


Craig on 18th of February 2016

Hi Tim,

Enjoy San Luis. Its a wonderful place.
Make sure you see the wall of Sticky Gum when you are there. Its a wall in a lane with 1000’s of pieces of chewed gum stuck to it.
In some ways it stands as the antithesis of the Catholic Church, in that when you put something on this particular wall it sticks, whereas…
That you have drawn a single breath of criticism for your song is astounding. This position of yours against the actions of institutions including the Catholic Church is well documented and in many,many peoples opinions, you are expressing politely how we all feel.
Thank you.
And in moments of doubt, go to that place you have found in yourself that justifies ever angry expression you have against the church, and dwell there. It is a good place, and we need the likes of you with a platform to speak for this of us who are just plain angry.

Elizabeth on 18th of February 2016

Thank you so much Tim for giving your support to such a worthy cause in your own amazingly clever way. Because of your song I was led to the crowd funding site and hope they make a motza. Watching the sour face of Gerard Henderson expressing moral outrage at your wit and wisdom on the ABC last night caused an eruption of barely contained laughter in our house. I’m sure his negativity only made your song even more popular. Well done, and thank you, thank you!

Robyn on 18th of February 2016

Congratulations Tim. Your talent is only exceeded by your kindness and courage. If Jesus came back to earth I think we all know who he’d rather hang out with.

george on 18th of February 2016

great song….. i was a victim of sexual abuse for 2 years when i was 11 years of age by 2 catholic priest in northern england ,,,,, every night for 2 years …. i took them too court a few years back and was paid out a settlement because of lawyers ….. im from the far south of wa in albany now living in sydney ….. so loved your song brought tears to my eyes the whole hipocrasy of it all in his clothing etc, got to remember jesus went round in a loincloth and gave bread to lepars i can imagine this guy doing that …..

Geoff wilkinson on 18th of February 2016

Does anyone believe that the sack of shit will tell the truth. Our x-priest (retired) even hated his guts.

Lori Kearney on 18th of February 2016

Whoever you are, whatever title you hold, whatever respect the world has for you is forfeited when you are accused of anything as heinous as a cover up of child abuse. I wouldn’t care if I was at death’s door, if I was innocent, I’d high tail it back so fast I’d almost beat the plane. However, if I was guilty, I’d stay put & pretend to have a bad ticker. The hierarchy of this world offends me greatly. Bravo Tim Minchin for stirring it all up like this. You are a true friend to the world & good people will applaud you.

Harvey Drew on 18th of February 2016

Tim Minchin, you are a man of incredible talent and obvious intellect. However to use this talent and your profile to abuse Australia’s highest ranked Catholic and allow your website to publish even more abuse is a real stain on your reputation and profile as a prominent Australian. There are millions of people in Australia who respect Cardinal Pell for the position he holds and for the life giving work the Catholic Church does it Australia in health care, education and social services. Abuse is abuse in whatever form it takes. It is he domain of unthinking people.

Tony on 18th of February 2016

Wonderful song, just a bit disappointed you didn’t work in Cowardinel Pell somewhere in it

Kay on 18th of February 2016

THANK YOU for the Pell song. As a recovering Catholic, I laughed till I cried. As the friend of someone who suffered more than you could ever imagine at the hands of “godly” child rapists, I have cried more than I could ever have imagined. Let’s get these bastards and make them face the music. You are a brilliant artist, with a giant heart, a giant talent, and a conscience you’re not afraid to give voice to. I wish I was your mum. xxxx

Carol on 18th of February 2016

Well done. And so we should all be ashamed at the atrocities endured by victims. But we should also think carefully about the following: Is it just because the victims are human that we care? What about the abuses animals face..legal and illegal.

Isnt the fact we turn away from known suffering just as bad as what Pell is accused of?

gcat on 18th of February 2016

Bought the song, signed the petition, bombarded Facebook with this link.
Thanks again Tim!

Bonnie on 18th of February 2016

Hey Tim, your challenge to Pell is a worthy one! The song is great and totally relevant. He may say he’s innocent but he needs to come back to prove it in front of the survivors of the atrocities that were committed. What has he got to fear? Only ones that need to hide are those that seriously have something to hide! He needs to stop hiding under the cover of the church.

Noone on 18th of February 2016

Every time I think about how he can be above the law (and still go to heaven – not that I care. That place is a fair few of paedophiles anyway), my blood boils. Your song speaks my mind and I am glad there are people like you who actually has a balanced view and are not afraid to speak up. Don’t stop.

Anne Marie on 18th of February 2016

Good on you, mate! The ancient Druidic tradition of satirising leaders who are falling short of the acceptable is alive and well with this song. Bloody brilliant! What a wonderful advocate you are for survivors. Keep it up… and we’d love to see you perform in Adelaide. (Unfortunately) lots of material for you here with the SA Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems.

Kate the Older Skink on 18th of February 2016

Congratulations on the charity single Tim Minchin, it’s brilliant, and catchy. I’ll happily donate to your legal costs if The Card does come home and dares to frickin’ sue you.

Jane Byrne on 18th of February 2016

tim, would you start a petition on Change.org, to demand Pell comes back to Aus.
Or to sanction the Vatican for protecting known paedofile protectors.when the last pope died, as per popish deaths protocol, days,maybe 10 , are said by the churches favourite high rollers. The 3 rd was said by an archbishop who was forced to resign in America, for his protection of paedofile so, and went to Vaticon into top job, with no loss of prestige. Chicago maybe. How many scumbags go there to be honoured after their enabling so have been discovered. Your a brave good man, and if you started a petition it would go viral, and have some clout, on bastard Pells held high snout! Yours jane

Helene on 18th of February 2016

Thanks so much, Tim. You cannot be charged with defamation if what you sat is true…Get on a boat, Pell.

John Picton-Warlow on 18th of February 2016

Well said. Perhaps Mr Pell could now sue us all.

RE: SKYE 18/2 on 18th of February 2016

You are under the misconception that flying is the only way to get to Australia. The way you worded your comment also made it seem as though you support Cardinal Pell and his actions and you should be tried for assisting in the commission of an offence.

Gus O on 18th of February 2016

Well, well,
Hasn’t that brought a huge amount of attention to the issue. The shock jock’s are into it because of the … direct language used … you know, the blokes who are commonly knocking on about the right of freedom of speech, even when some sensitive folk find it offensive.
Good on you for making a contribution, for following Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott’s advice and “having a go”.

Nat on 18th of February 2016

The world is a better place for having you in it, Tim. Hopefully, the support for your work shown through comments, tweets and the like will demonstrate that you give a voice to so many and will keep you safe from legal retribution and small minded bureaucrats. Thank you for having the courage to say what you say in a way that speaks to so many people.

Martin on 18th of February 2016

A happy 5 minutes in a sometimes sad place – thank you

Lisa Clements on 18th of February 2016


Beautifully written song, fantastic lyrics, you are such a clever man.
I hope the Catholic Church sees all the support you have stirred up as an indication that they MUST tell the truth. Will definitely be buying to support.
Good on you for speaking out for others!!!

Joanne on 18th of February 2016

Great stuff Tim. The words, the tune, everything. You have put out there what most Australians are thinking.
Thank you!

Elizabeth Denny on 18th of February 2016

I can’t stop playing this song – the sentiment, language, music and timing are such that I suggest it be considered as a new Australian anthem. Thank you Tim Minchin!

Jerry Salonga on 18th of February 2016

You’re a good man Tim. Thank you

Helen on 18th of February 2016

Thanks Tim. Your song made me cry.

Helen Lee on 18th of February 2016

Thank you Tim. Your song made me cry.

SKYE on 18th of February 2016

Your song concerning CARDINAL PELL is outrageous. he is the first man ever to try to address this issue as a Catholic cardinal and even if his first effort was clumsy at least he did something.
Today i have thrown out all your cd’s etc because in your own words ”you are a hack”. I know people in Australia who are younger than George who cannot fly to Sydney from Melbourne because of health issues.
YOU ARE A GROSSLY INDECENT MAN who has nfi (no fucking idea) about the man and his church. Thats why you profess to being an aethiest.
Now fuck off and get back into your hole

Kristen on 18th of February 2016

Loved the song Tim – these things need to be said and sung!

Rhonda Griechen on 17th of February 2016

As a survivor I can’t thank you enough. You song did more than you can imagine. My daughter is a musician , she loves your work she even has a clip on ytube with her class singing a song from Matilda.
She has not spoken to me for a few years now. I hope she sees your song and she gets it. That she can understand how hidden and deep it was. And as a parent we survivors often struggled with a dark cloak of stuff we try to protect our kids from.
You just took away all the power of the church in one fantastic song.
bitter sweet
Thanks Tim.

Scott K on 17th of February 2016

Excellent work that will hopefully shame him into boarding the flight.

Martyn on 17th of February 2016

Having “survived” a catholic priest and his dealings with me, but not had the courage to do what the many brave people have done in connection to Pell and his dealings (and Pell’s subordinate’s dealings), I can attest to the fact that a voice as powerful and articulate as yours lifts my heart. I’m sure those you are advocating for in the case of Pell will always be grateful to you for this.

Reading through the comments here and there around FB, I spot a few religious zealots (the evolutionary struggle continues, eh? Poor Tony). Somehow, institutionalised kiddy rape still seems an acceptable trade-off for some hocus-pocus custom that should be preserved at their expense. I just don’t get where their heads are at. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll do the Tony equivalent and stand up!

You’re a champ, Tim. Keep it up!

