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For the curious… here is what was going on behind the scenes of our one-shot Absence vid shoot.

The keen-eyed will notice it’s not the actual take we used. We did a bunch, and this – the last shot of the day – came up clearest on the God Go-Pro. Sorry for the washed-out footage: I pumped up the exposure so you could see more of what was going on. : )

The difference between this glorious organised chaos and the final music video is testament to director Ben Lucas’s brilliant vision, and to the talent of the camera department, and to the beautiful lighting and set design, and to the organisational skills of our awesome producers, and to the many stage management crew who gave their time.

Plus good gear, and a very clever editor, and a lovely grade. : )

Here are the credits again, in case you didn’t see them under the original vid. I am very lucky that, despite limited time and budget, such incredible people came on board. Legends, all.

Special thanks to Luke Cowling, who convinced a bunch of his WAAPA Stage Management students to come and help us out, and also took captured this footage. (Luke is the guy in the black cap wrangling the fairy lights for the orchestra reveal.)


The Absence Of You

Producer: Tim Minchin
Director: Ben Lucas
Line Producer: Kal Englishby
Production Manager: Ella Wright
1st AD: David Vincent Smith
Director of Photography: Lewis Potts
Focus Puller: Ben Berkhout
Grip: Clint Lawrence
Gaffer: Daniel Spriggs
Make-Up: Amy Danieli
Stage Lighting: Matt Marshall
Stage Lighting Assistant: Dylan Kuiper
Set Design: Bryan Woltjen
Set Design Assistant: Tim Leaning
Set Design Assistant: Danielle Chilton
Set Design Assistant: Jamie Foder
Wardrobe: Texx Montana
Wardrobe Assistant: Aurora Melville
Wardrobe Assistant: Joshua Hall Haines
Production Assistant: William McCleave
Stage Manager: Luke Cowling

Nadia Shaun
Holly Ballam
Grace Guppy
Nitya Ganesh
Georgia Sealey
Tayla Siskopoulos
Beck Thorman
Skye Heales
Mia Kanzaki
Emily Dowden
Finlay Pedler
Xavier Russell
Brodie Austin
Emma Stirling
Rebecca Dilley
Emma Stone
Thor Dam
Alex Kiely

Stills Photographer: Daniel Grant

Editor: Chris Trappe
Colourist: Jaemie Manners
Colourist: Denzil Heeger

Catering: Caspar Wilkes
Catering: Yuri Kitchin

Artist Management: Michael Lynch
Marilen Tabacco

Piano, Guitar and Vocals: Tim Minchin

Dancer: Zoe Wozniak
Guitarist: Abbe May
Bassist : Tom Fisher
Drummer: Todd Pickett
Violinist: Susanna Williams
Violinist: Brian Kruger
Violinist: Pascale Whiting
Violinist: Jasmine Skinner
Violist: Kathy Potter
Violist: Alix Hamilton
Cellist: Emma Vanderwal
Cellist: Sacha McCulloch
French Horn Player: Dore?e Dixon
French Horn Player: Nicole Dixon
Trumpeter: Sam Timmerman
Trombonist: Will Pethick

Thanks to:
Marcus Canning
Kylie Baker
Snadens Pianos
The Sandbox
Katie Minchin
Bourby Williams
Georgina Harper
Perth Symphony Orchestra
West Australian Academy of Performing Arts
Raz Rentals
Perry Film & Television Lighting
Greg Stirling
Location Equipment
CCA Productions

Shot on Location at The Rechabite, Perth, Western Australia

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Sapna on 29th of December 2020

I always love to see behind the scenes. It shows the reality and hard work of the artists and all the people work together to create a show. That was amazing.

Dianne Chand on 5th of December 2020

This was fascinating to watch. This is the sort of thing I love to see and learn, on how clips like this are made. Had no idea the amount of behind the scene people are needed for a shoot like this. Thank you for viewing this Tim. I could listen to you all day and not get tired of it… 😊

Simon Suffolk UK on 4th of December 2020

So great to see behind the scenes – makes you realise how much work and effort goes into create an amazing image like this. Well done all involved and thank you Tim for sharing the inner secrets of video production

Rachel Jacobson on 4th of December 2020

As a former director of several local community, big theatrical productions over the last 16 years, I BOW DOWN to every single person involved in this stunning tiny masterpiece. The precision choreography of every piece of this gorgeous moving puzzle is just stunning. I will be watching it a thousand times. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING US ALL THE PLAYERS AND LISTING THEM IN CREDITS. I would really love it if you could do a behind the scenes for “Fifteen Minutes “. It must have been a wild time putting that together !!!!! Thank you again. So very much.

Cathy on 4th of December 2020

That was amazing Tim, thank you so much for making it available. I love the whole album so much and snap up every opportunity to get closer to it. Still astounded by all the accompaniments to the wonderful songs, you gather awesome musicians around you. Conceptually and musically fabulous.

Ursula on 4th of December 2020

Wow. Just. Wow. I had no idea something like this could be done effectively in a single take.

Sarah Mitsilias on 4th of December 2020

Amazing songs & lyrics Tim, in my humble position as a MUM to 2 now teenage boys who massively enjoyed Matilda. Yvette Lee & Prue Lang could do amazing things choreography wise with your videos. They have Totally different backgrounds in dance & performance which could massively impact with each other. I know you have worked with Yvette in the past, but I reckon if you got both of them on board more magic could be created! (Google Prue Lang) PS They are both childhood friends of mine! Plus I can do a majorly effective G major on the violin if you it!! 💕🎉😘

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.