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Matilda&Me packshot 3D

Last Sunday Matilda and Me aired on Australian TV. Narrated by his sister Nel and with the rehearsals for the launch of the show in Sydney forming the backdrop, the documentary charts Tim’s long-term fascination with Roald Dahl, his childhood and early career and the creative process behind the smash hit musical. You’ll find more details and a teaser clip here.

Matilda & Me is now available on DVD from MADMAN and JB HI-FI across Australia. Both ship internationally but please note it is a Region 4 DVD, so aimed primarily at the Australian and New Zealand market. Outside Region 4, you’ll need a multi-region DVD player or PC/Laptop with a DVD drive to play it. (A handy guide to DVD compatibility can be found here courtesy of eBay.)

Australians can also download it from iTunes and it will soon be available on many other digital platforms. (You’ll find them listed to the right of the DVD here).

Matilda and Me will be available on ABC iView until 8:40pm on 18th April 2016, where you can now also watch SEVEN exclusive behind the scenes clips.

Sadly iView is geo-blocked for those outside Australia but wheels are in motion for this documentary to be available more widely. We’ll let you know as soon as anything is confirmed but it’s also worth keeping an eye on the Matilda & Me Facebook Page for updates and news.

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Benedikt on 11th of August 2016

What’s the point in region-coding the disc? This is a serious question… Why get shows region-coded that are just not available in other parts of the world? Doesn’t this just invite piracy for which many people would otherwise be willing to pay?

Mary B. Egger on 18th of May 2016

Germane to none of the above, but in a response to the outstanding nine-point UWA commencement speech, may I remark that Mr. Michin’s hairstyle borders on affectation and a sort of “Who does he think he is with that Tiny Tim flowing mop that was getting in the way?’ It totally detracted from his message, which was great, but the flowing locks definitely were an unnecessary ‘sideshow,’ considering that everyone else was well-groomed.

hanna grande on 8th of April 2016

Yeah I want it <3. Thanks for post

Ros on 7th of April 2016

Would love to get this but seems to be a bit complicated to be able to play it in the UK. Hope it’s possible!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.