PS. Please update your gig dates. Keen to see you again. Live in Brisbane, but have travelled to see you before. Happy to do it again. We miss you!

Anonymous on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.

I still feel sick in the stomach when I recall the day at 11 years old I listened at the door when a well respected priest came to our house and convinced my parents not go to the police about my 13 year old brother being molested by a brother on a school football camp.
My parents were assured he would never teach at a school again.
Sadly we recently found out that this was all a lie and he was sent to another school, my heart sinks.

My brother and his friends on that football camp have never gone to the police, they have all suffered, and god knows how many other boys were molested.

Thank you Tim, you are a brave man.
I know for a fact that the church covered up and protected paedophiles.

I also send all my love and donation to all the victims, those who have spoken up and those victims who one day might be able to do so, in there own time, if they can.

Pell Hater on 17th of February 2016

Tim, You should delete a couple of lines at the top of your Youtube description. It’s not obvious that you have to click “show more” to see how to buy the song.

Michele Obyrne on 17th of February 2016

Dear tim thank you so much for this great song. Apart from being a terrific piece of music it’s message is powerful. As a victim of religious abuse in the 1970 s and receiving no justice, Pell has come to symbolise to me all that is rotten in religion and of abuse and the consistent coverup. Thank you for raising the issue again in such a significant way. You’ve no idea how powerful it is to have someone give a voice to our plight especially when that person is your favourite artist !!!!! Oh and by the way how come Perth got a concert and we didn’t?????

Philip Cargill on 17th of February 2016

Thank you for ‘Come home’. Strange how he was able to sneakily fly back to Australia last March/April and turned up in Ballarat.
Last bloke to pull this ‘ I’m to sick to fly’ stunt was Christopher Skase.

Dissent on 17th of February 2016

Sally, this is not a “hate” song. This is a justice song. It’s in the form of cabaret in its real sense; political cabaret. See Minchin’s “Pope song” & tell me if you think that is also a “hate” song. I’m pretty sure that Minchin’s karma is just fine. Sometimes you have to come out and say what others are too afraid to say, or don’t have the eloquence to say. This is what Minchin has done. He’s a brilliant artist. Look at the posts from people who have suffered abuse.

Sally Keller on 17th of February 2016

Why would you write a song people can rally around for hates sake?

You better be right about his wrong doing or that sorta karma will ruin you

r on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.
You have my total respect for having the guts to say what many are thinking.
If we allow this piece of shit Pell to get away without paying for his evil deeds, what does it say for us.
Pell is just the leader of the pedophile club. He should be locked up with the rest of his type.
Great song.

Megan on 17th of February 2016

Thanks for the song calling Pell home. You speak so eloquently in this fantastic song, for so many of us. You make me proud to be Australian. And if the bastard sues you, I’m in on the crowd fund to cover the legal costs. Powerful stuff Mr Minchin and great song writing. Just bring Mathilda to Perth if you can.
Big love and thanks for using your forum to put out there what others can’t! YOU ROCK xxx

Dissent on 17th of February 2016

What about a flash choir singing Mr Minchin’s song outside the Vatican ?Could we do it ? Could we sing outside Pell’s window ? I’m an Australian in Europe & I’d travel to do be part of the crowd choir. You’re brilliant Tim Minchin.

Anonymous on 17th of February 2016


Sonja on 17th of February 2016

Totally agree with everything that ‘Jacquelyn’ said.

#TimMinchin4AustralianoftheYearAward Seconded.

Linda Domaschenz on 17th of February 2016

Whoops, no my comment hasn’t disappeared but the site must be having a few difficulties.
Did disappear at one stage.
Would just like to enforce my support for all survivors of Institutional abuse again though.
I’ve been touched by it.
And once again let’s make Tim’s poignant musical masterpiece a Number 1, globally.

Henry on 17th of February 2016

From being a victem of the Church of England boys society in park orchards Victoria (( Anglican Church ) I would like to just say I think this song has help most abuse victems in some way giving ppl a voice !!! Thanks nice tune !! All this abuse has to stop ((( the Church of England boys society has had bad effects on my life

Linda Domaschenz on 17th of February 2016

Totally bewildered why my totally supportive comment has disappeared into cyber wilderness.

Glenn Elliott on 17th of February 2016

Excellent work Tim, you make intelligent atheists all around the world smile.

See you in Perth or Denmark soon.

Robertak on 17th of February 2016

Its so important to have people like you. I think the Pope should have an audience with you one day.

Mad Fantasm on 17th of February 2016

As an RN who has worked in aged care I am absolutely incensed by this topic. I have cared for many aged residents who’s ENTIRE lives have been ruined by this disgusting behaviour by so called representatives of God. Nothing sadder than a resident who has kept their secrets locked up inside their entire lives only to have the ravages of dementia unlock their stories that again become as fresh as the days they were repeatedly ravaged by these predators in the Catholic Church ..

Mark OD on 17th of February 2016

Absolutely brilliant again Tim.

I had already contributed to the crowdfunding – and will do so again.

I’ve been so disappointed that George was promoted again and allowed to abscond to safety behind the walls of a corrupt medieval state.

one of the best possible outcomes for Australia and all the victims would include seeing the Royal Commission recommend criminal charges against George.

Think of the possible impact on our society!.

Proper compensation, jail terms, we might actually get some true separation between church and state. Our society could be freed from the shackles of medieval religious superstition and actually embrace a rational and moral future. The benefits would be huge. Churches and religions have done some much harm and need to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

George is one creepy individual and I cant wait to see him behind bars.

David Marrs articles have lots of scary history about Georges behaviours as he has progressed through the Church from Ballarat to the Vatican.

Sad to see the usual characters leap to his defence – e.g. Gerard H who claims George was the first person in Christendom to support the victims
What a saint – Ha !

Marcia on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for standing up for the victims of child sexual abuse. What a great way by song to put it out there and show so called powerful people theyhave to be accountable. I was brought up a Catholic and look back and say how easy it is to brainwash children in any religion.

Veronica symons on 17th of February 2016

If Pell sues, I am happy to contribute to your defense bill.

Jacquelyn on 17th of February 2016

Tim Minchin should receive Australian of the Year Award, for his bravery in publishing this song, his bravery in standing up publicly to demand: truth be exposed, Cardinal Pell should do as much as he can to right the wrongs he participated in, which at this late stage the best he can do now is to tell ALL he knows, all he has covered up, so some justice can be served, so acknowledgment of the wrongs can help the victims towards some semblance of healing. Tim Michin should be awarded for his cleverness in writing and performing this song, for his generousity in sharing it with the public ( as victims of ALL crimes are helped by feeling that there really are good people out there championing right over wrong, championing for a better, safer, more caring world. I’d vote for Mr Michin to get an Australian of the Year Award, a U.K. Knighthood, a USA cross for Valour, a world wide acknowledgement of thanks for standing up strongly against sex crimes, pedophilia, abuse of children, church protection of priests and staff guilty of/ suspected of serious crimes (and even career advancement rewards despite crimes against humanity, decency and God). Thank you Mr Michin for generously and thoughtfully donating the song proceeds to help victims of sex abuse. If anyone also thinks Mr Michin should get a prestigious Award as a big public acknowledgment of thanks please say so. ( I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, etc, but would love to see a tidal wave of support for Mr Michin and perhaps that will also show our government, world governments and the Church that the public are angry about sexual abuse, cover ups, churches covering up abuse and getting away with it, we want the dirt exposed, repaired as much as can be, and the evil past cleaned up and evil practices stopped!

Jane on 17th of February 2016

You are a courageous man, Tim Minchin. Ironically, yours is a very Christian action. I mean that as a compliment and I’m no more religious than you are. But there’s a difference between a philosophy and a religion, and it usually boils down to truth, or the lack of. Thank you for speaking out on this issue so frankly and so publicly. The victims of the Church’s offences deserve it. I’m embarrassed that you need to do this, but unfortunately it is necessary for someone to stand up and call a spade a !@#$%^&*()_+ facilitator of child abuse.

Anonymous on 17th of February 2016

George Pell is absolutely guilty of covering up these crimes, my father went to school in Ballarat and knew that the brothers were all covering for one another and Pell knew everything that was going on. There is nothing more I’d like to give this world than to know that cowardly disgusting excuse for a human being is behind bars.

I want to put a shout out to all the victims and anyone that has anything to do with the healing process and the families affected, I am truly sorry for anything that happened. Church or not, these atrocities should never happen and my heart bleeds for anyone affected. You are all brilliantly and beautifully brave and I hope you can find some solace when the time comes and hopefully the law can put every single piece of scum into their rightful place in prison.

I apologise for not being able to donate but I am currently under a lot of financial stress otherwise I would give you as much as I could. I just hope my words of encouragement are enough for the mean time.

Also, thank you to Tim Minchin for bringing this issue into the spotlight so that the whole world may see that in a time of need every Australian pulls together whatever they can to help a fellow Aussie out.

Lots of love to all whom are supporting this case. May everyone find peace and contentment.

krankie on 17th of February 2016

Thank you, Thank you Tim. I always knew you were brilliant but your generosity and compassion for these survivors and their families is Amazing. Now it’s time for people to stand up alongside you and help the Ballarat victims get to Rome.

Deebs on 17th of February 2016

I’m an Aussie watching events from London. Great to see a rising against the smoke and mirrors. Music lives and breathes an honesty that can expose the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tar muchly for this gem, Tim. X

Lamby on 17th of February 2016

And a bloody good tune to boot..!

