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Slate 1. Take 1.
Let’s go baby.


Season 1 details and where to watch.

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Mary Fitzpatrick on 16th of August 2022

Excited for another season of Upright. In USA available late for the gate and only on Sundance, Season 1 did not disappoint the chase to watch. Also, did watch MP Chaney and she sounded SO much like Tim. Waiting for baited breath for Betflix release of Mathilda as I know the score by heart but have only seen large bits on YOUTUBE. Am 74 and my bucket list includes seeing Tim live; go away COVID !

Barb on 14th of August 2022

Hi Tim
next fan from germany – got DVD Session 1 in down under english and I am improving slowly. Good to have the german TV movie from time to time to check the jokes. I Have a lot of fun and and personal rollbacks with Tim an Meg, thanx! I took Diesel instead of Benzin, hahaha. Great to hear you are going for more. Looking foreward and hope you donĀ“t get killed by flies and flyes, heat or dust. Take care B.

Elliott on 30th of April 2022

Woo! Upright S2! Let’s go!

Eva on 20th of March 2022

Surely one has better things to do these days than to leave a comment on some twisted bloke’s website, but an omnipresent virus makes my brain all woozy and THIS really is by far the best news that stumbled into my circle of concern during quarantine.. so here it comes.

You make me happy and you fill me with hope (feel free to add some more of those postcard phrases – most of them do apply).

I’m really looking forward to a reunion of Lucky and Meg – have fun shooting! :)

P.S.: We are desperately waiting for a DVD/Blu-ray release of Season 1 in Germany – so we can annoy friends and family with it. There was a pretty decently translated version on TV.. Would be happy to acquire it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.