Mad Fantasm on 17th of February 2016

We need this song out there and charting, on the radio in the car so everyone can sing along and echo the sentiments you have so eloquently given a voice to for all of us … Thank you

Rhonda Abotomey on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim,
Your courage, determination to make a positive difference and tenacity to keep raising the profile of wrong doing inspires and humbles me. To thank you feels so inadequate even though it is heartfelt and comes with the deepest of gratitude for all that you do to help address so many wrongs.

You are one of Australia’s finest assets.

Christine Stewart on 17th of February 2016

Congratulations Tim, you made my day with your wonderful song. In the 1980’s I took the child abuse sexual assault issue head on and tried very hard to get justice for victims. At the time I knew things were bad and particularly the way the Catholic Church treated victims. Cardinal Pell and the Church have a lot to answer for and so do the lawyers and politicians who did everything to protect the Church. God help the victims as justice is long overdue. Lets continue the rage and support the victims.

Kathy on 17th of February 2016

Well done Tim. Thousands share the sentiments you have so eloquently expressed. Doubt it will be played on Vatican radio!

Linda Domaschenz on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant, just brilliant Tim.
Fantastic that you are helping the survivors and wow look at how much has been raised.
I’ve played your tribute to Georgie so many times in the past day I near know all the words.
On a serious note I grew up at Edenhope, thankfully as a girl and a non Catholic and before the revolting Risdale was conveniently posted to my small town and West Wimmera Parish, with the blessing of Pell.
May your song hit Number 1.
And may the victims and my hometown peers finally get some retribution, compensation and peace.
Love you Tim, a fine Australian.
Cheers Linda x

Ten minute mail on 17th of February 2016

Defamation of somebody who hasn’t even been proven guilty of any crimes yet. Tell me, how do you truly know that he is guilty and how do you have the right to refer to him as scum?

He has been given doctor’s orders to stay put, he’s an old man…

Shame, all this work we have done to establish a system where people have the right to defend their civil rights is crumpled up and thrown out the window by the people’s court of social media activists.

I hope he does sue your smug face for defamation.

Paddy Creevey on 17th of February 2016

G’day Tim,

Thanks for the song I certainly relate to the emotion of it as a survivor from a different church and a different story here in a different Australian city. It certainly has fired up the debate and I think that is a good thing.
I just wanted to add my thoughts to the chorus by saying that the people in the media and the those individuals insisting that your song isn’t appropriate and panning it have completely missed the point and I think need to take a step back and reconsider. I read one comment on line insisting that your song is a personal attack on Pell and therefore inappropriate. I agree your song does personally attack Pell.. good…. keep it coming!!! What they don’t seem to understand is as soon as the attacks started and were covered up ..it was already personal…decades ago. Nothing new here, I think we have the right to be enraged and to retaliate. While we were children being abused we didn’t have the capacity to stand up for our selves against the dominant oppressive power of our abusers and the institutions. Now we are adult the power imbalance has changed and we can and we should do what we can to have our voice heard and protect our selves and our own. While we work to forgive ourselves (an impossible task it would seem sometimes), I don’t believe we need to or have to forgive them, the institution, the leaders or the abusers in order to find our own peace.
As for waiting until “all the facts are in”.. That is what the Royal Commission is for. We on the other hand have the right to judge and condemn these pricks and I think we should if the mood takes us.
Thank you for being voice and feeling the rage enough to do something about it within your power.

Glen A on 17th of February 2016

On yer Tim. Well put. Momentous. Love your work.

Jen on 17th of February 2016

Thankyou for giving us the forum to demonstrate to the victims of abuse that support for them around Australia is huge . We are with you all the way , none of you are alone . Thankyou to Tim for using his talent ,his intelligence and his bravado. Outstanding mate .

gcat on 17th of February 2016

(Fact check on below comment)

Pell and Ridsdale DID live together. A simple google news search reveals this

Beth on 17th of February 2016


Have been following your work for many years , and this is by far your most powerful, brilliant and awe-some work! That is saying a lot for the pure genius that you have previously created.

I have some questions though.

Is it convenient that George Pell was moved back to the protection of the Vatican when it was foreseeable that he would be called to give evidence at the Royal Commission? Who allowed that? Why are we not outraged that George Pells boss….the Pope…sanctioned this? Yes, it does appear that the current Pope is breaking some ground with many archaic beliefs, but really, shouldn’t he also be accountable and be ordering Pell back to Australia?

And Steve Price, I think you should be sacked from The Project! If you are so supportive of this evil being, and think he is so innocent, why don’t you get your Pell loving arse over to the Vatican and support the poor sick sole to come back and give evidence at the Commission? If you get the sack you’ll have plenty of time to do that.

(Tim can you write a song about how Steve Price should be sacked, please?)

Sophie on 17th of February 2016

This is a completely brilliant song! I hope he comes back to sue you, then we will set up crowdfunding for the best defense there is and see what will happen to him then! This is inspirational. Thank you so much for making my day.

Rachel barker on 17th of February 2016

Tim you are an amazing talent and good on you for staying true and saying it straight to the point im sure you could of said alot more and held back a bit. Thankyou for raising the awareness this song will make history.

Joanne on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim

Listened to the “Pope Song” on the morning of giving evidence at the Royal Commission… and now this…
Absolutely fabulous.

Thank you so very much

James on 17th of February 2016

Thanks Tim – your song has cleverly summarised how many decent Australians feel about the Catholic Churches moral failure and Pells failure to show Christian charity to victims of abuse. You should be Australian of the Year. Love your work.

Ros on 17th of February 2016

Tim you have looped in my head all day, Brilliant.
Not downgrading your enormous talent but -THAT song may have some divine inspiration.

Jacquie on 17th of February 2016

So well done Sir! Those who think they are above reproach, whilst handing out forgiveness from confessional boxes, now know people have had enough of this scourge. Those who hide behind Vatican money, and harm children, be on notice! You are doing what our cowardly politicans have failed to do. So many people behind you on this!! Go you good thing!

gcat on 17th of February 2016

Hey fellow Minchin fans-
Just a thought, but cardinal pell has a few books on Amazon. The review section is a lovely place to add links to the Ballarat fundraising site. And a little commentary doesn’t hurt. One star!

Megan on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant Tim, thank you.

james on 17th of February 2016

Excellent and catchy song! Everyone i have shown this song loves it. You are a hero of many now!

geoff edmanson on 17th of February 2016

I have just sent this to the vatican

I ask that you advise Cardinal Pell to return to face his disgraceful past. We can send a fully equipped evac medical team , fully funded, the money is there.
The harm he has done to your religion is self evident.
Make him walk (metaphorically of course) towards the stake.. just as your charming inquisition did to so many guiltless souls
el Papa.. you seem a good person.. time to heal.. don’t you think?
He could become a great Catholic Martyr..
Now there’s an idea!

Andrew TODD on 17th of February 2016

Have had family members affected by this low life , get a ship home with all the doctors you need , you low life !!!!!!! The Catholic Church should be ashamed !!!! Stand up and be counted you emus , or is that for the poor people to suffer for the rest of their lives , I have heard even Catholics have a conscience?? Well see !!!!!!!

Son on 17th of February 2016

Good on ya! These are the words of Australia and I think this song will go down in Australian history!

mg marshall on 17th of February 2016

Thank you for your song. I hope it reaches people all over the world and forces the pope to make Pell face the music.

Isabella on 17th of February 2016

Great work as usual Mr Minchin. Let’s hope it get’s him home safe and sound! Would be nice if you could add captions to your video for our deaf friends out there (Many who have sadly been victims too).

Christine Rickert on 17th of February 2016

Oh, the cleverness of you Tim. ?

Michael McNamara on 17th of February 2016

Nailed it!

Erin on 17th of February 2016

Thank you for singing this.
We can’t stop at uncovering the abuse however, and bringing the Pellies of the world to swift justice. We need to choke back our collective gag reflex long enough to start studying pedophiles… the only way to prevent the disgusting cycle of abuse is to understand the minds of the abusers. Many of us are sickened by pedophiles, but are we sickened enough yet to take effective action?

geoff edmanson on 17th of February 2016

guess whats on top of the Vatican’s playlist tonite!
every one of them will have listened to it Tim

Annie G. on 17th of February 2016

Tim, the world is a better place just because you are in it. Thank you and please come home soon and do some more shows.


Sheila Jarmain on 17th of February 2016

The song is inspired!

Jen on 17th of February 2016

A gutsy, and intelligent use of your celebrity, once again. You make me proud to be known as a Minchin fan xx

PJD on 17th of February 2016

Incredible to think that there was such initial denial from Pell then that his response was remotely acceptable in any society.

Tim as usual you have championed the cause and I am certain all the survivors would thank you world over.

Keep up the public fight for those that can’t do it for themselves. ?

Chris Bundy on 17th of February 2016

You Sir are a very very brave man re George Pell…farrrking brilliant! Your empathy and support for the rape survivors touches my heart. Thank you Tim Minchin for your bravery in emphasising the hypocrisy of it all.

gcat on 17th of February 2016

ps Our horrid Trump needs a song when you get a chance

Paul on 17th of February 2016

So expresses my views of our cardinal, so eloquently put to music. Anyone know if there will be a bandcamp or another store option that sells the song in lossless. I want the best copy of that song as possible.

Bill Dowling on 17th of February 2016

Great stuff, Tim. I’ll be contributing.
Bill (old Ballarat boy, but luckily not a catholic one)

Fran Scarlett on 17th of February 2016

You’ve moved a nation.
Thank you.

Craig on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim, I think you nailed it!
Thank you for using your immense talents in this way. It is strange that a religious leader should fear death so much and have so little faith that he is unwilling to trust his destiny to God by doing such a simple thing as travelling on a plane, unless…

Tim Brown on 17th of February 2016

Thanks Tim. Your efforts here rock. The fundraiser that you linked to in your YouTube post has disappeared. Maybe you could fundraise to get the whole Royal Commission to fly to Rome.

Tanja on 17th of February 2016

Cheers, Tim. Spot on. Whenever I tried to bring up the emotional abuse issues in my family they suddenly had medical problems. I’m well familiar with this tactic. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people in Ballarat. I bought the song in hope it’s of some help.

Suzanne on 17th of February 2016

Thank you for having the wit, conscience, talent and courage to send this message to Pell who is clearly hiding behind his Catholic gowns in the Vatican. I doubt he would fly any less that First Class, so there is no reason for his non attendance at the Royal Commission. I am sure his personal medical team could accompany him.

Harmeet on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant and Magnificent are very small words to describe your song Tim…. it is mind blowing, and unbelievably brave and soooo true. Absolutely love it. It takes a true ‘child of God’ to stand up and use their talent, position and intellect for such a great cause – i love the song…. Catchy, entertaining and very very strong

Alex H on 17th of February 2016

When the courts fail – when the media fail – when the rich and protected refuse to abide by common decency – WE HAVE A MUSE WHO HAS EXPOSED THE CRIMINALS.
Well done – all the experts in the world have not held this man to account – YOU HAVE.
Thank you.

Come home George – you coward.

david pearce on 17th of February 2016

Thanks mate.

Sandra Bargery on 17th of February 2016

Tim just read the weird comments on a news site about the new song. Good grief what a bunch of weirdos. You are my hero and i love your Come Home Cardinal Pell song. Keep it up.

Richard Fly on 17th of February 2016

Georgie Girl (Pell)
Hey there, Georgie Pell
Swingin’ down the street so fancy free
Nobody you meet could ever see
The loneliness there, inside you

Hey there, Georgie Pell
Why do all the boys just pass you by?
Could it be you just don’t try, or is it the clothes you wear?
You’re always window shopping, but never stopping to lie
So shed those dowdy robes and try, a little bit

Hey there, Georgie Pell
There’s another Georgie deep inside
Bring out all the love you hide and
Oh, what a change there’d be
The world would see a new Georgie Pell

(Instrumental Break)

Hey there, Georgie Pell
Dreaming of the someone you could be
Life is a reality, you can’t always run away
Don’t be so scared of changing and rearranging yourself
It’s time for jumping down from the shelf, a little bit

Hey there, Georgie Pell
There’s another Georgie deep inside
Bring out all the love you hide and
Oh, what a change there’d be
The world would see, a new Georgie Pell
Hey there, Georgie Pell
Wake up, Georgie Pell
Hey there, Georgie Pell
Come on, Georgie Pell
Hey there, Georgie Pell
Wake up, Georgie Pell
Hey there, Georgie Pell
Come on, Georgie Pell

Fleur & Janein McLeod on 17th of February 2016

Keep shining a light

geoff edmanson on 17th of February 2016

Tim ……it’s high time this pious coward got shafted.

thank you..

jodi (jj) adams on 17th of February 2016

Spot on Tim! Now let’s see if the Vatican will force Pell to leave his sanctuary there to be interviewed by the Royal Commission somewhere where some of his victims can actually eyeball him.

Sure…and pigs might fly (unless they have a heart condition of course…)

Can’t believe the new Pope, who seems on the surface a half-decent guy, hasn’t washed his hands of Pell.

diane daff on 17th of February 2016

Thanks Tim for being such a brave young man.I’m from a family where abuse has occurred .It doesn’t just destroy the person that it happens to, because they can never be the person they would have been, no matter how hard they try,but it also travels outwards to the people around them,it just wrecks everything.When I first heard the song I was elated and then so sad that this still goes on with the protection of the church.If you were innocent you would rush to come back to Australia to defend yourself,Pell just behaves like a guilty person,shame on him and those that protect him.Thanks Tim for shining a very bright on this.Take care Tim.

Marcel Berkhout on 17th of February 2016

I heard a fragment of this song on RN in a interview with Kristina Keneally and was struck by a powerful sensation of truth. I have now listened to your song and wish to congratulate you in articulating what so many of us feel about this.
Thank you.

Michelle Smith on 17th of February 2016

Thanks Tim for doing what you do so well to help those who need it. Surely that is what religion is about.

Rob on 17th of February 2016

Nailed it Tim, now let’s see Pell nailed by justice.

I agree #1 Hottest 100 2017

Anne OShea on 17th of February 2016

Congratulations and thankyou for speaking for many Australians.
As a Catholic, now lapsed, I cannot believe how far this man has strayed from the Christian charity he preaches to everyone else.
Your way with a song is always splendid and used to great effect here.

Julien on 17th of February 2016

Such a powerful and strong song for all those that can’t be.

Vote #1 Triple J Hotest 100 for 2017.

Stella on 17th of February 2016

Bravo Tim Bravo.

Pauline Rothberg on 17th of February 2016

All power to you Tim. Absolutely brilliant. He has to be held account for all he has done. This can only help the cause for all those vulnerable people who have suffered so much.

Peter on 17th of February 2016

Thanke abuusers should get s Tim.
My dad was at Fairbridge in Pinjarrra. He played footy against the kids from the Christian Brothers orphanages like Bindoon. The kids would talk. Dad said that the stories of abuse were sickening. The worst part was that even when the disclosures were passed on nobody did anything.

Ivana D on 17th of February 2016

Thank you. X

JOHN on 17th of February 2016

You should be feeling proud of yourself Tim for sticking up for the battered and the abused my wife and I have always said that Georgie boy was a shonk and careless with the truth .
Brilliant song Tim right on the truth .

Michael on 17th of February 2016


You hit on the head mate. A brave and true account of the situation. Let’s hope Pell gets what he deserves.

But, I think he just did!

ha on 17th of February 2016

Hmm…about matt.. Tim keep educating people

What’s the name of the logical fallacy …”Not as bad …”

If you can’t complain about X just because there exists another problem, Y, that’s worse than X, then the only person who has any right to complain at all is the person who objectively has it worst in every way possible. The other 7 billion people’s problems are meaningless by this reasoning.

Matt on 17th of February 2016

Looking forward to your charity song for the survivors of Isis.

Or do you only go after soft targets like the Catholic Church, because Cardinal Pell won’t do a Charlie Hebdo on you?

gcat on 17th of February 2016

Keep doing good works, from motor neuron disease awareness to calling out Cardinal Pell for his part in the sex abuse scandals. There are so many of us in the US who you never know about because the whack jobs are so loud and well funded. You have a like minded following here and we love you for it.

Ballarat Crew on 17th of February 2016

Hi George, it must be cold in Rome, you should come home and visit us, it’s sunny and warm here.
The 80’s Ballarat Crew.

Nicole on 17th of February 2016

Genius! Thanks for making this enduring contribution to the debate Tim :-:)

Pamm on 17th of February 2016

Good on you Tim ! Our breakfast table was alive to your song this morning Good on crowdfunding we support it.
Loving and heartfelt wishes to the survivors and their relatives

Meg Ady on 17th of February 2016

i love the way you stand up against wrong, Tim. You are a voice for good in the world. i also love your pope song. thanks. i’m a christian, and i think god is with you, when it comes to cardinal pell.
kind regards,
your fan,

Emily Wilde on 17th of February 2016

What a magnificent song.

I think the Royal Commission is undertaking a phenomenal task extremely well but we all need blunt honesty sometimes and you have delivered it with stunning elegance Tim. Pell needs to answer for his actions/inactions. Pell has also become a symbol of all those who turned the other cheek or buried their heads in the sand or protected themselves (or their “institutions”) on hearing any allegations of child abuse.

Moving on to prevention – a book recommendation for all parents, educators, uncles, aunts, grandparents, prospective parents and every adult who was once a child (that’s everyone isn’t it?). “Smart Parenting for Safer Kids: helping children to make smart choices and stay safe” by Freda Briggs. Jojo Publishing; Docklands, Victoria, Australia, 2011. Easy to read and understand.

For everyone … even if you think you know enough to protect your children from child abuse … you don’t (unless you are an expert or have been professionally trained). Also covers bullying and cyber-bullying.

With gratitude for your generosity, courage, conviction, talent and voice from a fellow non-Catholic Perthite.

Vee123 on 17th of February 2016

George Pell’s conduct is the very reason I decided that my family’s Catholism STOPS with me. I will not allow this cult, the abuse it sanctions, and the myths it perpetuates to be continued by myself and my children. My only regret about your song is that the language wasn’t stronger. But the restraint you showed allowed the point to come across without profanity detracting from the message. Bravo (as usual).

Kim Bubbins on 17th of February 2016

You once again used your remarkable talent to express in 1 song what so many individuals couldn’t say in a week, love ya work!!! “Come home pell…. face your self made hell…. don’t care that you aint well…. speak man its time to tell…. THE TRUTH!!!!

Martine on 17th of February 2016

you spoke (sang) for us . Thank you Tim, you are amazing, it just perfect!

simon fenn on 17th of February 2016

Letter from an Abuse Survivor

Dear Tim
I heard your song about Pell today and I can see you wish to make a difference.

You do seem to clearly be in possession of all the facts to make such confident assertions in your witty tune. You must know much more than us, who only have twitter and the media to rely upon. I gather from your very personal descriptions of Cardinal Pell, like he is ‘scum’, and a ‘pompous buffoon’ that you must know him well.

Of course, all Australians are in agreement that there is much for Pell to answer for and that he is required to give an account. I also remember vaguely some old precept that seems to be forgotten these days about justice reserving judgement until all the facts are in.

More importantly, I recall a statement in an interview by a Jewish woman who was a holocaust survivor. She was asked about how she felt towards those who had robbed her of her entire family. She replied that after many years of bitterness, she had come to understand that ‘hatred is not justice’.

I write this as a practicing non-Catholic. I write it as a survivor of a paedophile who was disguised as a Christian Brother in the Catholic school I attended. The man who perpetrated crimes against me hung himself in Long Bay Gaol when he was about the age I am now. When I found that out, I cried.

It wasn’t from relief. I think I’d caught a momentary glimpse of what the Jewish woman meant.


A whole survivor

Catherine on 17th of February 2016

Fabulous song, Tim. Bravo you. What’s “disgusting” (quoting Steve Price) is not your song, it’s George Pell’s behaviour and attitude. I’m hanging by a thread to my Catholic faith and George Pell can take a large share of the blame if I finally give up.

Mark Fabbro on 17th of February 2016

Tim you are courageous to express the despair and anger of so many Australians. I am a catholic abuse survivor and have been supporting 100s of clergy abuse survivors for many years. It is amazing that despite the wealth of evidence clearly showing the huge extent of criminal cover up and enabling of rape and psychological torture of many many children globally so many respectable people just don’t want to know. Where all else fails, the Royal Commission is too weak and where civil authorities are too afraid to prosecute the church authorities- your in your face truthful shock factor can bee seen as a kind of last resort to provoke the denialist such as Steve Price into facing the truth about a what if fundamentally wrong with a very wealthy powerful institution . Thank you

Karen Wardle on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for using your celebrity to draw attention to the issue. All decent Australians are appalled by his lack of accountability, responsibility and downright care or concern for the victims. Well done to you! And Poppy Powell you put a huge smile on my face.

MJG on 17th of February 2016

In greetings cards you get little devices that play a song. Maybe somebody can mass produce those with this song. Then we can each buy a coupla dozen, and wedge them behind church doors, behind prayer books, on window ledges in Rome, all over Ballarat…

Kathryn on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant. Well done for speaking up for all those who haven’t had a voice for years and years. Proud to be a fan of your work and raised catholic!

Bill on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim

Once again you’ve succeeded in wittily articulating what most decent people feel. Thank you for this and (nearly) all of your other work! Be lucky.

Best Wishes

Karen on 17th of February 2016

You are intelligent, talented, current and have a social conscience. Fabulous. I bought your song to support the survivers and the cause. I thank you for the opportunity. But we want the man home to testify, we cannot be the jury and the judge. And I don’t think it’s productive to attract the (I don’t know how many there are) ill informed social media buffoons. I have been dismayed when reading some of them. So I bought your tune with some reservations. But I thank you all the same

Johanna Kidd on 17th of February 2016

Good for you Mr Minchin, I enjoyed the tune+agree with the sentiment! I am disgusted at Pell+the Church that allows such abuse+avoidance of justice! The Church should be ashamed,thoroughly ashamed

Kate Savage on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim, Thank you very much for your song. I appreciate all of your sentiments and I hope that we get our wish and George Pell has to testify in front of the royal commission in person. If he remains too evasive, then I really hope the victims are able to be there in person, in part, to ensure no skullduggery occurs with passed notes or screens by the Vatican’s solicitors to George Pell if they think the question is moving towards tricky ground for the Catholic Church. I am so proud of you. I was also proud that Pete Hellier of The Project had the courage to speak in your defence when that ignorant fellow also on The Project was so derisive and, sadly, ignorant. Thank you again.

Lorraine on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant – thank you. You have given a voice so systematically silenced to so many.

Genevieve Yates on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant stuff, Tim. I am an Australian doctor who has many friends and colleagues who are experienced in long distance aeromedical retrieval of critically unwell patients. They could certainly help Cardinal Pell be transported to Australia in safety without compromising his health. In fact, on social media this morning, some are offering to do just that -for free! :-)

Poppy Powell on 17th of February 2016

Tim, never heard of you before, but so glad I found you. I loved the decency of your ‘Come Home’ Thank you so much for writing this. It is about time something was done, about the abuse the Catholic church continues to cover up. Hope he listens, and comes home! Question is, can he be trusted to tell the truth? He will wriggle like a fish on a line- and a pretty poor fish at that. Gonna now go and buy some of your DVD’s Love, a 72 year old Grandmother. xxx

Christine Child on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for using your musical and writing brilliance to bring this issue to the fore. So proud of you. The song is perfection and its impact is just starting. Never lose your fire Tim…..your work inspires so many of us. I hope Georgie is feeling incredibly uncomfortable with all this agitation.

Sheila Shibboleth on 17th of February 2016

Thanks for the courage and wit, Tim. BTW, great Bill Bailey impression on the video

Rupert Hewison on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.
At a time when our supposed ‘leaders’ care more about their appearance and ratings, it is heartening to have one person take a real moral stand.

“Forgotten Australian” (just one of over 500,000)
Truth, Justice and the Australian way.

xyz on 17th of February 2016

Well done Tim. Someone needed to do this. How the fuck I missed this last night is unknown to me.

This man belongs in prison for the rest of his life, for hiding this sort of thing. Italy or Australia I don’t care which prison he goes to but it should be the rest of his life. As should any other person involved.

He should not be working and should not be hiding in Italy.

If he has nothing to hide why the fuck is he still in Italy. He clearly knew he just is being a complete pussy.

The go fund me camaign is at over $100K in under 2 days. Pretty much thanks to this song.

Paul on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for speaking out! My mother was sexually abused by her father for many years. When she approached the catholic church for help her local priest told her to go back home and pray for forgiveness. My mother never mentally recovered from her ordeal … RIP mum 1935 to 1984

SATAN on 17th of February 2016

Meh, that little shit stain Cardinal Pell is an embarrassment to my establishment.
At least Hitler kept it in HIS pants.

Jo Nobelius on 17th of February 2016

Well done. It is hard to find the words to describe my admiration for you.
What a man!!!

Mandy on 17th of February 2016


“Victims”? How horridly insensitive that you should refer to survivors in such emotionally-charged language. What next, “pathics”?

Simon on 17th of February 2016

Outstanding. If only the song could be played at the hearing in Pells presence.

Wendy on 17th of February 2016

Well said Tim. A great contribution to getting some justice (said hopefully) for victims who deserve so much more than they are currently receiving.

Trefor on 17th of February 2016

Thank you Tim. It is so rare now days for people to cut the bullshit and say what is frankly bloody obvious. We -the silet majority- do rely on people like you mate to tell it like it is. Pell will never properly pay for what he did/facilitated..but at least he will be made to face these shattered people. I hope his God judges him accordingly. Cheers

Bruce Bunion on 17th of February 2016

You little bewdy, Timmo. You get Georgy Porgy over here and we’ll do the rest, mate. I’m stocking up on pitchforks and baseball bats as we speak.

Anne on 17th of February 2016

Fabulous song, wonderful lyrics – you have it absolutely right. Shades of Christopher Skase from a few decades ago – another coward.

Doug Duggan on 17th of February 2016

As a retired County Court Judge, still-serving Scoutmaster and one-time used car salesman i just want to add my voice to the chorus of adulation. I am sure that this superficially superficial song will resonate in the hearts and minds of survivors of tyranny and evil everywhere, just as it has in ours who sympathise and empathise with said survivors, at no great cost to ourselves it must be said, but with a depth of feeling only matched by our heartfelt instinct that PELL MUST SUFFER.

Mary Callow on 17th of February 2016

thank you for being authentic, truthful, clever, determined and willing to be publicly critical of this cowardly man, George Pell, I applaud you.

Veronica Cotelo on 17th of February 2016

the last sentence of your lyrics is what separates you from the masses. You have thrown a stone and HAVE NOT hidden your hand. Well done for doing this, your song is just what may be needed. This is going viral, which means the WHOLE world will know what happened.

Simon on 17th of February 2016

Well done for standing up and saying what needs to be said.

Buddy B on 17th of February 2016

Thanks heaps, Tim mate, for standing up for the little guy. You are an icon, mate, an example for us all, and stand with Dave Hughsey showing us all that anyone can be successful irregardless of talent. Oi, Oi, Oi, eh, mate?

Doug ALCORN on 17th of February 2016

Tim, your song has turned me into a once in a life time twitterer, after a lifetime of abstinence from any sort of on line comment. You are one courageous, gifted, compassionate man to lend your obvious talents to this wonderful cause. As a retired Detective Inspector, I know first hand what your support will do for the victims of sexual abuse. I have always admired your work. Now I am your number one fan.

Kevin Whitley. on 17th of February 2016

Brilliant Tim!!! Thank you thank thank you.

Huge respect.

Hope on 17th of February 2016

Dear Tim, awesome, absolutely. Is it true you are releasing an app called PAP (Pray against Pell)? Id buy it, absolutely. Genius to automate prayer! Lets see them counter that! Thanks on behalf of all who survived. We are all survivors at heart, absolutely.

Adam on 17th of February 2016

Thank you.

Sara on 17th of February 2016

Tim you’re a legend. Thank you.

Ros Ives on 17th of February 2016

great effort Tim, hope it goes viral

Steve on 17th of February 2016

Tim, just heard your song about Cardinal Pell, you sir are a genius. Love it love it love it. You are simply to good my friend ???

Margaret Meehan on 17th of February 2016

As a lapsed Catholic you Tim Minchin are my new God. Thank you

Barb on 17th of February 2016

Well done Tim how amazing are you and your an atheist!! What are the Catholics doing?? St Alipius parish stop waiting for other people to fix your past and your Church. This Parish has lost so many of its young people,destroyed families,suicides,depression and so much more. George Pell and all Priests and Clergy from that time have a lot to answer for.

David Scolyer on 17th of February 2016

Well said Tim. But sadly even if Pell came back to OZ what he might say may still be of little use. He would certainly use the doctrine of mentalis restrictio or mental equivocation (wikipedia of course) “The doctrine of mental reservation, or of mental equivocation, was a special branch of casuistry (case-based reasoning) developed in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and most often associated with the Jesuits. … Mental reservation is a form of deception which is not an outright lie. It was argued for in moral theology, and now in ethics, as a way to fulfill obligations both to tell the truth and to keep secrets from those not entitled to know them (for example, because of the seal of the confessional or other clauses of confidentiality). … In wide mental reservation, equivocations and amphibologies are used to imply an untruth that is not actually stated. In strict mental reservation, the speaker mentally adds some qualification to the words which they utter, and the words together with the mental qualification make a true assertion in accordance with fact.” I wonder which of these techniques might be used by whoever might write Pell’s answers because this technique is an old favourite when dealing with secular authorities because this church has always felt ecclesiastical authority is somehow ‘higher’ than any secular authority and therefore not subject to them. Time to change that.

Margaret on 17th of February 2016

This is brilliant, Tim Minchin. PC be damned. Where was Personal or Political Correctness when these children were being silently abused? I sure hope that George Pell gets to really face the music. He may well be ‘ill’ today, but he sure wasn’t when he oversaw the disgraces of the church and its leaders over so many decades. There are no excuses.

Paul on 16th of February 2016

Tim, I have always loved your work and creativity and this time is no exception. You really are “takin on the jellies” with this on. Undeniably showing all you have ginormous balls!

And to put it out there globally to raise funds is awesome
The world, in my view need more Tim Minchins!

I tip my hat to you sir

Sandra Kwa on 16th of February 2016

I’m a great fan of yours Tim and applaud this song that helps rebalance all the unforgivable times victims were told to shut up. My heart goes out to David Ridsdale whose life was changed so horribly by this stinking stuff. But I didn’t know Pell was accused of abusing a kid himself…?

Peter P on 16th of February 2016

Your salutary song implies a salient point, sir. The presumption of innocence is all very well in theory, but we the people shall decide what happened in the past. Pillory Pell.

Angel Ioannou on 16th of February 2016

Good work! Brother to us all

Kathryn on 16th of February 2016

Brilliant, Have to love you, Tim sticking up for the victims, Pell and the Church deserves everything thrown at them…. spineless scum, hiding church sanctioned child rapists from the wrath of the law. Outstanding effort ….A+. Happy to donate to your legal fees if the idiots sue.

Norm on 16th of February 2016

Tim, good on you.you speak four all who dont have a voce , the dumb the littel guy,the stupd and all like me who, hate chuches and, rich guysbut nut you Tim a aussie hero

Hypatia Hypergirl on 16th of February 2016

Yeah! Anything to bring down the sexist RC church I’m all for it. IMHO Tim is an honorary woman for doing this. Right on, honorary sister.

David on 16th of February 2016

Outstanding work Tim. You have the courage to say what many are thinking.

Justin Everidge on 16th of February 2016

Good work mate. I just love your attitude that we are all idiots together. Stupidity rules, innit?

Maryann mugavin on 16th of February 2016

Congratulations Tim…. A resonating ‘sermon’ ….brilliant!
May justice be done!

Rev. Blenkinsop on 16th of February 2016

Right on brother. I despise papists, too. We need more compassionating, more long hair, more bare feet, more naivety, more empathy. Who’d a thunk, man, there’d be so much moolah in moral vanity?

Avril on 16th of February 2016

Just Thank You. You are so f*cking rock.

Ny on 16th of February 2016

Thank you for speaking out. Je suis Charlie.

Stephen Fuller on 16th of February 2016

Brilliant Tim. To all you Christians out there, Jesus would be weeping at the injustices perpetrated in his name.

Cheryl de Beyer on 16th of February 2016

I was brought up Catholic but smelled a whiff of hypocrisy and evil in high school at the convent school I attended – in the form of a couple of the seriously evil nuns. The arrogance that permeated the Catholic Church turned me completely against it. i hope that the only good that may come from this whole disgusting George Pell debacle is that the Catholics within the church realize what a farce the whole institution is and that they rise up and make their voices heard loudly within their parishes. They should all start doing so by withholding the money they give to the church. Its wealth is grotesque. Its protection of these monsters even more so. And all in the name of God?!!! Tim Minchin you are an absolute genius. Let’s hope this song helps get the Commission to Rome and let’s watch this personification of evil squirm. Perhaps the Commission needs to acknowledge that they too are facilitating the ongoing coverup by buying into the ridiculous story of him being too unwell to fly to Australia. I’m sick to my stomach about this so can’t imagine how the survivors of this horrific abuse must be feeling! Something simply has to be done. Thank you Tim Minchin for this incredible effort to not only raise money for this effort but for shining the spotlight so brightly on all of this.

Gloria Sykes-Ogilvie on 16th of February 2016

Oh, Tim, Tim, Tim. You said a mouthful and you said it for us and for survivors everywhere. I love it. I love it too when you take the fight up to superstition. You are our very own antipodean Stephen Fry. Pity you couldn’t fit a reference to pattern recognition into ‘Come back’. How’s about a verse on gravity waves?

Rick on 16th of February 2016

Well Written,,Well sung,,an is so bloody amazing,,,i take my hat off too you an respect you for what you are trying to achieve.
Well done Tim.

Robin Larder on 16th of February 2016

As usual perfectly put. Thank you Mr.Tim Michin.

Steve Flora on 16th of February 2016

Thumbs up …. you have certainly voiced the thoughts (in a very musical way) of many, many Australians ….. appreciated.

Mrs M. on 16th of February 2016

Thanks for all the supportive and appreciative comments, but despite his undoubted genius and moral courage, Tim is not the Messiah.
He’s just a naughty boy.

Mel on 16th of February 2016

Great work Tim! I saw the movie Spotlight the other night. It makes me sick to the stomach as to how the catholic church are a law unto themselves. When I question my catholic friends about the abuse, the subject changes quickly. Brainwashed!!! So sad for the victims. You are only singing what we’re all thinking. Bastard pell – rot in hell!

Robyn on 16th of February 2016

LOVE your work Tim.bloody brilliant!

Loomis j Hacklemeier on 16th of February 2016

Tim, you say that the Pellster has been accused of abusing a child himself. No smoke without fire, man. Like, ergo, he must be guilty. Love ya work!

Harri on 16th of February 2016

One of the most poignant songs of our times.
Tim, you have touched the raw wounds of the victims of abuse and said what many of them and their families want to say.
The lawyers will probably next say George is too ill to give evidence or he has dementia or he can’t remember or he would need to be told if abuse was crime or something or …….. just like the parade of clergy and religious have done world wide.
Will George be praying “Holy Pope Francis protect me like you protect Cardinal Law and cardinal Brady and on and on and on”

Rory Ross on 16th of February 2016

Your ability to inspire people is inspiring.

Thank you

Leonora Lamprey BA (Hons) on 16th of February 2016

Oh, Tim! You are so my hero! You’re like, so subversive, too transgressive! I’m thinking of going to work with bare feet just to stick it up the man, man!
Nome sane?

R. Shlomo O'Hagen on 16th of February 2016

Couldn’t agree more. This is, like, major, man. I used to think Shostakovich was pretty hot musically, and dudes like Auden and GM Hopkins with words. I guess those dudes didn’t have Georgie Boy for inspiration, but our very own Wizard of the West, Saint Tim of Self Righteousness, puts them old-timey dudes in the shade. Man.

Shawn Owen on 16th of February 2016

Simply beautiful and maddening!!! Thank you for working so hard to help others you are the true definition of empathy!!

Lorraine Fordham on 16th of February 2016

Well done Tim. I applaud your talent and your commitment to not only this issue but for keeping it in the public domain. I’m not into organised religion and remember stories from my late husband about his abuse by Catholic nuns, not sexual abuse but physical and emotional abuse because he was left-handed and told he was the Devil’s issue as a young child. This had a lasting affect on him and guess what he died on 6/6/06. I can’t believe there are people out there like Steve Price supporting Pell, then again, Price is a pompous, arrogant, extremist, right-wing conservative fundamentalist, etc, etc…., yes, I have a very low opinion of him too.

Nils McNary on 16th of February 2016

The brave and courageous Tim Minchin
Attacks an old man without flinchin’
He sings with a smile
Adds a tincture of bile–
Who doesn’t like a good lynchin’?

Brenda on 16th of February 2016

Tim. Thank you so much for expressing what the majority of Ballarat people feel about George Pell and all of those evil priests the catholic church have protected.
I would also love to have this as my ring tone if it could be made possible.
You talent and generosity just astound me.
Love to the survivors.

Rob on 16th of February 2016

I am in awe of your amazing talents Tim, you are without doubt a national treasure of Australia, this is a major piece of work .

Georgina Plenty on 16th of February 2016

Thanks for tackling this with humour and allowing us in a small way to contribute by buying an great song. “Come home Cardinal Pell”

Louey Hesterman on 16th of February 2016

Well done Tim….hope it brings that bastard home to face his accusers who still
Suffer the effects of Pell covering up systematic pedophile priests….While he had the power to take action he was merciless to the abused…has caused untold pain and suffering. ..like a rat in a trap now but he refuses to “face the music”…you’re song nails it best wishes from Australia

Chryselephantine Smile on 16th of February 2016

Right on, Timster! It made me weep, too. But then I’m a music lover.

Carmel on 16th of February 2016

Just brilliant Tim the words say it all, thoughts we have all been thinking for so long

Ernest Fleming on 16th of February 2016

Wow! When I heard this I, like, wept, man. I was like, how does he do it? And, like, why?

Pete on 16th of February 2016

Tim, absolutely love your work mate! Your turn of phrase is just legend. Can’t get this catchy chorus out of my head.

Somerset Sikowski on 16th of February 2016

Right on, dude! You nailed it. Thanks for speaking for us all. God doesn’t exist and we hate him for it, don’t we? Dude?

Lydia Lynch on 16th of February 2016

Well done, dude! Soooo clever! Keep fightin’ the good fight! It’s so cool feeling morally superior to, like, a church dude. Love ya work! Keep it up and we’ll soon get rid of that ridiculous presumption of innocence!

Marg. on 16th of February 2016

Great stuff Tim. This ‘Arch-psychopath’ is also a financial wiz, he won’t pay for return airfare if he can get others to do so. They have spent millions on legal fees defending criminal priests. Total scumbag. Marg Canberra.

Simon Hansford on 16th of February 2016

Thank you, Tim, for your recent musical polemic. It is amusing and, more important, a strident and appropriate advocacy for those who have been silenced by their abusers and the system for so long.
I write both as a fan and as a Minster in the Church – thank you.

Kathy on 16th of February 2016

I listened to your song last night and wept for joy.
I have been front and centre as a witness to the depravities of the Catholic Church. I stood in a courtroom and watched as my childhood friend was mercilessly humiliated by their legal team .
Both my children were baptized by the same priest, Kevin Cox, who had been having sex with my beautiful friend since she was in primary school.
Before any of the details of these horrific acts were known to me I had tried to find this man as I had remembered him as such a kind priest, always holding our hands and seeking us out in the playground at school, I thought , this is the priest I want to baptise my children!
I was amazed that he had been moved to an inner city church to administer to the homeless and elderly, then moved on again for my next child.
When my friend had attempted suicide and suffered from crippling depression for years the truth finally came out and we encouraged her to take this further.
We’re we right?
I sat in a courtroom and watched this evil man smirk as she spoke truthfully about what he had done to her !!!
I sat and watched the Catholic Church protect him !!
They knew , she had apparently approached them before and was told she was crazy .
How dare they ruin so many lives .
Make him come back!!!!!!
Tim Minchin you are my hero .

Jaydn (age 11) on 16th of February 2016

Just awesome dude. What do ya wanna be when you grow up?

Hugh on 16th of February 2016

Well done. Love your work

Cathy Northam on 16th of February 2016

Well done to everyone involved
You may have crossed the invisible line of pc
But we need champions for those with no voice
How can others protest personal attack, when George presided at a time when children were attacked on so many levels?
Thankyou Tim

Alan Ryan on 16th of February 2016

Good on you Tim. Very succinct. George Pell is a coward in a coward’s castle. Will be donating to hopefully ensure his return to face the music.

John Ellis on 16th of February 2016

My heartfelt thanks to you for this. It’s brilliant and what we all would shout from the rooftops if we had the talent
Thank you for using yours to honour the brave men and women of Ballarat and all survivors

Gen on 16th of February 2016

Bought the single. Wish it cost more. I wonder if we nicks will be excommunicated for buying your single.

Sue Steven on 16th of February 2016

Brilliant! Let us all hope that anybody who hurts innocent children will have their day, thankyou Tim your my hero, pedophiles hide in the places where they think they wont be found, so come home Cardinal Pell and tell us what you know.

Josh on 16th of February 2016

Good on you mate

Thank you for standing up to the vile machine of the Catholic Church which helps let these cowards get away with the abuse.

And thank you for supporting and standing up for these victims of abuse who are forced to live with this pain their whole life

Julie & Alan Stafford on 16th of February 2016

Congratulations on your stance in support of victims who have long-suffered and your exposure of the Church as a hypocritical and oppressive institution. Long may freedom of speech reign.

Kathryn on 16th of February 2016

One word: brilliant!

peterD on 16th of February 2016

Tim, Tim, Tim,
It’s one thing to insult the execrable Cardinal Pell but it’s completely beyond the pale when you upset a national living treasure like Steve Price.

Well done. Donation ensuing.

Kerryn Wilkinson on 16th of February 2016

Fabulous Tim, purchased! I should like it as a ring tone for my phone also, Perhaps you could consider adding that to the fundraising? Imagine that going off around Vatican City. Thank you for using your talent to put the pressure on, victims and families will be very appreciative. You are a true gem!

Scholte on 16th of February 2016

Hi Tim,

Not bad for just three days of work! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I only knew cardinal Pell from the “debates” with Richard Dawkins. So apparently he is not only an asshole… but also an arrogant, child abuse covering coward.
I do not have i tunes but I will donate a couple of bucks to the Ballarat Survivor fund.


Jan (Netherlands)

PS Love your work!!! Please consider the Netherlands for a show!

Anurag on 16th of February 2016

Thank you Tim, for once again utilising your incredible intellect, ability and reach for something very worthwhile. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

Arina Nekrasova on 16th of February 2016

Really nice,Tim!

Rosamund Cox on 16th of February 2016

Poor George.
Planes, trains, buses; so many ways to get home & all paid for by the church. (Surrounded by acolytes to smooth the way.)
Yet? ….
Clearly the truth and/or your duty do not matter.

Nicky Davis on 16th of February 2016

I am a survivor myself, a friend of some of the Ballarat survivors and a massive fan. Many of the Ballarat survivors have been struggling recently, as the cruel mind games being played by Georgie, and enabled by the Royal Commission, have taken their toll.

Today should hopefully change that. Not only has your bitingly accurate single been released, but also the fundraising campaign exceeded its target overnight.

What this all says to despondent survivors is that the Australian public get this issue, get the cowardice, and the self serving immorality at the dark heart of that criminal church. But even better than that, Australia has finally had enough of the pompous scum that knowingly endanger innocent children, and are prepared to stand beside survivors and say “no more”.

For your part in bringing us to this point, which we have fought so hard and so long to reach, my heartfelt gratitude. For being able to achieve this via a catchy tune delivered with wit and intelligence and a twinkle in your eye, my utmost admiration.

Cathy Gavranich on 16th of February 2016

Just brilliant! I hope that your song inspires more & more artists and people in the public eye to begin to stand up and speak up about important issues of social and environmental justice. You are an absolute hero for doing this!

Airlie Conway on 16th of February 2016

Thank you for being so brave and giving a voice to Ballarat and all the towns around Aus that are still reeling in the wake of ‘The Catholic Years’.
Catchy song too. Love it!!

Christina on 16th of February 2016

Always loved you. You were the greatest in Jesus Christ Superstar. Is it possible that I can love you more now. I guess it is. Need more people like you in the world.

Hannah Hunt on 16th of February 2016

Fantastic song! Just heard it on buzz feed. Unbelievable you wrote it in 1 day!
Hope this gets all the attention it deserves :)

Amy on 16th of February 2016

An absolutely amazing and insightful song. As a fellow Perthite I am so proud to that such a talented musician and great human being comes from my home town.
As a doctor I regularly come across survivors of this horrible abuse in my work, and the long lasting and far reaching implications of the abuse cannot be overstated.
Good job Tim.

James Walsh on 16th of February 2016

What the church’s response to paedophilia within its ranks has done is to bury the notion that a) there is a god or gods, and b) that one such approved a church in his/its name.

By so doing, the Catholic Church has at least done a service to humanity. All that remains is to prosecute the criminals within its ranks to the full extent of the law and to compensate the victims from the wealth of the church.

The Church will not prosecute you Tim, because in this country truth is a defence in defamation suits, and the church no longer controls the law.

Mark Smith on 16th of February 2016

Frickin’ brilliant! This one’s for my Mum who was sent to the orphanage at Ballarat at the age of eight and didn’t see the world the same thereafter.

Petehels on 16th of February 2016

George Pell – well there is a smell about him, probably protecting himself as well as Church abusers. Maybe he should be honest (fat chance for a protector of the sexual abuse priests) but it stinks of a complicite support of the abuse that has happened.

Fiona on 16th of February 2016

Just brilliant; you restore my faith in human beings.

Danielle on 16th of February 2016

Good man Tim … my thoughts exactly. xx

Steve Gardner on 16th of February 2016

For Javier:

Come Home, Cardinal Pell, by Tim Minchin

It’s a lovely day in Ballarat
I’m kicking back and thinking of you
I hear that you’ve been poorly
I am sorry that you’re feeling blue

I know what it’s like when you feel a little shitty
You just want to curl up and have an itty bitty doona day
But a lot of people here really miss ya, Georgie,
We really think you ought to just get on a plane
We all just want you to

Come home, Cardinal Pell
I know you’re not feeling well
Being crook isn’t much fun
Even so, we think you should come
Home, Cardinal Pell
Come down from your citadel
It’s just the right thing to do
They have a right to know what you knew

Could you see what was under your nose, Georgie,
Back in ’73, when you were living with Gerry?
Is it true that you knew but you chose to ignore
Or did you actively try to keep it buried?
And years later, when survivors, despite their shame and their fear
Stood up to tell their stories, you spent year after year
Working hard to protect the Church’s assets
I mean, with all due respect, dude – I think you’re scum
And I reckon you should come

Home, Cardinal Pell
We know you’re not feeling well
Maybe you just need some sun
It’s lovely here, you should come
Home, you pompous buffoon
And I suggest, do it soon
I hear the tolling of a bell
And it has a Pellian knell

I want to be transparent here, George,
I’m not the greatest fan of your religion
And I personally believe that those
Who cover up abuse should go to prison
But your ethical hypocrisy
Your intellectual vacuity
And your arrogance don’t bother me as much
As the fact that you have turned out to be such
A goddamned coward

You’re a coward, George
Come and face the music, Georgie
You owe it to the victims, Georgie,
Come and face the music – the music –
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

If the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
He would take one look at you and say,
“Go home, Cardinal Pell,
I’ve got a nice spot in Hell,
With your name on it, and so
I suggest you toughen up and go
Home, Cardinal Pell
I’m sure they’ll make you feel welcome
At the pub in Ballarat
They just want to have a beer and a chat.
I know you’re scared, Georgie-poo,
They have a right to know what you knew.”

Your time is running out to atone, Georgie.
I think the Lord is calling you home, Georgie.
Perhaps He could forgive even you
If you just let them know what you knew

Oh, Cardinal Pell
My lawyer just rang me to tell
Me this song could get me in legal trouble
Oh well, Cardinal Pell
If you don’t feel compelled
To come home, by a sense a moral duty
Perhaps you will come home and frickin’ sue me.

Benjamin Ady on 16th of February 2016

Tim-thank you for this. You are a hero.

Cathy-Jean Hyman on 16th of February 2016

I love this Idea. and when Amazon catches up, count me in :D

Bev Fussell on 16th of February 2016

Tim…you are such a genius. Thank you for taking the interest and time to write and record this song. It will mean so much to the victims, and sends an important message to those who think they can hide behind their atrocities without comment. You are a true Aussie through and through! Ps. I attended the Perth HOME concert mainly to see you, but also because my granddaughter was in the orchestra!

Chris. Sanders on 16th of February 2016

Well Done Tim. The Ballarat experience hits very, very, close to home for me. You’ve done a Very Great and Wonderful thing for the Survivor cause… Lost for words …. umm…. well …. just …. a BIG THANKS Champ!

SammySatine on 16th of February 2016

I have bought the song on ITunes Tim. I hope the victims get to hear what he has to say and get closure and justice for what horrific things they went through.

Soozah Clark on 16th of February 2016

Pure (impure) genius. Thank you Tim and guys. Cheers.

Pamela Nash on 16th of February 2016

Tim Minchin……a man of courage and integrity! Thank you for supporting the victims who could not live with the trauma, and survivors who continue to feel the pain and trauma but who are fighting to expose the callous abuse and cover-up of child sexual violence reined down upon them over decades by catholic peodophile clergy in Ballarat (and beyond) in Australia. Thank you so much.

Melissa on 16th of February 2016

Tim Minchin = legend

mrlissa on 16th of February 2016

Thank you for giving survivors a voice! You are awesome!

Marie Johnson on 16th of February 2016

Good one Tim, you are an absolute legend!

Tim Pearce on 16th of February 2016

Awesome. Good on ya Timbo

Roberto Muller on 16th of February 2016

Great music Tim. I love your work. Congratulations for this song.
For stand against the unjust and help the victims.

Andy on 16th of February 2016

Thanks Tim, this was a very kind thing to do.

Vonda on 16th of February 2016

Thank you for caring and for singing LOUDly.

Tanya on 16th of February 2016

Tim you rock! Thank you for awesome leadership on this issue

Vivienne on 16th of February 2016

Thanks Tim. You have put into song what so many of us are thinking.

Jayneen Sanders on 16th of February 2016

Thank you so much for this Tim! Not only is a brilliant song but you have sung it loudly and for the world to hear for all the survivors whose voices were stolen. Survivors did not have a voice as children and Pell and others like him have tried to silence them as adults. You have given them a voice. As an advocate for Body Safety Education in schools and in homes I work towards this generation of kids being empowered and to ALWAYS speak up.

Tony on 16th of February 2016

Great song Tim. I heard it on the Project. I suspect that you are the first guy ever to stun the lot of them … they certainly looked stunned at the end of the play.

I went to a Catholic high school in Newcastle in the early ’70s. I believe that four of my priest teachers were behind bars at one time or another, either for interfering with the children, or protecting the guilty.

Cardinal Pell represents all those senior priests who protected the guilty. I think he (and his fellow priests) must own up to being morally bankrupt, and if they choose to maintain the fiction of their innocence, then recognise that in the eyes of the public, they have no credibility at all.


Roberta Stillwell on 16th of February 2016

Thank you for directing bright light into the dark with your talent.

Ingrid Irwin on 16th of February 2016

Brilliant ? Thanks for putting Ballarat on the map

Mary Doyle on 16th of February 2016

A speaker (and singer) of the truth. Love your work, Tim!

Anna on 16th of February 2016

Thank you Tim. Absolutely love your work. Always spot on.

Brett Williams on 16th of February 2016

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Tim, well written & sung.

Lynne on 16th of February 2016

Thank you so much Tim. Not sure what emotions this brilliant song make me feel – from laughing my head off to sickness at the thought of child abuse and immense anger that the Catholic Church thinks they can continue to cover up and excuse this stuff.

Barney on 16th of February 2016

Good work Tim :)

I think you’re safe from the lawyers, mind. Before he sues you he wold have to acknowledge you. I doubt that’s gonna happen any time soon.

Greg Howard on 16th of February 2016

Brilliant Tim. His dis grace has no shame. More strength and love to those who lost so much. Its you we respect and admire for your incredible courage.


PT on 16th of February 2016

Ahhhhh heart gratitude for expressing so many of the emotions around the obnoxious behaviour of Pell & all he represents.

Alysia on 16th of February 2016

Thanks Tim, Im also from Ballarat and I feel very deeply on this issue. Strength and support to David and Peter.

Lee on 16th of February 2016

A well-deserved kick in the nuts for Pell. Well done, Tim. Thank you.

Javier on 16th of February 2016

Could you provide the lyrics? I’m not a native (English) speaker, and I don’t fully understand it (actually I have to ‘read’ almost all your songs ;) . Reading this would be great.

Jo-Anne G on 16th of February 2016

Thank you Tim Minchin for a truly honest song.
‘One person can make a difference’

Your my hero.

Clare on 16th of February 2016

Thank you Tim from myself and my husband Peter Blenkiron. Pete is a survivor. For years he and others have struggled to be heard, believed and empowered. To have you do this for us is… Well words just don’t cover it. And one more thing… Even in Pete’s darkest days he would still laugh when listening to your talent. Thank you! Ps The discussion around foul language on The Project… Bloody hell wait til he hears you call the Pope a Mother Fucker!!

Karen on 16th of February 2016

As always, so very well said, Tim. Cheers.

Bill White on 16th of February 2016

G’day Tim
Congratulations and thanks for continuing to highlight the absolute hypocracy and evil of sexual abuse and cover-up within the Catholic Church. Congratulations too to Channel 10 for having the courage to air the song on The Project tonight.
It was a clever and beautifully put together song!
Great stuff…..

Letholdus on 16th of February 2016

Great song, tells it like it is! It’s great when someone stands up for others and did the possible law suit! These people need to be held accountable for their crimes. Stop being cowards and take your punishment as the law sees fit to hand out to you!! Stop praying on the innocent! Love your conviction to a worthwhile cause Tim!!

Carlosifus on 16th of February 2016

My truth here for me personally is that this is an extremely catchy song. I have seen various comments about this song both good and bad. For me, I think that each person is in their right to their own views and opinions, and even if the song presents words like coward and scum, nonetheless it is Tims own personal view and expression. Instead of making him wrong for expressing himself, maybe others should express themselves for their own thoughts. Then everyone has said their thoughts and no one is being abused for their way of thinking.

Barbara Kirk on 16th of February 2016

I had seen the film ‘Spotlight’ the previous Friday, and the end credits list all the countries where all the shit the investigative team were trying to uncover is still going on.

This song ‘Come Home’ is sort of the bonus track/unofficial theme song to this film! The interviews with the survival group members really moved me, though the film was a fictional adaptation of true events.

Darren Connolly on 16th of February 2016

i am in complete awe of you. i was only introduced to your AMAZING talent a couple of months ago by a friend. I dunno how the fuck I’ve got to the age of 36 without ever coming across your stuff. you are one of my favourite people EVER. I’ve never before encountered such jaw-dropping sharp wit & musical genius. i do hope u do another gig in england one day. very best wishes, please keep doin what you do. another fantastic job!
from Liverpool

Maurs Hatcher on 16th of February 2016

Thank you so much Tim. This means so much to all the survivors, and families of victims, of Ballarat… No more silence!
LOUD fence

Georgina Roussis on 16th of February 2016

Nice work Tim. Keep on keeping on.

Rachel on 16th of February 2016

Thankyou Tim. You are a legend! As a Ballaratarian I think your song represents how most of us here are feeling about George right now. So much respect for the bravery you have consistently showed throughout you career to tell it how it is!

David Ridsdale on 16th of February 2016

Thank you Tim
Thank you

Joanna on 16th of February 2016

Good on you Tim. I’m a Catholic and I think tha
t George Pell is total scum. Will defs be supporting.

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